Mega Man X2 Finally Hits North American Wii VC

Better late than never, wouldn't you say? Japan having received the game late last year, and Europe getting a hold just a couple weeks ago, now folks in North America can finally enjoy Mega Man X2 on the Wii's Virtual Console service. Like many SNES games, just drop 800 Wii Points and it's yours.

To commemorate the release, you can comment over at Capcom Unity for a chance to win 2,000 Wii Points!

Perhaps Mega Man X3 will be coming before long? It still hasn't even released in Japan yet. But I do wonder, with the release of Wii U approaching, perhaps the schedule and method of classic games distribution will change

Mega Man X2 Releasing on European Wii VC This Week

Well how's that for a touch of irony? Europe didn't get Mega Man X for quite a while until after North America got it, but now you guys appear to be getting Mega Man X2 before us! The game will be available on the Wii's Virtual Console service the 31st, this Thursday for the usual 800 points. Be sure to pick it up, and enjoy battling the Maverick counterstrike! Hopefully the North American release isn't too far behind. Mega Man X2 is the last title to hit Virtual Console in Japan (where they tend to come out first). Let's hope 6 and X3 are on the way.

News Credit: Official Nintendo Magazine (via PRC)


Mega Man X2 Headed to Virtual Console

Well X fans, if figures galore weren't enough, how about another retro download? Mega Man X2 is headed to the Wii's Virtual Console service! So far this is confirmed for both Japan and North America.

Nintendo of Japan's VC lineup has Rockman X2 listed for a December release, just in time for the game's 17th anniversary. Meanwhile, notification of the game's North American release comes by way of the ESRB, where the game is already rated Everyone (phew!). Since NA tends to get the releases after Japan, we can probably expect an early 2012 release, but perhaps sooner anyhow!

News Credit: CAP Kobun, via RTTN01

ESRB Indicates Mega Man X2 Headed to Virtual Console

The good ol' ESRB has clued us in on another upcoming Mega Man release. This time the entry for Mega Man X2 has been updated to include the Wii as a supported console. This would definitely indicate the sequel is headed for the Wii's Virtual Console. As has been the case before, it will probably end up releasing on Japan's side first. But very good to know we'll be getting in nonetheless. Via Protodude's Rockman Corner

Mega Man 5 Lands on Virtual Console Today

Not sure about Europe, but in North America today you can power up your Nintendo Wii, jump on the Wii Shop and grab Mega Man 5 for 500 Wii Points. I'm going to be charitable today, and while Mega Man 5 isn't one of my favorites (far from it), it's still a pretty darn good NES game. Pretty easy game but pretty fun too. Hey what the heck. If you have a Wii connected online, first person to comment with the right boss weakness order in MM5 gets it gifted to them. How's that for charity? (Just remember I can only gift to users in the US). Update: Free giveaway has already been claimed, but feel free to discuss which Robot Master you start with.

VC Mega Man X Glitching Out?

AWD! directed me to this GoNintendo story concerning Mega Man X on the Wii's Virtual Console glitching out. The user making claims these glitches occurred immediately after purchasing the title from the Wii Shop. In the first part of the video, the user starts the game to an intro stage with no environment; immediately teleporting to his death again and again. After, the video shows him re-downloading the game from the shop and running it again. This time it works normally until he dies, after which the game encounters various palette issues. Troubling indeed.

I already had bought and played through Mega Man X myself, with no noticeable quirks, but I decided to investigate anyway. I first tried running the game again normally, dying in the same places I noticed the user in the video die. No glitches occurred. Next I moved the game to play from the SD card to see if that would affect it, but again I encountered no glitches. Finally, I erased the game and re-downloaded, considering that maybe something had happened to the game on the network since it was initially released. Nevertheless, it ran fine even when I tried to invoke the palette changing deaths.

Considering this is the first I've heard of the issue, I'm left to conclude that circumstances of glitched Mega Man X downloads are pretty isolated and infrequent. We also cannot account for other potential issue's with the video maker's Wii that could be causing the glitches, and not the game itself. Nevertheless, if you downloaded Mega Man X on Virtual Console and experienced a problem with it you should report it to Capcom immediately.

Mega Man X Hits Wii VC with More to Come

We North American fans can rejoice today, because the SNES classic Mega Man X is finally arriving on the Wii's Virtual Console according to Nintendo. This has been long overdue I think, as Mega Man X is not just a fantastic Mega Man game, but definitely one of the best ever SNES games, period. If, by some strange twist of events, you never got a chance to play this title, do yourself a tremendous favor and pick it up. Mega Man X will run you 800 Wii points. Hopefully Europe will also be receiving it in short order. But there's more Mega Man to look forward to as well. An ESRB rating has shown up declaring the NES title Mega Man 5 coming to Wii sometime down the road. That'll definitely make Ash happy at least! At this rate it seems feasible we'll get the whole NES series on Virtual Console.

News Credit: Tenryo, Ghalheart, Protodude's Rockman Corner

Mega Man 4 Releases on North American Wii Virtual Console

After having heard musings of it coming months ago, and then seeing it release in Japan and Europe territories, Mega Man 4 is finally releasing here in North America, according to Capcom*Unity. It's not up just yet, but ought to be in another 10 minutes from this posting. It'll be 500 Wii Points. (And it's now up!) I personally feel Mega Man 4 is a bit of an underdog. I'll give you that it's when some of the boss designs started getting a bit goofy, but it's still a well constructed game, has some interesting features, and has some of the series' best music. It's definitely one of the games I revisit a lot. At any rate, story synopsis courtesy Capcom*Unity below. In the year 200X, one year after the events of the Gamma Project and Dr. Wily's overtaking of it (and Wily's supposed "demise"), Dr. Light receives a letter from a mysterious Russian scientist named Dr. Cossack claiming that he is the superior robot engineer in all the world. Cossack states further that he will unleash his army of robots upon the world as a "test" for Light to see which of them was the best. Light will not stand for this, so Mega Man is called forth from his search for Wily to go after Cossack's Robot Masters.

Rockman 4 Dated for Japan Virtual Console

We'd recently heard that Rockman 4 was coming to the Wii's Virtual Console in Japan in February. And now we have a specific day to that month, the 9th, as revealed by Nintendo. Wait, that's just next week! In that case, hopefully we will be hearing about Mega Man 4's release in North America and Europe very soon.

Get Equipped with Download Data!

A lucky day for Star Force 3 owners! Capcom has given players the opportunity to download a new battle card to their game, details on what it is and how to get it after the jump. The battle card in question is powerful Acid Arrest card which causes Ace's Wizard to appear and attack enemies at random three times with different attacks.  To nab this card, have your copy of Star Force 3 inserted into your DS and have the DS Wireless Communications enabled (for those of us with a DSi, because I always forget, myself...) and then go to the Nintendo Channel on a Wii. Select Find Titles for You, then DS Download Service. Next, pick "Mega Man Star Force 3 AcidArrest Battle Card" from the top of the list. On your DS, start the DS Download Play, and once it's received the Acid Arrest program, start it up. Ace will prompt you for which save file you want to add the card to, and voila! You now have your own copy of Acid Arrest! Enjoy, and happy busting, folks!

Star Force 3 demo available on Nintendo Channel

demotransmitIf you're itching to try out Mega Man Star Force 3 and you also have a Nintendo Wii, you can download a demo of the game from the Wii's Nintendo Channel onto your DS starting today. The demo will be available until the 28th, this Sunday. The demo contains five battles, including three tutorial battles and a battle with the boss Spade Magnets. You'll also get to hear Omega-Xis's voice. All in all, pretty fun little demo that gives a nice taste of the game's battle system. In case you weren't aware, you can access demos by going onto the Nintendo Channel on your Wii (it can be downloaded for free from the Wii Shop if you don't have it), press the blue button that says "Find Titles for You," and then press "DS Download Service." Select Star Force 3, wait for it to transmit, and then boot up your DS and select "DS Download Play."

News Credit: GoNintendo

Wily Wars is Nintendo Power's top VC pick

mmwwpromoIn the latest issue of Nintendo Power, the game the NP staff want most to appear on VC is Mega Man: The Wily Wars. Good pick, if you ask me. I've been fairly vocal about a Wily Wars re-release for some years. Its a nice collection of classics that many Americans haven't had the opportunity to play legitimately. Granted it might make less of an impact since Mega Man 1~3 are already available on VC, but I think it's a long overdue game regardless. C'mon, fellow VC enthusiasts, do you really need Earthbound that much? Last I heard it wasn't sounding too viable. News Credit: GoNintendo