Kenny Omega is a Rockman

Rockman Unity has updated with a post featuring the Canadian wrestling superstar of the Japanese DDT federation, Kenny Omega. It's in Japanese, of course, and from what we can tell (until Heat Man can look over it), it seems that Omega came to the ring tonight with "Dr.WILY STAGE 1 - OMEGAMAN MIX -" from the new We Are Rock-Men! album as his entrance music.

It sounds like the fans were really into it, as "the figure of a million spectators to the clapping to the tune this." With that kind of pumping tune behind him, it sounds like he was able to secure the title of "King of DDT Osaka 2012." Most of the post is pictures and talking about the event, but ends with a note that We are ROCK-MEN! 2 will be available on December 19th, 2012, and will include Omega's specially arranged theme.

Brand New "We are ROCK-MEN!" Album in the Works

It looks like Capcom is sneaking in one more Mega Man arranged album before the year ends. Amazon now has a listing for "We are ROCK-MEN! 2", set to come out in Japan on December 19th for ¥2100 (roughly $27 US). Just two days after the 25th anniversary. The previous We are ROCK-MEN! album featured a variety of tracks from classic Mega Man, Mega Man X, and Mega Man Legends, and was fronted by Capcom's own sound staff - Masahiro “Asian Guitar Emperor” Aoki on guitar, whose work includes Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, Yasumasa “Original Song Destroyer” Kitagawa on bass, whose work includes Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars, and Mitsuhiko “Bleep Bloop Maestro” Takano on drums, whose work includes Mega Man Xtreme.

Along with the ROCK-MEN crew, the album will also feature guest composers related to Mega Man's past. Besides that, no other details seem to be available right now, but we'll keep you posted. Perhaps this will contain the Kenny Omega arrangement of Mega Man 2's Wily stage music, which the ROCK-MEN made earlier this year.

Incidentally, the Rockman 25th Anniversary arrangement albums by Basiscape come out in a couple of weeks.

News Credit: COCOROG

The TMMN Megacast #14 – To Be a Mega Master

Dashe TroxonDon't look now, but it's totally still October, guys. No, really! I mean, why else would there be an October edition of the MegaCast today? Certainly not because we're late. I would never let that happen! This month (by which I mean October), we have special guest Dashe Troxon from Legends Station joining us to talk about the recent efforts of the 100,000 Strong for Legends 3 movement. She also teases some of what's to come from the group and shares some of her experience on the fan dub of Mega Man Legends: Great Adventure on the 5 Islands.

Brian (Protodude) and Ash Paulsen (from Udon) also join me (aka Main Finger or "the guy who always forgets to introduce himself on the show") as we give the rundown on the Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet (currently in progress), have a heated debate on whether the We are ROCK-MEN! album is awesome or so awesome, and bask in our memories of the arcade scene with a discussion of Mega Man: The Power Battle.

All this and more (read: not more) on the latest Megatacular Powertastic Battlecast! MegaCast!




We are ROCK-MEN! Available on iTunes, but...

Only in Japan. The album is available on iTunes for download for ¥1,800, or ¥150 per track. But unless you have a Japanese account, you won't even be able to find it. Of course, you can go ahead and change your iTunes account's region to Japan, and then find it by searching "We are ROCK-MEN." However, unless you have a credit card registered in Japan, you still won't be able to buy the music. But in the above link you can at least listen to samples, which range from 30 seconds to 1:30.

Way to go, Apple. Really not seeing what's so great about this system of yours.

News via Rockman Unity

"We are ROCK-MEN!!" Track List and Delicious Samples

Got some good fodder today for you music lovers. The album's full 17 tracks have been made known in an update on Rockman Unity, and I must admit they're rather interesting. The tracks are: 1. We are ROCK-MEN! 2. GAME START (Rockman) 3. DARKMAN STAGE (SIDE-R) (Rockman 5) 4. CUTMAN STAGE (Rockman) 5. OPENING STAGE (Rockman X) 6. OPENING STAGE (Rockman X2) 7. ZERO (Rockman X3) 8. ARMOR ARMARGE STAGE (Rockman X) 9. ENDING (Rockman 3) 10. DARKMAN STAGE (PIANO Ver.) (Rockman 5) 11. BOSS (Rockman 6) 12. STAGE SELECT (Rockman 3) 13. DARKMAN STAGE (SIDE-D) (Rockman 5) 14. FLASHMAN STAGE (Rockman 2) 15. ENDING (Rockman 5) 16. TITLE (Rockman 2) 17. FLUTTER VS. GAZEL SHAFT (Rockman DASH)

Kind of eclectic, but not in the way I'd have imagined. And dang, someone sure is a big fan of the Dark Man stage theme, it seems. The addition of the track from Rockman DASH seems like a nice, sentimental touch though. Furthermore, we also have a handful of samples from the e-Capcom page:

[audio:|titles=08. ARMOR ARMARGE STAGE (Rockman X)]

[audio:|titles=09. ENDING (Rockman 3)]

[audio:|titles=13. DARKMAN STAGE (SIDE-D) (Rockman 5)]

[audio:|titles=14. FLASHMAN STAGE (Rockman 2)]

Additionally, the Rockman Unity report has a video preview with the Rockman 3 stage select track. Again the album is releasing on September 21st, for ¥2,100 (roughly $28 US). Check our previous story for more details. I'll sure be picking up a copy!

"We are ROCK-MEN" Album Promo and Release Date

Back at the beginning of the month, we reported that a collective of Capcom sound members dubbed "We are ROCK-MEN" intended to develop a Rockman themed arrange album. Today the above video was put up on Rockman Unity of Rockman 5's Darkman stage, presumably one of the planned tracks for the album. Pretty rockin', eh? what's more, the soundtrack's release date is revealed to be September 21st for ¥2,100 (roughly $27.02 US). The album will contain at least 15 tracks spanning the Rockman and Rockman X series.

Additionally, below is a work in progress version of the album's cover, which is also looking pretty cool. Viva Mega Man music!

New Rockman Album from the ROCK-MEN

Another new Rockman arrange album has been announced by Ucchy-san on Rockman Unity today. This album will be fronted by a team of Capcom's own sound staff who puts on the "We are ROCK-MEN!" podcast on Capcom's Sound Sphere website this includes Masahiro "Asian Guitar Emperor" Aoki on guitar, whose work includes Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, Yasumasa "Original Song Destroyer" Kitagawa on bass, whose work includes Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars, and Mitsuhiko "Bleep Bloop Maestro" Takano on drums, whose work includes Mega Man Xtreme. Guest musicians include Azusa Kato on keyboard and Reo Uratani on guitar (who is currently working on Mega Man Legends 3).

For now, little other details for the album are available, including a release date or what it will even be called. Ucchy-san's blog post contains a couple videos of a talk with Yasumasa Kitagawa, and he also advertises the latest ROCK-MEN! podcast which contains a version of the Mega Man X2 Opening Stage (although I don't know if this meant to be on the album). In fact, the crew seems to be interested in taking ideas from fans about the album, since there are so many Rockman soundtracks available these days (areas to fill in are the message title, your nickname, your age, your gender (male/female) and then your message). How such information will be used remains to be seen.

I'm always up for some more rockin' Rockman music! We'll keep you posted on the details as they develop.

News Credit: CAP Kobun