Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue Gets a Revamp

mmfigurecompare Capcom Unity is still underway preparing their limited edition Mega Man figure, and has added some photos of the updated build. Above you can see the changes, with the originally revealed figure on the left and the revamped figure on the right. The changes, and other details, are as follows:

  • Darker blue with more metallic finish
  • Both feet are flat so the figure can stand on its own
  • Revised base now reads Mega Man instead of Capcom
  • Intensified LEDs for buster and helmet
  • On/Off switch for base lights
  • Slightly revised face
  • Finished item will come inside E-Tank packaging

Brelston notes on Unity that the figure is still a work in progress, so there may more changes until the final goes on sale. While I do personally think the figure is looking fantastic, the eyes are a bit off! Hopefully they get fixed up for the final product. Speaking of which, if you want to snag one of these figures, you'll have to pre-order at the Capcom Store by April 21st, Sunday. Otherwise your only way to get one will be going to San Diego Comic Con.