Project X Zone Now Available in NA; New Demos Coming to Europe; Art Winners Announced

projectxzonecontestJust a quick note we missed yesterday is that Project X Zone was released for the Nintendo 3DS in North America yesterday. Meanwhile, Europe is on track to receive it on July 5th. In the meantime, the European Nintendo 3DS eShop will play host to a second demo, “Dark Hours,” which is scheduled for June 27. According to a tip from Magnet_Man, this one features X and Zero in action. Word is that North America will also get the demo, but we've been unable to locate any information as to when, though it could also come tomorrow, June 27th.

Finally, if you remember the art contest for the game that Capcom Unity was holding, the winners have been selected! You can find those here, while honorable mentions-- such as the excellent Heihachi x Wily pic by Dwayne G. seen at right-- can be found here.

Calling All Artists! Win a Copy of Project X Zone Limited Edition with Capcom Unity!

132db1827f7d7f1995ecb43404f896c3 We're just over a month away from the release of Project X Zone for the Nintendo 3DS, featuring a crossover of characters from Namco Bandai, SEGA, and Capcom, including Mega Man X, Zero, Vile, Iris, Tron Bonne, and of course, the Servbots who follow her to and fro. If you're the artistic type, then you can have a shot (or two) at winning the Limited Edition of the game, thanks to Capcom Unity.

"What would Dante look like wearing Jin Kazama's outfit? Or Jill dressed as Ulala from Space Channel 5? Well, if you can answer that question for us, then we've got a super cool prize pack with your name on it!"

The idea is to dress Capcom characters as those hailing from the other two companies as part of the crossover, and submitting up to two different pieces of fan art to before 9pm PST on Friday, May 31st, 2013. Three winners will be chosen to win the Limited Edition of the game, which features limited edition packaging, a soundtrack, a mini-poster, and a mini-artbook (as per the image above).

The contest is only open to residents of North America, with the full list of rules available here. And, they note, you can probably expect to see the winning work plastered all across the X Zone trinity's network of social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as Capcom Unity itself.

Source: Capcom Unity

Project X Zone Finally Gets North American Release Date

1364861590-pxzheroim-large At long last, the wait is over: Project X Zone has a North American release date. Now a new wait begins!

The last we heard about it, the game was slated for a release sometime in the summer of 2013. But now, Namco Bandai Games has posted a page for the title which gives us an exact release date: June 25th, 2013.

Of curious note is the tab marked "retailers" on the page, as it only lists and GameStop as carrying the game. Given that other titles show a wider range of stores, we are left to wonder whether this will only be a limited release (and if it will even make it to Canada). More info on that as we get it.

Thanks for the tip, Magnet Man and WetCircle!

Update on Mega Man X Fan Film

vilehelmetzerohelmet Last year, we brought you word of a Mega Man X fan film being produced by a group called Last Laff Productions. More recently, we've received an update from Director/Producer Carlos Soto, who asked us to share with you a peek at the helmets for Vile and Zero, which you can see above next to their D-Arts counterparts (click to enlarge).

In addition, these props are rigged to light up! Check the video below to see X and Zero's helmets and Zero's armor glowing in the dark. We bet that will also be extra-handy for extra-safety when Halloween comes around!

Have a Word with Mega Man X

tumblr_mduotvPIqJ1qzo008o1_500by Razorsaw They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, what does that say about a picture that's made of words? Josh Mirman has brought multiple characters to life through the use of "typography" style art, which you can see at his blog, Very Wordy Drawings.

That said, you may remember Josh bringing Mega Man and Proto Man to life via typography. Well, now he's done three of the heavy hitters of the Mega Man X series: X, Zero, and their nemesis Vile! We have to say, these three Reploids are looking rather sharp!

If you want to purchase Josh's designs as prints or as t-shirts, details can be found in the blog post itself! Special thanks to Josh himself for bringing this to our attention.

Watch X Kick Ass and Take Names in this Fan Movie

Those who think X was getting a little too "wussy" in his later games may want to take a look at this. In honor of Mega Man's 25th anniversary, Shane Newville brings us this amazingly made short animation of the Maverick Hunter getting down to business and rescuing his friend Zero. With how much X ordinarily shoots at things from afar, I bet you never expected he was a black belt in trashing punks!

Thanks to Mugen Wing (and everyone else!) for the tip!

Rumor: Project X Zone is Westward Bound

TSSZ News is reporting that Nintendo has confirmed at a recent press event in Spain that the game no one (relatively speaking) thought had any chance of leaving Japan is doing just that. As seen in the picture at right (click to enlarge), Project X Zone-- the crossover title featuring characters from SEGA, Namco Bandai, and Capcom, including X, Zero, Iris, Vile, and Tron Bonne-- is slated for a European release in 2013. While no other details were given, this seems to make it that much more likely a North American release is also in the cards. And if it isn't, at least it will have some form of localization for those bold enough to purchase a European Nintendo 3DS to play the game as an import.

Edit: After WilyNumber13's comment, marking this as a rumor might be the safer bet. However, it's one we're inclined to believe at the moment.

Source: Vicio Juegos, TSSZ News

TMMN Reviews: Bandai D-Arts Vile Figure (Warning: Image-Heavy)

It's been a while since we've reviewed a Mega Man figure here on The Mega Man Network, but I've recently managed to rectify that with the acquisition of our very own Vile figure from Bandai's D-Arts line, courtesy of Bluefin and Tamashii Nations. And in advance, I would just like to apologize for the less-than-stellar photography; if I get another shot at doing this, I hope to employ a good lamp and perhaps even a better camera. The purple one's packaging comes with an interesting hybrid of Eastern and Western features; as you can see in the picture at right, he is marked as "VAVA," his Japanese name, complete with other markings which reveal his place of origin. Open it up, and you get the actual Western box, complete with Mega Man X branding and the villainous tag by which so many of us better know him as.

But don't be fooled; though the packaging is indeed in English, open it up and pull out the instructions and-- surprise! --the instructions are still in Japanese.

Fortunately, you probably aren't going to need the instructions-- save for maybe one part, which we'll get to later. Unlike the Kotobukiya figures based on the Classic series, or even Bandai's own "Mega Armor" and "Ironbuster" series from many years ago, these are not model kits; instead, they're billed as "action figures," though they may not necessarily deliver everything you would expect from such a term.

However, this does mean that-- in a manner of speaking-- there is no assembly required. Open the box, remove the top of the plastic tray cover, pop out the figure, and you have one bad Mav, ready to go. That is, if all you want from Vile is some bare-knuckle brawling. Otherwise, you'll also want to free his vast assortment of accessories.

Comes with all you see here.

Vile stands at 130mm/5.1' (according to Gundam Planet), and is primarily a medium-to-deep grape purple color, which seems to draw from the darker shading of his official Maverick Hunter X artwork. And though this figure takes several cues from his appearance in that game, there is a throwback to his original design by way of the Maverick "Sigma" insignia on his helmet. So much like its packaging, this figure is a bit of a hybrid in itself.

From the front, the main secondary color is black, which cover his upper arms, upper legs, and groin area, as well as the visor of his helmet. These are accented by a gold trim and a sort of pearly-white color on his hands, feet, ribs, and helmet, with a green belt line, silver elbow and knee joints, and some red details taking care of the rest.

In addition, the bottoms of his feet feature some nice molded detail (unlike most previous figures, including the old Bandai sets) and some transparent red sections which catch the light nicely. Even though these details are probably the least-likely to be seen on the figure, they are still a nice touch.

On the back, an extra color comes in to play with Vile's blue backpack. It's a medium blue which seems to fall between the two main "Mega Man" blues (though I don't have a D-Arts X figure here to directly compare), and is further highlighted with more red and gold detailing. His attachable signature shoulder cannon(s) are a gunmetal grey with transparent red lens and detailing in green and gold.

As you will see in the pictures featured throughout this review, the articulation on this figure is quite stunning, especially compared to just about any Mega Man or Rockman series to come before it (with the possible exception of Kotobukiya's; again, don't have one handy for a direct comparison). Normally, I would even give a count of how many points of articulation there are here, but there are just so many, I'm afraid I'd miss some.

In addition, the figure uses something you don't see much-- if ever-- in figures produced in the West: Double ball-joints. For example, instead of the one you might normally find on a shoulder to allow it to rotate and swing in and out, the entire shoulder itself can move here, providing for a much more realistic range of motion.

To give you an idea, suppose you wanted to have a figure reaching across their torso, clutching at their side. Most figures wouldn't be able to reach properly, but this one could do it. And these types of joints are all over the place: head and neck, shoulders, legs, waist, wrist, and probably other places more difficult to tell (i.e. ankles, which are up inside the boot). Just about the only thing without articulation would be the fingers, for which there are different hands to achieve different poses.

Even the ammo belt is articulated-- all of it:

Every single last bullet features its own hinge.

Moving on, as you can see in the picture above, Vile comes with oodles of accessories and interchangeable parts, the most popular of which has to be his glass of bourbon:

I'm not going to lie to you: I don't drink, but this has to be the most fun accessory of just about any figure I've ever owned, as you'll soon see.

To give you an idea of the figure's size, here he is surrounded by figures from numerous other Mega Man and Rockman lines:

Here, we have the 10-inch Axl figure from Jazwares, the six-inch Jazwares Zero figure from Mega Man Zero, the Jazwares "Retro Roto" Proto Man, Mega Man from Toy Biz's Marvel vs. Capcom line, Mega Man from Bandai's animated Mega Man toy line, X in a Robot Ride Armor and Zero from Bandai's Rockman X3 "Mega Armor" series, and Alia from Yamato's Rockman X8 line of blind-packed figures. Hopefully one or more of these will give you some idea of how big the figure stands alongside whatever you may have.

Hmm, that's a lot of good guys. It looks like our boy Vile is in trouble; what's he to do?

Well, lucky for him, he comes with plenty of weaponry! Better still, if it's not in use, you can plug the holes on his backpack where the shoulder cannons go with additional pegs, as seen here:

Once those are removed and the extra pieces are attached, you can arm Vile to the teeth-- a one-Reploid army!

As you can see, one of those pieces includes a strange replacement leg based on his odd leg-based artillery. Unfortunately, the way the leg pegs into the waist is rather difficult to do, as the connection point is further down in the leg:

In fact, I could not get the assembly to come apart right at all to properly attach it. As a result, I just sort of propped him on his weapon leg up there. The rest of it involves disassembling the lower part of Vile's leg, moving the upper gold frame to the weapon, and plugging the rest back in where the knee would normally connect.

Anyway, with Vile fully loaded up, he's pretty awesome, and for the most part better than any line to come before it (again, save for maybe Kotobukiya, which I cannot qualify here):

As you can see, you can get some great poses and shots in from this figure. There is, however, a bit of a downside.

I mentioned earlier that this is considered an "action figure," rather than a model kit. Unfortunately, while this may be true, the fact is that Vile-- and presumably the other D-Arts figures, are not meant for the heavier play one might expect from a Transformers figure, a G.I. Joe, or even Jazwares or Mattel's own Mega Man lines.

As noted, there are a lot of pieces to work with here, and in addition to the articulation of the shoulder cannons and the ammo belt (which only feeds to one of them at a time), there is are extra pentagonal blue pieces which plug into the sides of Vile's backpack to mount the shoulder cannons on. These don't stay in place very well as you try to move and pose the figure; once you strike the pose, it looks terrific, but until you get it there, expect a lot of one part or another from that assembly to come off. Thankfully, the rest of the figure holds together pretty well, with tight joints and most of the other pieces holding firm.

In addition, Bandai went the extra mile on this one with weapons detail. If you had the old "Mega Armor" figures, you might remember that some had weapons which could be plugged into holes in X or Zero's respective Busters. Vile has a similar effect here, which can plug into either shoulder cannon or his knee-blaster. But check this out:

As you can see in the accessory pic near the top of this review, each armament has two interchangeable barrel tips: One which shows the ruby-red "lens" of the weapon, as often seen in the promotional art, and a second tip for holding the burst. It's actually a shame there is only one burst to share across all three blasters, as having Vile opening up with all three at once would be a very striking visual.

Now that X has been taken care of, you might be wondering the same thing as Vile...

"Hmm... do you think I could fit in this thing?"

Well, the answer is... not especially well:

"This... is not how I envisioned the fruits of my moment of triumph."

That isn't to say it can't be done with a little bit of work, but if Vile gets into trouble, he won't have a leg to stand on:

"Ya-hoooooo! Now I can use the drive-thru!"

Suffice to say, you'll probably want to hope that the D-Arts Ride Armor is greenlit. For the rarity of the original and what it would cost to get it, it will likely be the better, more impressive deal.

It might also help him out a bit when he tries to pick up ladies, too:

So, would I recommend the D-Arts Mega Man X Vile action figure? That mostly depends on what your intentions are.

If you're someone who likes to actually play with their toys, or were even considering this as a gift for someone who does, you may want to reconsider. It might have only been my figure, but the shoulder cannon assembly just comes apart way too easily, and in the hands of someone younger, the pieces would likely be prone to getting lost. In addition, while other parts-- such as the shoulder armor, specifically-- hold on much better, they too would no doubt succumb to any sort of play rougher than posing the figure.

That said, as more of a "collector's item," this figure is great. Posing with some of the accessories can take a bit of work, but you can see the results for yourself above. If you're a fan of Mega Man X and like to display, or even take pictures of your figures, then it's hard not to recommend Vile to help balance out the two X and Zero figures already available.

Vile is available now at a suggested retail price of $49.99, and less at Amazon. A sample for this review was provided to us by Bluefin.

See Maverick Hunters and Pirates Tear it Up in New PXZ Trailer

Bandai Namco Games sure knows how to make a trailer, eh? Here is 16 glorious minutes of the simulation crossover RPG Project X Zone. And the included Mega Man characters, much like everyone else get their due. You can jump to 4:50 to see Tron Bonne, the Servbots, X, Zero and Vile in the over-the-top action. Of course, the rest of the trailer is pretty good, too!

Thanks to MavJin-8 for the tip!

More Screens of Vile in Project X Zone

Hot off the heels of yesterday's flying get, Famitsu has released a bevy of Project X Zone screens, including some of X's most infamous rival: Vile. Along with seeing a much prettier screen of the above confrontation, we also have some screens of Vile in action. He's shown off performing the move Rising Spectre, although I can't say if all the screens are of the same attack sequence. Needless to say, though, Vile packs a punch. And a shoulder cannon death beam.



Vile to Appear in Project X Zone

With the heroes of Project X Zone getting a lot of spotlight, it's time to start looking at some villains. And Andriasang brings us word that Vile will be making his appearance in the game to oppose the Maverick Hunters and co. He is revealed among others in the latest Famitsu, and hopefully we'll get some imagery soon. In the meantime, we can only speculate what Legends villains might appear as well.

UPDATE: Image added! Vile's text reads "Just worrying like always, X!" It's interesting to note that, while much of the X series elements we've seen so far come from Mega Man X4, Vile retains his original appearance. Of course, with the most recent X games being remakes of the first, and Bandai's recent D-Arts figure, it's easy to understand that the original Vile is the most iconic in appearance.

Furthermore, Hiroshi Shimozaki, who voiced Vile in the Japanese version of Maverick Hunter X, will lend his voice to Vile once again in this title.

TMMN's August Giveaway: Vile's Revenge!

You smell that? That thick, smoky stench of a freshly fired shoulder cannon. It heats you up as it fills your lungs, and puts you on tenterhooks. That smell, my friends, is a chance at victory. Vile is back, and your chance at winning him just tripled! That's because the ridiculously awesome folks at Bluefin Tamashii Nations have bestowed on us not just one, but three sinisterly cool D-Arts Vile figures! We simply can't keep them all here, it'd be World War 3 with that many Viles rampaging around. Please win these figures from us, and ensure world peace! As always, the way to win is crazy simple. This time, all you need to do is comment in this post about your favorite Mega Man villain. It can be any villain from any series, with some explanation as to why. After the commenting period is up three comments will be randomly chosen, so don't think brown nosing Vile will score you any bonus points! Please remember to comment with an e-mail address we can reach you at, and make sure you can receive the prize (ask parents' permission if necessary; figures ship from the United States).

You have until Friday, August 17th at midnight, US Pacific time to make your comment, so get to it! Three of you will be big winners! Also, a very special thanks to Xavier Lim and the folks at Bluefin Tamashii Nations! Not only do they bring us kick ass figures, they give you a chance to win 'em! And have you been scoping out their Facebook page, and demanding those awesome Sigma and Ride Armor figures get made? Oh my g-DO IT NOW!

Artwork by Hoketsu

A Little Look at Mega Man at SDCC



I certainly didn't make it to Comic Con this year - not a very good swimmer. But Daniel, an old high school pal of mine, did make his way over. I didn't want to burden him too much, but I asked him to take pictures of any Mega Man stuff he happened across. So, I'm just sharing with you what he got: sweet cosplays, a special edition comic, and of course, those sweet, sweet D-Arts concepts. You better be bugging Tamashii Nations to make those!

Thanks for your work, Dan! Glad you had fun!

We Got a D-Arts VAVA Figure for You to Win!

First of all, yes, the judging for the Zero Type 2 contest is still ongoing. There are a number of amazing entries, and the judging is coming much more difficultly than we expected. This is in part because of the very loose standards for what to evaluate entries on. Bear with us a little longer; I hope to get the results up this week.

And in truth, the amount of time and thought necessary to go into contests is weighing on me a lot lately. So for the June contest, I'm making things very simple. We have one D-Arts VAVA figure to give away. Sorry it's not the usual two, but since this was a Tamashi Web Exclusive in Japan, it didn't have the usual discounts.

To enter, you simply need to comment in this post about your favorite Mega Man X moments. You may only comment once, and if we find anyone making multiple comments, they will be disqualified. The winning comment will be chosen at random. Please use a valid e-mail address so we can contact you if you win! Also, if you are under 15, please have your parents' permission for us to send you the figure in the mail. We will ship to any country so long as it's a country that can receive packages from Japan.

The deadline for making your comment is Saturday the 30th at the turn of midnight, US PST. Good luck to you all!

Bandai D-Arts VAVA - Photo Report


Yep, Bandai's D-Arts VAVA figure (Vile to us) is now shipping in Japan. This was a Tamashi Web exclusive here, and while those in North America should be able to buy it via the regular means, there was only a short window of time that people in Japan could order from Bandai directly. Perhaps it will come to stores later, but that's to see for another time.

Above are some pictures I took of the figure I got today, though sadly I don't have a phenomenal camera, and I'm not great at posing figures. However, there's plenty more to see after the break - numerous other photos of fans showing off their VAVA figures in action. These are gathered from 2channel, but you can enjoy them here without having to look at the ads for adult comics. Unless you're into that sort of thing. Then, sorry.

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