More Love to Spread Around with Mega Man Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Remember two years ago, when Heat Man did those lovely Valentine's Day cards for you all? Well, we're here to spread more love with some more cards to add to that collection! Heat Man wrote these up and I made them lovely with my fancy design skills. Make sure to give these out to your fellow programs, robots and friends and let them know you care, as a fellow Mega Man nerd. Beware, it's a bit image heavy below the cut.






MMN Retro: Spread the Joy of Valentine's Day with These Special Cards!

It's Valentine's Day, everyone! Need a quick card for that special someone? Then fire up your printer and put together one of these handy-dandy Mega Man cards! You can thank us later.

Okay, so we're cheaping out a little bit on today's update. We'd almost forgotten about these, until someone brought them to our attention, so we figured "why not?"

To see the full spread of cards, just click right here. Do be warned, the post is image-heavy.

Thanks, Jeff!

February 2012 Contest - Show Some Love, Win Some Dot.Straps

Given the downs Mega Man has been through in the past year, you may think that Capcom has really wronged you. But can you find it in your heart to forgive them? If you can, you just might win a set of super sweet Rockman Dot.Straps from the volume 2 collection! What, you think we're kidding? Yeah, I know this is a bit of a touchy subject for some, but we want you to make a Valentine's Day card or love letter to Capcom showing your good graces towards Mega Man's future. And we're not necessarily saying you have to be totally sincere. Most of all, we just want you to have fun with it, and we want to see some really neat or funny cards!

It takes a big commitment to show someone you'll look past their grievances. Show what a big person you are, and you can win big as well! You have until February 29th, Wednesday at midnight PST. Swallow your angst and get into it!

At Long Last, the Valentines Blues Winners

Folks, I gotta get something off my chest. I love these contests we do, but I find it harder and harder to settle on winners with each one. It seems like each time we get more entries, more passion. And frankly, the response to this contest blew all of us away. I feel like we could have offered more. And if we keep getting strong responses like this, we just may! It took quite a bit of deliberation to pick two winners, to the point that we actually brought on a special guest judge, jgonzo from Capcom Unity! Thanks for the assist, jgonzo!

Anyway, since the winning images are staring you in the face, I must now congratulate the two winning artists: Ruby and HJ Hikari!  Congratulations to you both, you should be receiving e-mails on how to collect your prizes already. I also have a special message from Tabby, who of course was pretty central to this contest:

"This was probably the hardest art contest we've ever had to judge on TMMN. There were so many great entries, and it made it extremely tough to pick through them. You all should be very proud. I know there can only be two winners, but every single person in this contest accomplished their goal. They melted my cold evil heart. Well done. I shall now be printing these out and rolling around in them happily."

And you can too, because we've made up a gallery of all the entries. So, I guess that's another contest wrapped up. Again, thanks to everyone who entered! And remember, there are always going to be more contests, so keep on entering!

Check out the entries!

TMMN Fan Art Contest: Valentines Blues

Funny that Valentine's Day should land within one of the coldest months in the year. But if it's help warming your spirit you need, a fun little contest might just do the trick. It's been a while, but Tabby is taking helm at the festivities once again with a new fan art contest! And I think it will be worth your while, because two people will be winning a Kotobukiya Blues model kit! Just look at this guy, so mysterious and dreamy.

Tabby is not easy to win over, though. She is one of the coldest and most evil people I know (yeesh, women). But I have a helpful tip for you all. I happen to know that she simply goes gaga for Blues (aka Proto Man). So, I think if you draw something Blues themed, you just might have a shot. In fact it's mandatory that your picture be Blues themed. Better yet, just take a look at the rules and guidelines and you should be all set!

You have until Monday, February 14th, 10:00PM PST to submit Tabby your picture. After that, Tabby will confer with a handful of other TMMN staff judges, totally disregard their comments, and pick two winners on her own.

So, get learned and start creating your masterpiece! Good luck to you all! You'll probably need it.

Spread the Love with these Mega Man Valentine's Cards

Valentine's Day is coming up this Sunday. You didn't forget to get something for that special someone, did you? What's that? You've been so mesmerized by Mega Man 10 news you forgot!? Well we at The Mega Man Network are a caring bunch, and it just so happens we have some lovely Valentine's Day cards for you to give your sweetheart. It's not Jared or anything, but hopefully it's enough to keep you from sleeping on your friend's couch. Seriously though, enjoy these silly "cards". Should also warn, this is an image heavy post.

Now, while we try our hardest here at TMMN, not all of our cards were winners. Below are a few of the cards that got rejected. We assure you that these cards (probably) won't be included with your order.

Kind of irreverent.

Kind of uncomfortable.

Kind of sad, in a funny way.

Just sad.

Many thanks to BD and Red for helping me come up with ideas. Also, BD demanded I do the Charge Man one else I'd be fired. Happy Valentine's Day everybody!