More Fun Retro VHS Nonsense!

A short while back we showed you Game Players' VHS guide to Mega Man 2, but that's hardly the only game guide series released on VHS back in the golden age of gaming. Here we have a guide called "How to Score More Points on Nintendo Games," and the first game it features is yours and my favorite: Mega Man 2. Which... is notable for not being a game that keeps score.

This video is pretty much as silly and weird as the last one. Some of the things the guy says are just baffling, and it makes you wonder how much they really knew about the games back then. And he doesn't even have as commanding a voice as the Game Players narrator. But I think my favorite thing is how nearly every piece of advice this guy gives on avoiding things, the corresponding footage is of him getting his butt kicked. Sometimes scenes are barely a second long because he's just about to die.

But you still have to admire how cool this would have been back in the day. It was probably somewhat prestigious to own an actual video guide for a video game, and kids likely really thought they were listening to a living legend of gaming.

Many thanks again to Arasoi of Retro Reality!

How to Play Mega Man 2

Sure we have all kinds of online game references today, but what did you do if you got stuck in a game before the internet age? You may have watched a video like this one, part of a VHS (a what?) series released with the gaming magazine Game Players. This guide combines actual game footage with narration straight out of a work training video. Cutting edge for 1989!

You really do have to love a guide that recommends using a turbo controller, and taking damage to run through enemies. It may seem cheap now, but it was fairly common practice back then (when games were, you know, challenging). And if you can sit through the whole thing, you'll be treated to a ridiculously awesome commercial at the end.

Thanks to Arasoi at Retro Reality!