Contest prize update; Capcom*Unity sweetens the pot

Hey there you Mega Man loving folks. There's been an intriguing update to our Mega Man Star Force 3 artwork contest. First of all, though, I'd like to give you a peek at our grand prize offering. Check out the picture* below. contestgoodsPretty cool to say the least. BUT IT GETS COOLER. Our good friends at Capcom*Unity are making this contest twice as awesome by throwing in a Mega Man DSi 1GB Protection Kit to all three winners. What is one of those? Even we didn't know until this sweet announcement! But here it is:

mmdsikitSays Seth "s-kill" Killian, who kindly informed us of Capcom*Unity's cooperation, the kit includes "Limited Edition MegaMan Laser enscribed PolyCarbonite Console Case w/ secret 3 Game Storage Shelf, Graphic Screens, Three  2-in-1 SD Card and Game Cases, Precision Stylus, 2-in-1 Screen Cleaner Wrist Strap with Retro 8-Bit MegaMan + 1GB SD MEMORY CARD." These kits, both DSi and DSLite variations, will also be going on sale at the Capcom Store. You'll definitely want to pick one up (or, you know, just win our contest).

To paraphrase Strong Bad, HOLY CRAP. Man, now even I want to win this contest. It's too bad I'm like, y'know, one of the people hosting it. Infinity plus one thanks goes to Seth and all of Capcom*Unity, you guys really rock! And to our lovely readers, there's still plenty of time! Enter the contest!

*The copy of Star Force 3 in the picture is a Japanese copy, since of course the English copy is still not out yet. Rest assured your game will be in English. Furthermore, the copy of Ryuusei no Rockman Official Complete Works pictured is my copy. The contest copy is still packed away, and has been untouched since I first received it. Finally, the super sweet Mega Man shoes are not included in the prizes. Very sorry.