Previews Catalog Listing D-Arts Ultimate Armor Mega Man X for October

ultarmor2While our recently-updated sidebar has the Bandai D-Arts figure of Mega Man X in his Ultimate Armor slated for release on September 25th, 2013, a tip from Dr. Wily reveals that those looking to purchase the figure from their local comic book shops might have to wait just a bit longer. According to Wily, the latest Previews catalog from Diamond Distributors has a shipping date of 10/30/13 (and a price of $45.99, for those wondering). Because of this, it sounds as though comic shops may not get the figure until sometime in November, assuming the shipping date is met (which, Wily says, happens infrequently with toys coming through Diamond).

This is undoubtedly unfortunate news for some (and is probably going to usher in a new round of "cancelled" jokes), but at least now you might be able to better schedule and budget for the figure accordingly, or seek out other means if you need it ASAP.

A Couple New D-Arts Ultimate Armor X Shots

[gallery columns="2" ids="21800,21801"] Last night, Bluefin Tamashii Nations uploaded some D-Arts Ultimate Armor X pics to their Facebook account. Although most are the same that we've seen before, a couple new pictures snuck in as well showing X aiming his buster. One also has his jet gear unattached. Curiously, I'm also just noticing that the jet gear isn't facing the same way in all of the photos. Not sure what the deal with that is!

Details Arise for Bandai's D-Arts Ultimate Armor X


Late last night, Bluefin Tamashii Nations officially announced the release of D-Arts Ultimate Armor X in the US on September for $45.99 USD. They promise more details will be forthcoming, however Tamashii Web in Japan may have the jump on them. Now that Ultimate Armor X is available for pre-order in Japan, they've released the figure's details, which include:

  • Two changeable face parts
  • Changeable right arm
  • Changeable wrists
  • Effect parts

Pretty much standard fair along with the other D-Arts figures of X. However I am curious to see if he will get more buster effects besides his neon green pine tree. Just for reference, Ultimate Armor X releases in Japan this August for ¥4725.

Incidentally, you can now pre-order D-Arts Bass and Figuarts ZERO Sigma on Amazon! Thanks for the notice, Sean!

Your First Look at D-Arts Ultimate Armor X

[gallery columns="2" ids="21530,21531,21532,21533"] Well that was pretty fast. With Ultimate Armor X announced just earlier this month, Tamashii is already presenting picture of the new figure. Furthermore, they also reveal that the figure is planned to release in August in Japan. That would likely mean an August to September release for North America.

What do you think? The detail and translucent parts look pretty nice, in my opinion! We'll keep you posted as more details become available.

Ultimate Armor X is the Next D-Arts Figure, PLUS Figuarts Sigma

288d01ca-s Following Ucchy's April Fools ruse earlier this week, the true future D-Arts figure from Bandai is revealed. D-Arts Ultimate Armor X is going into production. Can I call them or what?

On top of that, Ucchy-san also confirms that Sigma is being released as a Figuarts ZERO statue. This was mentioned previously, and it's finally nice to know it will be coming for sure. While a Figurarts statue doesn't have the poseability of the other products, it still ought to feature stunning detail.

We'll keep you posted to future updates! Stay tuned!

Which of These Upcoming D-Arts Figures Isn't a Joke?

dartsjokeOver on Rockman Unity, Ucchy-san is brimming with excitement to announce FOUR new upcoming characters for Bandai's D-Arts figure line! There's classic series Roll, Ultimate Armor X, Iris, and Zero from the MMZ series. Talk about a deluge of new products! Ahh, but wait. It's April Fools ain't it. In Japan, anyway. Ya fooled poor Ucchy. But here's the thing. One of these four actually isn't a joke. And the truth behind the ruse is planned to be announced within a few days. Until then, which do you think is the most likely figure? Personally, hmm... I think I've got my money on Ultimate Armor X.