X-Plus Toys' Gigantic-Sized Mega Man Now in Color

X-Plus Toys' Gigantic-Sized Mega Man Now in Color

Less than a week ago, we got to see the prototype sculpt for Japanese manufacturer X-Plus Toys' new Gigantic Mega Man (nee Rockman) figure. In a surprisingly quick turnaround, Rockman Unity has posted images of the figure in full color... and a little something extra, too.

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Ucchy Shows Off the 25th Anniversary Rockcan

While we wait to see what kind of celebration will come this December, we can get a good look at some of the currently Japan-exclusive goodies on the way. This time, Ucchy is showing off the 25th Anniversary Rockcan announced earlier. In case you were wondering, it's huge! But there's more to this news than another amusing photo set. We are now able to confirm that, while the Rockman 8 soundtrack will feature the Playstation version, it will also have a little something extra. It will also include three original Saturn version songs for the first time ever! Finally, you can own the alternate Tengu Man theme as well as the Saturn version of Cut Man and Wood Man's themes on CD for you collectors out there. In fact, you can hear previews of some of these over on e-Capcom right now.

The 10-disc set featuring the soundtracks to Rockman 1-10 will release exclusively at e-Capcom for ¥14,700 on September 19th. So if you live in Japan, have a lot of extra money laying around and want to win my affection, I'd be more than happy to take one of these off your hands.

MM Universe: Looking Back on Something Old with Something New

It's been a full year since the cancellation of Mega Man Universe. It happened to be on my birthday too, making it just a little more special! Anyway, as much as I've racked my brain, I don't have much insightful to say on the matter. Some say this marked the beginning of Mega Man's downfall, though honestly there are so many ways to analyze it that I can't really be sure of that. But it did definitely shake the fanbase, even as relatively unpopular as the game seemed to be prior. Since coming to Japan, however, I've been able to snag some promotional items for the game from TGS 2010; sticks and postcards. It's not much, but there are a few bits of art and such that never saw wide circulation during MMU's short lifetime. And anyway, there's little else positive I can extract from the whole mess!

Hey now, it's Mega Man doing something other than looking straight forward. A number of people criticized this game's art style... and I agree that it was out there. But I also kind of got used to it; it has a simplistic charm. What I really think was the problem is that nearly all the character art released was just of people standing still and looking straight forward. I get that there was a method to it, but it made them look a lot more dull.

And here we have a Met, just... bein' a Met. I don't have much else to say about it.

Here's a scan of Roll. Unfortunately, the friend who was cleaning these up for me ran into some computer trouble, so the finished Roll art will have to be added later. I remember really turning my nose up the first time I saw Roll in this game, but really she has kind of a cute style.

Here's the Rockman type postcard. These are nice because, so far as I recall, they're the only published close up models of the game sprites. I don't think they look too bad like this, even though they were intended to be rendered small scale.

And here's Old Man Mega, before he put on all that weight. I was always kind of miffed they referred to this as U.S. Mega Man, as if we in the US preferred this look or something. A joke is one thing, but come on. Sadly I do not have the new style Mega Man post card so far.

Here's what the back of both cards looks like. Hey look at that handsome guy on the right, it's Joveth. Remember him? Even more startling is a helmetless Ucchy-san standing next to him. That's the clearest you'll see his hair since he censors it now.

Anyway, that's all I have to show off. Sorry it's not anything more interesting. You know, I can understand a lot of the criticism this game endured, and based on what aspects we did come to know of it, I do doubt it would have done very well. There's probably never going to be a 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Universe. But darnit, I still would have liked to try it out.

Many thanks to Kevin for cleaning up the Mega Man and Met images.

Photo Report from Wonder Festival Winter 2012

Whew, I'm back from Tokyo. And Wonder Festival was quite the event. One thing for certain - even despite my best efforts I really wasn't prepared for this. Even though I tried to go early I was still far back out in line, and by the time I got to the Hobby Rock booth they were just selling the last of their stock!Pretty much everywhere the good stuff was selling out in minutes. I'm not sure I'm bothered, though, since I really don't know how well I could assemble and paint a garage kit. Nevertheless it was a fun time. There was a lot of neat things to see and I even got to hang out a little bit with Ucchy-san. Also, the Mega Man 2 Dot.Straps were shown off by Union Creative, which are coming out this month (after having been delayed to March). Sadly, nothing on the Mega Man front was shown by Kotobukiya, and I don't think Bandai was even present (could have missed them though).

At any rate, follow the jump to see plenty of pictures of the Mega Man wares present at the show!

Ucchy Asks 11: TOM-PON no Saigo!?

For many months, Capcom's Ucchy-san has been posting video segments of an interview with Naoya Tomita, AKA TOM-PON, a legendary Capcom staffer who was working on Mega Man back at the beginning. However, today things finally wrap up with Capcom Unity's posting of translations of the final segments.

In the new videos (the latest one above), you can learn about things like TOM-PON's stint in voice acting, the origin of enemy names, and developers' love for American action movies. You can also browse down the list on CU to see all the previous videos in the series. Don't forget to click the CC button to see the subtitles!

Many thanks to TOM-PON and Ucchy-san for all the info and laughs!

A Tease of D-Arts Zero "2nd Ver"

This may come as no surprise to anyone. After all, Bandai's original Zero figure was given the mark "1st ver", so it seemed almost inevitable a figure of Zero's updated look would come about. And inevitable strikes today.

On Rockman Unity, Ucchy-san is teasing the above photos of a Zero prototype figure, clad in those all-too-recognizable shoulder pads. Like with the Vile figure, little is known for now (as it's still just a prototype), but more details are expected to come out from the Tamashii Nation 2011 event in Akihabara this weekend. I may just have to drop by and bug Ucchy-san himself about it!

Thanks for the tip, Auto!

D-Arts Gets a bit Villainous with Vile

For a short while we weren't clear on if there'd even be another major X themed D-Arts figure from Bandai, but today you've got something new to look forward to! Vile, the first villain character to receive the D-Arts treatment, is joining the lineup. And why not? He was one of the top requested characters in the chara-merchandise poll Ucchy-san held back in April. As you can see right now, the figure is just a prototype. They are still working on making sure the design is sharp while retaining a fluid sense of movement and poseability. Capcom's own designers are helping with this.

No details are given yet on what kind of features the figure will have or when it's set to come out, but we can probably imagine. Of course, since Vile has no face really, face plates might be out. Perhaps additional weapon sets?

Additionally, you can also fine lots of pics of the special edition Rockman X "Comic Version" figure from a previous post on Rockman Unity. This figure will only be available at the upcoming Tamashii Nations 2011 event!

Looking great, Bandai! Keep 'em coming!

Ucchy-San Visits Bandai, Gets Figure Scoop

Ucchy-san details in a blog post about recently visiting Bandai to report on the results of the recent character vote for desired figures. Bandai must have been pleased as punch to see Zero as number one, and AT-san, the man Ucchy met with, displayed their Zero figure prototype. Then, when Ucchy showed that Full Armor X came in second, AT had something to present for that too. Definite evidence that Full Armor X is coming, though for now it's just a variety of unpainted parts. I am curious, however, if this indicates a complete figure or just armor exchange pieces for the already released D-Arts Rockman X?

Additionally Ucchy also revealed Vile coming in third, but AT had nothing to show for that. For now anyway...

Thanks for the tip, Auto!

The Results of Capcom's Desired Figure Vote

It's been about six weeks now, with the vote having begun back on April 1st. But voting is done and the results are finally in. 6,602 total votes were received, and now as promised Ucchy-san delivers us the results. The top three most desired characters to be turned into figures are... 1st place: Zero (MMX version) with 1,927 votes. Well this is pretty convenient, since Bandai has already announced a D-Arts figure of the guy!

2nd place: Full Armor X with 1,367  votes. Again, good news for Bandai considering they've hinted at such a figure being released.

3rd place: Vile with 1,093 votes. Now here's one I can really get behind; villain figures are pretty rare. And it's hardly inconceivable Bandai would tackle this fellow should the other D-Arts figures take off.

One might conclude that figure and merchandise fans are largely X fans too! Pretty interesting stuff, and good news for those looking forward to Bandai's figures. However, there's still plenty of more data to go over. Hit the jump to check out the rest.

4th place: Bass with 976 votes.

5th place: Bass EXE with 895 votes.

6th place: A tie between Ciel and MegaMan Volnutt, both received 804 votes.

7th place: MegaMan Model ZX with 783 votes.

8th place: Leviathan with 741 votes.

9th place: Iris with 724 votes.

10th place: Roll Caskett with 673 votes.

Following the top ten we have:

11th: Harpuia with 625 votes

12th: Tron with 606 votes

13th: Luna Platz with 586 votes (seriously)

14th: MegaMan EXE with 583 votes

15th: Shooting Star MegaMan with 538 votes

16th: Super Mega Man with 501 votes

17th: Rogue with 321 votes

18th: Harp Note with 300 votes

19th: Mega Man Model A with 277 votes

20th: Pandora with 270 votes

21st: Prometheus with 219 votes

22nd: Roll EXE with 214 votes, and finally...

23rd: Prairie with 176 votes.

Whew, that's it for the officially listed characters. Now for the write-ins!

1st (92 votes): Zero (MMZ version).

2nd (91 votes): Sigma

3rd (79 votes): Axl

4th (58 votes): Kuwagust Anchus (guess that lead didn't last, but still a pretty high ranking)

5th (51 votes): Sonia Strumm

6th (34 votes): ProtoMan EXE

7th (31 votes): Metal Man

8th (29 votes): Servbot

9th (25 votes): Dr. Wily, Ultimate Armor X, Copy X, Elpizo

10th (24 votes): Aile

11th (22 votes): Air Man

12th (20 votes): Quick Man

13th (18 votes): Phantom

14th (17 votes): X (MMZ version)

15th (16 votes): Alia

16th (14 votes): Flash Man, Colonel, Mayl Sakurai

17th (13 votes): Proto Man, Fefnir

18th (11 votes): Metall, Crash Man, Duo, Marino, Data, Omega

19th (10 votes): Rush

20th (9 votes): Cut Man, Storm Eagle, Dynamo, Lan Hikari, Colonel EXE

Oh man here we go...

21st (8 votes): Snake Man, Shadow Man, Napalm Man, Gate, Iris EXE

22nd (7 votes): Toad Man, Splash Woman, X (Command Mission version), Eugene Chaud, Serenade EXE, Giro

23rd (6 votes): Mega Man (Hitoshi Ariga version), Guts Man, Elec Man, Super Bass, Black Zero, Fourth Armor X, Lumine, Teisel Bonne, Bass Cross MegaMan

24th (5 votes): Mega Man, Dr. Light, Yellow Devil, Top Man, Kalinka, Turbo Man, Ballade, Mac, Magma Dragoon, Patrick Sprigs, Acid Ace

25th (4 votes): Quick Man (Hitoshi Ariga version), Gemini Man, Jewel Man, Burner Man, Enker, Sniper Joe, IX, Nana, NapalmMan EXE, Omega-Xis, Ashe

26th (3 votes): Bubble Man, Heat Man (oh COME ON!), Wood Man, Dust Man, Treble, Punk, Jupiter, Beat, Tango, Second Armor X, Third Armor X, Vile Mk-2, Double, Hi-Max, Absolute Zero, Gigavolt Man-o-war, Merti, MegaMan Juno, Denice Marmalade, Aero, ElecMan EXE, PlantMan EXE, AquaMan EXE, Meddy EXE, Alouette, Pantheon, Aztec Falcon, Dr. Weil, Geo Stelar, Queen Ophiuca, Cyngus Wing, Queen Tia, Black Ace

27th (2 votes): Roll, Eddie, Bubble Man (wait, what?), Magnet Man, Pharaoh Man, Gyro Man, Centaur Man, Knight Man, Burst Man, Tornado Man, Sheep Man, Magic Man, Quint, King, Sunstar, Plum, Chill Penguin, Spark Mandrill, Boomer Kuwanger, Bit, Jet Stingray, Blade Armor X, Vile V, Dr. Doppler, Layer, Bon Bonne, Gustaff, Horokko, Sharukurusu, Barrett, GutsMan EXE, IceMan EXE, ShadowMan EXE, SearchMan EXE, Gospel, ShadeMan EXE, Dark MegaMan, Aqua Custom Style, Proto Soul, Princess Pride, Craft, Chilldre Inarabitta, Model ZX (Aile), Model Z, Gemini Spark, Hope Stelar, A.C.Eos, Jack Corvus, Mega Man (guessing bad box art version), Ucchy-san

28th (1 vote): Dr, Wily (Hitoshi Ariga version), Batton, Fire Man, Bomb Man, Spark Man, Needle Man, Shadow Man (Hitoshi Ariga version), Snake Man, Charge Man, Crystal Man, Gravity Man, Skull Man, Plant Man, Yamato Man, Junk Man, Tengu Man, Astro Man, Clown Man, Search Man, Aqua Man, Nitro Man, Blade Man, Strike Man, Solar Man, Chill Man, Pirate Man, Ground Man, Time Man, Mercury, Terra, Sakugarne, Wily Machine #8, Launch Octopus, Sting Chameleon, Armored Armadillo, Magna Centipede, Wire Sponge, Blast Hornet, Volt Catfish, Web Spider, Dark Dizzy, Falcon Armor X, Ride Armor, Goliath, Byte, Signas, X (X8 version), Zero (X8 version), Red, Palette, Return IX, Massimo, Spider, Ferham, Sera, Birdbot, Napalm Man, BubbleMan EXE, BrightMan EXE, StarMan EXE, ShadeMan EXE, Duo (BN), Ring EXE, Cache EXE, Mr. Dark, Ms. Millions, Raika, Mick, Yuika, Prosecutor Ito, Bug Style, Burble Hekerot, Deathtants Mantisk, Volteel Biblio, Cubit Foxtar, Phoenix Magnion, Heat Genblem, Neige, Model X, Vulturon, Hivolt, Tesrat, Model HX, Aeolus, Siarnaq, Red Joker, Mr. Hertz, Taurus, Acid, Diamond Ice, Queen Virgo, Apollo Flame, Bud Bison, Bob Copper, Wood Ninja, Crimson Dragon, Mega Man (MMPU), Ice Man (MMPU), Dr. Light (Hadouken capsule), Ciel's stuffed animal, Megapin, Bond Man

Congratulations to you for reading all that. Now congratulate me for writing it... *passes out*

Capcom Wants to Know Your Desired Figures

Japanese figure makers have been pumping out a lot of Rockman themed goodies lately, and it seems that is a trend intended to continue. Capcom of Japan's Ucchy-san has opened this poll, which allows you to select which characters you'd like to see a figure/model kit of. There are 24 total characters ranging from various series, and you can select up to three. Furthermore, a field beneath the choices lets you submit any other character not listed. Additional questions include your age range, and your favorite series (Rockman, X, DASH, EXE, Zero, ZX, Ryuusei). The poll will run from now until May 10th. On May 16th they plan on showing the results. It does not openly state which figure makers will be using this info, so likely it's just a general consensus to any interested parties. Still, definitely seems like we'll be having more Rockman toys. Make your voices heard!

News Credit: Ucchy-san

Upcoming Kotobukiya Zero Display

Kotobukiya is prepping another Rockman themed in-store event, the Spring Rock 2011 exhibition, on April 29th. They'll be selling the usual assort of Rockman model kits and goods, including a limited supply of Mega Man branded kits and badges, for whatever strange reason. I think the big pull, however, will be a display of the upcoming Zero model kit, albeit still in prototype form (so potentially still uncolored). Furthermore, the e-flyer seems to indicate the kit is releasing in fall now, not summer as originally announced.

Of course, you might be saying to yourself "Well that's cool and all, but I don't live anywhere near Japan!" Fortunately, Capcom's Ucchy-san has your back, and will be reporting from the event!

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Yet More Wonder Fest Reporting

Capcom's own Ucchy-san stayed up quite late to deliver you his own report of the Winter 2011 Wonder Festival. I don't think he even got to play Rockman 4 before nodding off. His report has some photos of stuff we've seen, and some photos of stuff we haven't. But I figured if anything you'd enjoy this completed Roll! Roll! Roll! puzzle, since the image seems to have a strange effect on some of you.

Additionally, Bandai is having their own Tamashii Features Vol. 2 event in Akihabara later today, and it sounds like their D-Arts Rockman X figure will be on display. We'll keep you posted.