Perhaps D-Arts Iris Still Has a Chance?

sadiris While plenty were excited about the news of Ultimate Armor X becoming the next D-Arts figure, and Sigma being confirmed as a Figurarts ZERO statue, the whole April Fools joke setup still rubbed some people the wrong way. After all, there were backers to the figures that turned out to be fake. Even Capcom's own Ryuji Higurashi was disappointed, and drew this crestfallen Iris in response.

After a profuse apology, Ucchy-san blogs that, for everyone's sake (even Iris's), things aren't over yet. He is now preparing to reignite "that plan," with everyone's support. While leaving his meaning a little enigmatic for now, I assume he means "that plan" is another character survey for Bandai so that fans can vote on which products they want to see next. The one from 2011 brought about figures like Full Armor X ,Vile and Bass.

Rockman Unity Wants Your 25th Anniversary Comments and Congrats

Good ol' Ucchy-san at Rockman Unity is getting a little celebratory plan in the works. He is asking all fans (well, technically all fans in Japan) to send in their comments aboutMega Man's 25th anniversary. The comments can pertain to things such as:

  • Congratulatory 25th anniversary comments
  • Your favorite Mega Man series
  • What is Mega Man to you?

You can send in your words by commenting on the Rockman Unity post, or via Twitter using the hash tag #ROCKMAN25. As for how the comments will be used, on December 17th, the very day of the anniversary, Rockman Unity will run a live stream from 7:30 to 8:30 PM Japan time (2:30 AM US Pacific time, 5:30 AM Eastern - a bit early, eh). If you're up, you'll be able to watch the show here.

I can't guarantee how many or if any comments from non-Japanese fans will be used, but if you have something to say, you've nothing to lose to make your voice heard. Apparently there is no real plan for the broadcast itself, but hopefully it will still be entertaining!

Interview with TOM-PON Translation Started

Capcom's TOM-PON, aka Naoya Tomita, is a "living legend" of the company, having started work at the companies in the late 80s. He's been involved with a number of classic Capcom titles, including Mega Man from the start. He was even involved with Legends 3. Needless to say, the guy is quite decorated in the history of Mega Man. A while back, Ucchy of Rockman Unity started posting a video interview of TOM-PON in segments, which has gone on for at least seven installments now. Earlier this month I actually went to Greg and DEMANDED he translate these for all fans to enjoy. But he was already on it, the smart chap!

Today Gregaman has posted the first two parts. When you watch them, his the CC button to see the subtitles. Thanks much, Greg!