Update: The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Now On PlayStation Store

Update: The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Now On PlayStation Store

By this point, a lot of Mega Man fans have probably given up hope of ever seeing anything from the Mega Man Legends series appear in any way, shape, or form. However, a new hope has sprung forth by way of the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

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New World, New Armor and Much More in Rockman Xover

xoverupdateThe newest updated to Rockman Xover is here. First of all a new world is available. World 8 is themed after Mega Man 7, and pits you against Slash Man, Shade Man, Junk Man and Spring Man. Naturally, the final boss is Bass. Additionally there is a new form as well. As we teased last week, OVER-9 is an electric elemental form, and thus is strong against water and ice bosses. No other special details, however. But that isn't all. Continue reading on to hear about special new cards, a new campaign for the Android edition, and Tron in  a sexy swimsuit.


First of all, a couple of special edition Battle Memory cards. These are being given out for the Capcom Summer Festival, at the Huis Ten Bosch resort and park in Nagasaki. The first features Mega Man crossed with the park's mascot, Tuly. The second uses artwork by manga artist Yusuke Murata, who was the original designers of Dust Man and Crystal Man as a kid. The festival starts from July 13th.

Next is a special offer for Android users. Those who get the game now until June 30th (which is right around the corner) will automatically be rewarded with the Legend Armor, which makes OVER-1 look like classic Mega Man, and ten E-Tanks.


And last, a couple new cards to be added. It appears Battle Memory cards may start advertising D-Arts figures (although this card looks more like a concept). And another card features new artwork of Tron Bonne looking ready for summer. Yowzah!

Special thanks to Django for the info! Some images via 4gamer.net and Rockman Unity

Project X Zone Now Available in NA; New Demos Coming to Europe; Art Winners Announced

projectxzonecontestJust a quick note we missed yesterday is that Project X Zone was released for the Nintendo 3DS in North America yesterday. Meanwhile, Europe is on track to receive it on July 5th. In the meantime, the European Nintendo 3DS eShop will play host to a second demo, “Dark Hours,” which is scheduled for June 27. According to a tip from Magnet_Man, this one features X and Zero in action. Word is that North America will also get the demo, but we've been unable to locate any information as to when, though it could also come tomorrow, June 27th.

Finally, if you remember the art contest for the game that Capcom Unity was holding, the winners have been selected! You can find those here, while honorable mentions-- such as the excellent Heihachi x Wily pic by Dwayne G. seen at right-- can be found here.

Guess Who Made ScrewAttack's List of the Top 10 Pirates in Video Games...

Hint: It's not Mega Man, but someone else from the franchise. Find out by watching the video above or clicking here to view. Just remember that the video isn't really safe for work.

Edit: And we just noticed that the thumbnail sort of gives it away. Whoops.

Calling All Artists! Win a Copy of Project X Zone Limited Edition with Capcom Unity!

132db1827f7d7f1995ecb43404f896c3 We're just over a month away from the release of Project X Zone for the Nintendo 3DS, featuring a crossover of characters from Namco Bandai, SEGA, and Capcom, including Mega Man X, Zero, Vile, Iris, Tron Bonne, and of course, the Servbots who follow her to and fro. If you're the artistic type, then you can have a shot (or two) at winning the Limited Edition of the game, thanks to Capcom Unity.

"What would Dante look like wearing Jin Kazama's outfit? Or Jill dressed as Ulala from Space Channel 5? Well, if you can answer that question for us, then we've got a super cool prize pack with your name on it!"

The idea is to dress Capcom characters as those hailing from the other two companies as part of the crossover, and submitting up to two different pieces of fan art to contest@capcom.com before 9pm PST on Friday, May 31st, 2013. Three winners will be chosen to win the Limited Edition of the game, which features limited edition packaging, a soundtrack, a mini-poster, and a mini-artbook (as per the image above).

The contest is only open to residents of North America, with the full list of rules available here. And, they note, you can probably expect to see the winning work plastered all across the X Zone trinity's network of social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as Capcom Unity itself.

Source: Capcom Unity

Project X Zone Finally Gets North American Release Date

1364861590-pxzheroim-large At long last, the wait is over: Project X Zone has a North American release date. Now a new wait begins!

The last we heard about it, the game was slated for a release sometime in the summer of 2013. But now, Namco Bandai Games has posted a page for the title which gives us an exact release date: June 25th, 2013.

Of curious note is the tab marked "retailers" on the page, as it only lists Amazon.com and GameStop as carrying the game. Given that other titles show a wider range of stores, we are left to wonder whether this will only be a limited release (and if it will even make it to Canada). More info on that as we get it.

Thanks for the tip, Magnet Man and WetCircle!

Tron and the Servbots to Join Cast of Onimusha Soul

mainv Mega Man Legends may be down, but it's clearly not out. In addition to sharing the words of support from Inafune, 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 reports that Capcom of Japan has announced a special promotion for their browser-based strategy RPG, Onimusha Soul.

A wide variety of female characters from across Capcom's numerous franchises will be appearing in the game as recruitable characters, each redesigned to fit in with the feudal Japanese setting of the game-- well, mostly. As you can see in the picture above (lower-left), Tron Bonne seems to be the representative for Mega Man, and while she's certainly getting into the spirit, the Servbots she has in tow are sticking to their traditional design.

Several other familiar faces fill out this roster of guest-stars, but seeing as Mega Man has quite a few female character to spare, we ask: Who else would you like to see get feudal in Onimusha Soul?

Project X Zone is Westward Bound

project_x_zone1-620x397 By way of Operation Rainfall, we've just received word from a Crunchyroll report that Project X Zone is indeed making its way to Nintendo 3DS owners in the West during the Summer of 2013. The announcement came during a Namco Bandai press event, where they also announced the PlayStation Network-exclusive One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 and Tekken Card Tournament, plus a "big announcement" to come on February 4th.

No other details are available at this time, but who plans to pick this one up when it hits our shores?

Rumor: Project X Zone is Westward Bound

TSSZ News is reporting that Nintendo has confirmed at a recent press event in Spain that the game no one (relatively speaking) thought had any chance of leaving Japan is doing just that. As seen in the picture at right (click to enlarge), Project X Zone-- the crossover title featuring characters from SEGA, Namco Bandai, and Capcom, including X, Zero, Iris, Vile, and Tron Bonne-- is slated for a European release in 2013. While no other details were given, this seems to make it that much more likely a North American release is also in the cards. And if it isn't, at least it will have some form of localization for those bold enough to purchase a European Nintendo 3DS to play the game as an import.

Edit: After WilyNumber13's comment, marking this as a rumor might be the safer bet. However, it's one we're inclined to believe at the moment.

Source: Vicio Juegos, TSSZ News

PXZ Gameplay of Tron and Her Servbots

Bandai Namco is releasing more gameplay to countdown the impending release of Project X Zone, and this one features the Bonne mechanic having to get along with the likes of Frank and Hsien-Ko (or "that cameraman" and "that jiangshi" according to the Servbots). It even features an arrangement of "The Flutter Vs. The Gesellschaft", which by now has become the trademark theme of all things Legends.

Thanks for the tip, Magnet_Man!

Hey, Remember When Everyone Got Together and...?

Yeah, we should have been a little more on top of this one. Nonetheless, for those interested, Marvel vs. Capcom Origins is now available for both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade for $14.99/1,200 Microsoft Points, respectively (though not on the PSN in Europe as planned; Capcom Unity promises more info to come once it's available).

For the forgetful or uninformed among you, Origins consists of both Marvel Super Heroes and the original Marvel vs Capcom with dynamic challenges, filters, online play and all of that razzamatazz you've come to expect from releases such as this. And, in case your only prior experience with these types of games was Marvel vs. Capcom 2, this one actually features endings, so you'll have a reason to beat it with everyone!

Check Out the Opening for Project X Zone

It's the moment you've all been waiting for! ...no, not that one. No, not that one, either. And you know that one isn't happening. Look, at least one of you has to have been waiting for the full animated opening to Project X Zone to surface, right? Well, this goes out to you:

Incidentally, Tekken's producer Katsuhiro Harada has mentioned on Twitter that he supports the localization of Project X Zone, saying "I proposed localization of Project X Zone." and then "Not decided yet, but It will be realized if I continue proposing." One can only hope, with how many western fans are excited for this title.

Thanks to Magnet Man and HeatPhoenix for the tips!

See Maverick Hunters and Pirates Tear it Up in New PXZ Trailer

Bandai Namco Games sure knows how to make a trailer, eh? Here is 16 glorious minutes of the simulation crossover RPG Project X Zone. And the included Mega Man characters, much like everyone else get their due. You can jump to 4:50 to see Tron Bonne, the Servbots, X, Zero and Vile in the over-the-top action. Of course, the rest of the trailer is pretty good, too!

Thanks to MavJin-8 for the tip!

PXZ Site Updates with Tron and Servbot Details, Voices (Updated)

Can't get enough of Tron and her followers? The Project X Zone official site has updated with the latest announced contents. You can see this fine artwork of Tron and the Servbot, as well as hear samples of their voice acting. They again have messages from the voice talents, and we'll see if we can get translations up sometime. You can also check out some nice screens of Tron and her loyal Servbots in action. Go check it out, you Tron nuts!

UPDATE: With many thanks to TMMN viewer Amunshen, we now have a translation of the actresses Iizuka and Chisa's personal statements.

Hello Everyone, I'm Iizuka Mayumi, playing Tron Bonne.

Wow, it's already been over 10 years since I met Tron! But I still feel very happy about this reunion with her.

She's so energetic and positive...well she's sometimes also stubborn and clumsy. whenever I act as her, I think that I have so many things in common with her, too, but she's the one who always gives me lot of energy.

Anyway, It seems like a lot of characters from many different games are joining this game! I'd be so happy if Tron becomes a help to you and you like her amongst them!

So! This is Iizuka Mayumi as Tron Bonne! See you!


Hi, This is Chisa Yokoyama as the Servbots.

Well, actually I'm already appearing in this game as another character....Sakura Shinguji.

I wouldn't ever think that both of those characters could appear in same game, but I was so happy seeing the scene when the Servbot says "Imperial Flower Combat Troop!" because I love him very much, too.

And one more thing I'm happy about... a game I'm totally crazy over, Street Fighter II, well, I got to say "Hadouken!" as a Servbot.

So, since I absolutely want everyone to hear this, please play this game with Servbots!

By the way, to tell you how much I love Servbots, I even have a Servbot head which becomes a neat mug when I take the cap on its top. I really treasure this mug.

Anyway, I'm Chisa Yokoyama.

Many, Many New Project X Zone Screens Surface

Following on from yesterday's news that Tron Bonne will be joining the cast of Project X Zone comes a whole landslide of new screens, including both gameplay and cutscenes featuring X, Zero, Tron, and her Servbots. You can find the library of 53 images at Andriasang.

Thanks again, Magnet Man!

Tron and Servbots joining Project X Zone

New Mega Man characters are joining into the cross battle, according to the latest Famitsu. Tron Bonne and her Servbots (or at least one of them) will be part of the game along with X and Zero. Curiously, in what's appeared in Famitsu so far, Tron does not seem to use her Gustaff mecha. However, she does get to put her Servbots to great use, and even rides atop a giant one. Also, it's hard to make out, but it appears Tron and co. are fighting the dreaded Sharukurusu Reaverbot. That WOULD have to appear.

We have confirmed as well that the characters will retain their previous voice performers, with Mayumi Izuka voicing Tron, and Chisa Yokoyama voicing the Servbot(s).

We'll do our best to keep you posted as more developments turn up. Stayed tuned!

Update: Image added! Thanks, Magnet_Man!

News Credit: Andriasang

UDON Announces Marvel vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works

While Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 did little to sate the desires of those who specifically wanted to see an actual Blue Bomber representing their favorite franchise, there is no denying that the Mega Man series has had a strong presence overall in the Marvel vs. Capcom series as a whole. And that's something to keep in mind as UDON Entertainment makes their latest announcement. Debuting with a special hard-cover edition (seen at right) on July 11th at San Diego Comic-Con will be the nearly 200-page Marvel vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works art book, a compilation of official artwork, sketches, and bonus features not only from the game series named in the book's title, but all of Capcom's art related to the Marvel Universe, dating all the way back to 1993's The Punisher arcade game. "Compiled by UDON with the help of Capcom and Marvel," notes the press release, "this is the first time this material has ever been collected in one place—on either side of the Pacific!"

The press release goes on to state that UDON has worked closely with Capcom's creative head, Shoei Okano, to dig through the deepest parts of Capcom's archives to find the extremely rare high-resolution art and materials used in this book, a task made all the more daunting when one realizes that no Marvel vs. Capcom art book was ever printed in Japan! The art found for this book comes from such artists as Akiman, Bengus, Shinkiro, Joe Madureira, and Adi Granov, among others, and is complemented by all-new imagery by Joe Ng, Long Vo, Chamba, Adam Warren, and Takeshi Miyazawa.

Key features of the book include:

  • This is an original art book compiled by UDON, with no Japanese counterpart!
  • Includes all of the series' promotional artwork, a complete art archive of all Marvel vs. Capcom character drawings, and rare, never-before-seen artwork, sketches, and bonus material!
  • Contains artwork from the Capcom games The Punisher, X-Men™: Children of the Atom, Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men VS Street Fighter™, Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter™, Marvel VS Capcom, Marvel VS Capcom® 2, Marvel VS Capcom® 3, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3!
  • Includes 17 new illustrations exclusive to this book!

“This book means a lot to UDON,” says Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Erik Ko. “It was back 10 years ago that Joe Quesada at Marvel Comics gave UDON our first freelance job, and kick-started our creative services department. Then just a few years later, we became our own publisher, working closely with Capcom to publish original Street Fighter®comics! Being able to publish a book containing amazing work from both Marvel and Capcom is like a big ‘thank you’ from us to the folks who helped make us what we are today. Thank you Marvel, thank you Capcom!”

As noted before, the book debuts with a hardcover edition that will be exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con on July 11th. This edition will be limited to 200 copies, and features an exclusive wrap-around cover by UDON/Marvel vs. Capcom artist Alvin Lee and digitally painted by UDON’s Genzoman.

For the rest of us, we'll have to wait until late November's release of the standard softcover edition, which will be distributed to comic shops and book stores by Diamond.

Read on for more details and preview images from the book.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works Hardcover Edition Format: Hardcover Page Count: 192, Colour Size: 8.25″ wide X 11.75″ long (9” x 12” with Hardcover) Price (U.S.): $100.00 Debuts July 11th, 2012. San Diego Comic Con Exclusive.

Softcover Edition (Cover shown below) ISBN: 1-926778-49-9 ISBN 13: 978-1-926778-49-5 Format: Softcover Page Count: 192, Colour Size: 8.25″ wide X 11.75″ long Price (U.S.): $44.99 In-stores November 2012.

Click to enlarge.

Softcover Edition Cover Art by Shinkiro.

Click to enlarge.

Japanese promotional artwork by Shinkiro (used for cover illustration).

Click to enlarge.

Tribute artwork by Chamba (Jeffrey Cruz). Preview of Page 21.

Click to enlarge.

Marvel vs. Capcom official character artwork. Preview pages 78-79.

Click to enlarge.

Rare design and illustration document! Preview page 150.

Click to enlarge.

Complete character bios! Page 172 preview.

Click to enlarge.

Close-up on part of the hardcover edition.