Toron ni Kobun Promo - Inafune Hugs Servbot

How can there be any doubt that this man loves Mega Man Legends? Just watch this video promotion for Toron ni Kobun, better known here as The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, and watch how he holds that Servbot doll. See how protective he is over it? He wants no one near it, and understandably so. You can almost visualize him forming threats against his interviewer before she pulls away. You just know he wants more for his armycollection, and the only way that will happen is if he makes more of the games! Also, get a load of how he looks, minus about ten years.

On a more serious note, it seems that there are a number of small changes between what is seen in this video, and what made the final cut. Find out which ones Protodude found here (with images!), and add any more you find in the comments below.

As an aside, I just want to say I'd love another game like this. "Grand Theft Auto?" What's that?

What? More Beta Video?

Seems like every other day, more and more early footage or screens are being turned up for our favorite games. This time, the honor goes to none other than Rockman DASH 2, or MegaMan Legends 2 if you so prefer. Check out the following video excerpt from this 1999 promotional VHS tape from V Jump magazine:

The most noteworthy aspect of this video is at 1:09 where you can see a town that remains completely absent from the final build. The rest of the video is comprised of footage from Episode 1, a "demo" of DASH 2 bundled with Tron Ni Kobun. -- Protodude's Rockman Corner

Of course, the live-action Data is pretty freakin' cool, too.

If you have or know where more such footage exists, be it on YouTube or elsewhere on the internet, then drop us a line! We'll be glad to share it with everyone in the community!

Legendary Rockman (and Mega Man) Commercials

Since Heat Man decided to take us on a trip back in time with the commercials for the original Rockman games in Japan, I did want to say (as I often do whenever the opportunity affords itself) that there is a single Mega Man advertisement which I think did a very good, if not excellent job. Behold:

If only Mega Man Legends 2 had received the same treatment-- maybe more people would have checked it out. I think it definitely shows off the game itself well and in an exciting way, with a nice bit of hyperbole to get viewers excited.

And, even as a huge Mario fan, I still love "don't call a plumber!" to this day.

Of course, Japan has its fair share of commercials for their version, ranging from the bizarre... the cute/funny... hmm, now that's strange. I was sure that there was a commercial for Rockman DASH 2, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know where it might lurk, or am I just imagining it?