Photo Report from Wonder Festival Winter 2012

Whew, I'm back from Tokyo. And Wonder Festival was quite the event. One thing for certain - even despite my best efforts I really wasn't prepared for this. Even though I tried to go early I was still far back out in line, and by the time I got to the Hobby Rock booth they were just selling the last of their stock!Pretty much everywhere the good stuff was selling out in minutes. I'm not sure I'm bothered, though, since I really don't know how well I could assemble and paint a garage kit. Nevertheless it was a fun time. There was a lot of neat things to see and I even got to hang out a little bit with Ucchy-san. Also, the Mega Man 2 Dot.Straps were shown off by Union Creative, which are coming out this month (after having been delayed to March). Sadly, nothing on the Mega Man front was shown by Kotobukiya, and I don't think Bandai was even present (could have missed them though).

At any rate, follow the jump to see plenty of pictures of the Mega Man wares present at the show!

Some More Schweet Garage Kits to Oogle

Hobby Rock is highlighting a lot of the fan-made Rockman models and figures to be showcased at the upcoming Wonder Festival, but they're far from the only ones who will have wares to show off. A few that I've taken a real shine to lately are the above garage figurines of Elec Man, Tornado Man, and Punk by Kurukuru Mecha Atelier. I really enjoy the attention to detail and proportions, and characters like these have a long shot of being picked up by professional model and kit companies. Sadly, like many garage kits, painting is probably required!

Anyway, while it's not a big deal really, I suppose I should mention that, after a bit of initial resistance, I've finally decided to make my own way to Wonder Festival next month. Will I blow way too much money? Will I make a fool of myself in front of other Rockman fans? Will I get goods that could potentially find their way into future contests? Only time will tell...