Mega Man 10 Contest Results Are In

Our amazing Mega Man 10 contest has come to a close. I was very astounded by the results - we got roughly 280 entries for this contest! That's over three times greater than the response to our Mega Man 9 contest. That also means your odds of being selected were about one in twenty-eight. Hey, that's a lot better than the state lottery! At any rate, the ten winning entrants were randomly selected and graded early Thursday morning. Having gotten in touch with them all, I am now happy to congratulate our Mega Man 10 Contest winners!

Matt Zacharias

Pierre Redmon

Adam Reid

Ryan Rousseau

Daniel Wilson

David Singleton

The Macks

Ivan Esteban

Elec Man EXE

Adam Bell

To everyone else, I thank you deeply for participating. The results were certainly overwhelming, and after the judging I couldn't help but feel a little sad that we couldn't give away more. However, I'm certain we will have more contests in the future, and I hope you participate in those as well!

To our ten winners, we've still yet to judge the results to award the bonus prize. This should happen soon, and we'll keep you posted. I've already got the Mega Man 10 poster in, and man is it ridiculously awesome! Be sure to have some good wall space for this one!

Finally, we have posted the quiz answers on the contest details page. You can now check how many of your answers were correct.

Many thanks again to every one who entered!