Rockman Zero Telos Comes Alive in This Animated Video (Update x2)

This video from earlier in the year somehow managed to fly under our radar, but thanks to a tip from elparra via The Mega Man Network's Rock Tumblr, we have it here for your enjoyment today.

The sound from the video above is taken from the first drama track of Japan's Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero Telos album, and adds in some fitting footage from the Mega Man X series' cutscenes, the Japanese commercials for the Rockman Zero games, and more to create a more visually engaging interpretation of the narrative to sum up the conclusion of the Elf Wars and the sealing of Zero.

The video's creator, Jam Zx on YouTube, is working on a second video which features the battle between Zero and Copy X. In the meantime, a "Nightmare of Zero" AMV has been uploaded to his account, and you can find it here.

Update: At the request of those whose works had been pilfered and used without permission nor credit given, we elected to remove the video and links to the creator's channel and other works. The issue has since been resolved, and credit will be given to the artists whose works were used.

Translation of "Clockwork Apple"

For you Mega Man Zero knowledge buffs, here is a translation of the drama track "Clockwork Apple" from the album Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero: Telos, by Sensei-Hanzo. This track recounts a Reploid simply known as TK31, working under Harpuia, who stumbles upon some frightening information from the past. Wonder who he could be...

You can also look back on translations of Ciel's Memories, Alouette's Good Day and Elf War. I should also mention that Mr. Hanzo is helping out with another translation project, which you may already know about. TMMN is starting to become some kind of... crazy translation place, or something!

Records of the Elf War

Here's yet another drama track localization from Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero: Telos by Sensei-Hanzo. This track is Retrospect 1: Elf War, and covers X and Zero's original last stand against Omega, and then Zero later being sealed up (yet again, knowing he had another series ahead of him). Pretty interesting stuff for those craving the background details to the Zero series, and I know there are a lot of you. You can also go back to Hanzo's work on Alouette's Good Day and the Ciel's Memory tracks.

Translation of "Alouette's Good Day"

Those interested in the many facets of Mega Man Zero's background story should give this a watch. It is a translation of the drama track "Alouette's Good Day" from the soundtrack Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero - Telos. This coming from Sensei-Hanzo, who some months back did similar translations of the Ciel's Memories tracks. May have been a while, but this is a nearly 15 minute long audio drama, so there's a ton of content.

Thanks, Sensei-Hanzo!