Comic Version X in Action

Tamashii Nation 2011 has come and gone, and those who were able to make it to the event and pick up an Iwamoto-styled D-Arts Rockman X are already starting to show off their posing prowess. With a stand and some effect parts, you can recreate some pretty cool scenes from the manga! And don't forget, of course, the parts are compatible with the other D-Arts figures (like Full Armored X).

Of course, if you couldn't make it to the event (or even make it to Japan), this gem will be pretty hard to get. I wonder if there'll be some other way someone can pick one up...

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Zero "Comic Ver." Confirmed, and... Ride Armor?

The D-Arts figure details keep getting more interesting! Amiami has their own photo post on what's set to appear at Tamashii Nation 2011, and it answers a question as well as asks some new ones.

First off, the marker in this photo indicates the mysterious Zero figure is indeed a "Comic Ver." figure based on Yoshihiro Iwamoto's Rockman X manga. What isn't known is if this figure will also be going on sale at the vent, though I imagine it will be. Iwamoto even did a nice promotional art for the exhibit.

What's more striking, however, is the strange hunk of plastic sitting behind Vile. Is that a... Ride Armor? Ride Armors haven't been unfamiliar to Bandai in the past. However, in promotional displays for past D-Arts products, there have been items like Metools and upgrade capsules that never made it to retail. So awesome as the Ride Armor might be, it's hard to say if it reflects an upcoming product right now.

News via CAP Kobun

Vile and Zero 2 Appearing in Living Color, Plus a Mystery Zero

We've already been wowed by the prototypes of Vile and Zero "Type 2" but they are just that, prototypes. And typically, when a prototype is shown, it means more months ahead before the final thing comes out. But it seems these two prototypes is growin' up real fast. These are the full color prototypes set to appear in exhibition at Tamashii Nation 2011, starting tomorrow. Also, along with the additional gold trim and boxy shoulder pads, Zero "Type 2" naturally comes with his beam saber for slashies. Other included accessories, not to mention price and release time frame, still remain unknown. Nevertheless it looks like they're coming along great!

There are appears to be an X1 modeled Zero, but with a faceplate not featured with the original figure. Could this be a hint at an Iwamoto manga styled Zero? Unfortunately no details are present.

While I wouldn't consider it a major chance, I am lined up to head to Akihabara this Sunday and check out the Tamashii festivities myself. And with luck, I may even run into Ucchy-san and Bandai's Adam Newman. Can't make any guarantees, but if you'd like me to relay some questions, here's the place to propose them!

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A Tease of D-Arts Zero "2nd Ver"

This may come as no surprise to anyone. After all, Bandai's original Zero figure was given the mark "1st ver", so it seemed almost inevitable a figure of Zero's updated look would come about. And inevitable strikes today.

On Rockman Unity, Ucchy-san is teasing the above photos of a Zero prototype figure, clad in those all-too-recognizable shoulder pads. Like with the Vile figure, little is known for now (as it's still just a prototype), but more details are expected to come out from the Tamashii Nation 2011 event in Akihabara this weekend. I may just have to drop by and bug Ucchy-san himself about it!

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D-Arts X "Comic Version" Coming as Special Edition

Bandai is rolling out their Tamashii Nation 2011 event in Akihabara this November, from the 25th to the 27th. Among the special figures they plan to have on hand, one is a "Comic Version" of their original Rockman X figure. Specifically, it's meant to resemble Yoshihiro Iwamoto's Rockman X design from his famed manga series, with the biggest difference being a new face plate with big, puppy dog eyes. The color scheme appears to be altered too, but I don't really notice any alterations to the design form. The figure will be available for ¥3,500, though few other details (such as, perhaps, alternate accessories) are known yet. I might have to try and run over for one of these. At the very least I could run into Ucchy-san!

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