TMMN Giveaway - Nab a Mega Man USB Buster!

MMUSBBuster_largescreenshot3 Hey there, it's been a little while, so how about a chance to win something cool? We've got three of Capcom's 25th anniversary Mega Buster styled USB thumb drives to give away! Each has a capacity of 8GB, and comes equipped the latest version of Street Fighter X Mega Man, the game's soundtrack and promotional wallpaper, and digital copies of UDON's Mega Man Tribute, Mega Man X Official Complete Works, and Archie's Mega Man comic issues #1-4. Woah!

Now I'm guessing you probably want to know how to win. It's simple! Just reply to this post with the following: what Mega Man game would you want to see remade, and how would you want to see it remade? Let us know in as much detail as you can muster! Three winners will be chosen randomly after the deadline from these comments. Please be sure to comment with your legitimate e-mail so we can reach you!

The deadline to enter this giveaway is Sunday, May 26th, at midnight PST. Please only one entry/comment per person! Thank you, and good luck!

Street Fighter X Mega Man Passes One Million Downloads

getonemil Coming from Seow Zong Hui, the mind and muscle behind Street Fighter X Mega Man, Capcom's free classic stye Blue Bomber tribute has surpassed 1,000,000 downloads. If you want to consider downloads alongside purchases, that puts it among other best selling titles such as Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X.

Hopefully this means good things for us fans, as well. Community Manager and Mega Man superfan Brett Elston remarked that the game reaching one million gets would hopefully send a strong signal for interest in Mega Man. That, along with the digital downloads inquiry Capcom posted a couple months back, could be good fodder in getting Mega Man out of unemployment.

We'll still keep our expectations in check, but here's to Mega Man proving it's still got it! Congrats to Capcom and Zong Hui!

Via Protodude's Rockman Corner

Get Equipped with Mega Man USB Drive!

Mega Man USB Need some mass storage to go with your soon to be released Mega Man Ultrabook? Well, Capcom has you covered with the new Mega Man USB drive. For $19.95 you'll get all of the following:

  • 8GB Mega Buster USB stick
  • Mega Man #1~4 (Digital Comic Book)
  • Mega Man Tribute Art Book (Digital)
  • Mega Man X Complete Works (Digital)
  • Street Fighter X Mega Man soundtrack (via A_Rival)
  • SFxMM Wallpapers (Originally posted on Unity)
  • Quick link to SFxMM game (in case you somehow don't have it)

Head on over to Capcom Unity for ordering information!

Street Fighter X Mega Man Update Coming this Friday

passwordWe first got word of a SFXMM update coming via our podcast, and now Capcom Unity has announced that the new version will be available this Friday, 8PM EST/5PM PST. The most notable change in the update is that it will add a password screen, ending the need to play through the game in a single sitting. Other updates include:

  • Confirmation prompt before exiting (ESC) or resetting (F12) the game
  • E Tank glitch and various other bugs fixed
  • Improved controller support (Game defaults to keyboard on launch; make sure controller is plugged in prior to opening the file, then go into Options menu and set keys)
  • Take screenshots using F9
  • M Bison buffed a bit

Additionally, those reporting slowdown may find it's due to Intel Integrated GPUs, according to Brett. Personally I don't know if anything can be fixed or changed about that, but it's something to look into. At any rate, thanks again to Zong Hui and Capcom Unity for their efforts!

Thanks for the tip, Phaelin!

Capcom Answers Your Questions About Street Fighter X Mega Man

SFxMMOkay, so this one is a little late in coming. When Capcom revealed the trailer for Street Fighter X Mega Man, we noticed there were a lot of questions and a lot of confusion surrounding the anniversary release. To help alleviate this, we went around and gathered as many of the most frequently-asked and burning inquiries we could find about the game, and brought them before Capcom in the hopes of delivering to you the ultimate Street Fighter X Mega Man FAQ.

The only problem? Well, the game was released right as we were headed into the heavy holiday vacation season, and things got sidetracked-- that is, until now. Thanks to Senior Community Manager Brett "Brelston" Elston, we have answers to 16 down-right fierce questions that the community (these all came from you guys around the web; we're just along for the ride this time) have posed.


1) Is this really an official Capcom product, or just a fan game?

BE: It's true that Zong Hui began work on this game years ago as a passion project. But due to schoolwork and other obligations, it took years to even get a few bosses done, so when he approached Christian at EVO this year, our partnership made timely completion of the project possible. Zong Hui and his small team collaborated with us at Capcom USA, making this a true merging of fan game and official title. It's not the first time the Mega Man series has gone outside Capcom as well; Inti Creates largely handled MM9 and 10, as well as the entire Zero/ZX series. This is just another partnership with a team - just so happens they're "civilians," haha.

2) Did Capcom have anything to do with this besides buying it?

BE: As mentioned elsewhere, we provided financial assistance, as well as ongoing feedback regarding bosses, gameplay and other issues. Given the tight dev window, we know there are a few rough edges left, even with a dozen people looking at this. To that end, we can say we're working on a V2 that will release soon and hopefully address some of those known issues. It's not adding content, but we've been reading responses and can "tighten up" a few things before the end of the year.


3) Another NES-style game? Will Capcom ever move away from this and show some effort?

BE: I'd object to the word "effort," but the point is taken - we've done the 8-bit approach three times now, and even as someone with NES Mega Man coursing though his veins I'm eager to see something fresh. That gets into the whole "What's Next?" discussion that Christian has mentioned before... we're constantly talking about this brand and its future. Can't say what the future is, but know there IS a future.


4) Is this really how you plan to end Mega Man's 25th anniversary?

BE: Like we've said, this is the start. Japan led up to December, while in the US we had so much Street Fighter 25th Anniversary activity we had to focus on that. With that concluded (spectacularly, if I may toot our Grand Finals horn for a moment), we can kick off MM25 with SFxMM, the Avatar outfits, the 3DS ports and so on, and then come back in 2013 with more fun stuff. We're not done.


5) Why is it "Street Fighter X Mega Man?" Wasn't it originally "Mega Man X Street Fighter" before you got a hold of it? You're just trying to push more Street Fighter on us over Mega Man!

BE: There's no one major reason for the change, but rather a few small things that added up. One, we liked the idea of beginning with SF leading into MM, as that's how the anniversaries play out. Also, ending with "Mega Man" feels like it puts more emphasis on him, as it's the last thing you say when discussing the (literal) title.


6) Is this game canon to the Mega Man series? / Is this the official explanation for Dr. Light’s inclusion of the Hadouken & Shoryuken upgrades for X?

BE: Not canon, not explaining the MMX Street Fighter moves (which were in the same fun spirit as SFxMM).

7) Mega Man must obey the First Law of Robotics! So why can he just go around shooting people? / Is Mega Man fighting SF robots? I don't want to kill Chun Li!

BE: Again, it's not meant to sit and think about the "why," it's just a fun token, a special present for fans as we head into MM25. But for the sake of argument, the ending of Mega Man 7 sure blurs the line as to how far Mega Man can be pushed before harming a human :P


8) Can I use a controller instead of my keyboard?

BE: Of course, though trying to use virtual controllers can introduce problems. We’ve heard some reports of issues with certain controllers, and we hope to address some of that with the upcoming V2 of SFxMM, which is set to come out later this month. It's not adding content, but should address a handful of performance issues.


9) Why is this PC-only? Why aren't you releasing it for Mac, Steam, XBLA, etc.?

BE: PC is the easiest way to deliver a free game. Open platforms are made for this. Bringing it elsewhere requires all sorts of approvals, submissions and so on, which affect price and timing. Furthermore, once it's out for free, how many would buy the same game on a console when it's identical? Could we add more stuff and charge for a different take on SFxMM? Possibly, but there are no plans at this time.


10) Is this all we're getting for Mega Man's 25th anniversary? Do you expect this to "make things right?"

BE: There's no denying the hard year Mega Man fans have had. As a lifelong fan myself, I feel it too, but do hope SFxMM scratches the itch. It's not meant to be the best Mega Man game of all time, to make everything completely cool with the community, but rather a chance to elevate a fan effort in celebration of both franchises turning 25. I believe it succeeds on that front, and that Zong Hui made a super fun (to play and to see) product.

11) Will Capcom be doing this again with other fan games, like that Mega Man 25th anniversary game or "Mega Man X Corrupted"?

BE: As Christian's said before, SFxMM was a very organic process, and an extremely special case. It does open the door to some interesting conversations, but right now there are no further, similar plans.


12) You said that how many times the game is downloaded could affect the direction of the franchise; can you explain how? What if I want to support Mega Man/a particular MM series, but don't want more 8-bit Mega Man? And you're not going to just take this as a show of support for Street Fighter and ignore Mega Man instead, are you?

BE: The traffic to Capcom Unity on 12/17 was insane. Broke the site. That's a pretty clear sign of interest in the character and brand. But the many different versions of Mega Man get back to that "What's Next?" question; there were so many SKUs coming out rapid-fire, doing different things and hitting a similar (but slightly different) audience that it's extremely hard to make a modern Mega Man plan that addresses everything and everyone. The 8-bit gimmick is nice, and that sprite is iconic and never going away, but I'd also speculate that's not all we want to do in the future.


13) Will the special moves be performed like Street Fighter moves (i.e. D, DF, F+Attack for Hadouken)?

BE: The boss weapons are triggered like normal MM weapons, but there's one SF-style move that people have discovered...

14) Does this mean we can get a Street Fighter x Mega Man crossover comic from Archie?

BE: Considering Sonic and Mega Man are meeting in 2013, surely Ryu meeting Mega Man could happen too. But nothing on the Archie front at the moment, that I'm aware of.


15) Why is it free? There has to be some sort of catch.

BE: I suppose the only catch is you can accidentally hit ESC and close the program, haha (and yeah, that's something we're looking at for V2)

16) Is this the best we're going to get for Mega Man's 25th anniversary?

BE: When we say we've concluded MM25, that'll be for you guys to decide ;)


Thanks to Brett Elston for taking the time to answer these questions! Feel free to discuss what's been said here in the comments below.

The TMMN Megacast #20 – Episode 25: The Search for the Episode Number

megacast-25We made it! 25 years of Mega Man... where has the time gone? Capcom's Greg and Brett return to talk all things Mega Man on the little guy's big day alongside MegaCast hosts Adam (Heat Man), Tabby, and myself (Jesse / Main Finger). We get into Street Fighter X Mega Man, the recent Capcom public survey, merchandise, and more all before Brett gets a Game Over.

In our second half, Greg takes us on a whimsical journey through tangents about Capcom's FMV games. Also many, many other tangents. What did you expect? It's the MegaCast! Of course, we bring it back around by sharing our early Mega Man memories and look to the future. Also, we spend too long talking out a drawing that you can't see while listening... or can you?

Join us in our celebration of a gaming icon with The TMMN Megacast #20 – Episode 25: The Search for the Episode Number.




Street Fighter X Mega Man Soundtrack Out Now

Following up our story yesterday, musician A_Rival has now released his fantastic Street Fighter X Mega Man soundtrack. If you like, you can grab a download for the generous price of free. Money paid, however, will go towards additional Bandcamp download codes, so it's nice to chip in too!

Man, I cannot get enough of Rolento's stage theme. Thanks for the awesome soundtrack, A_Rival!

Street Fighter X Mega Man: Initial Impressions

Street Fighter X Mega Man After a not-terribly long play session at my remote location, I have completed SFXMM and now have some quick thoughts to share.

First off, this is worth your time. The stigma attached to most PC-based fan games is one of low quality, and while SFXMM has some issues, it is definitely a game you will want to play if you're a Mega Man fan, as it has some of the most frantic and fun boss fights in the entire series.

The graphics, at least in the first eight levels, resemble more closely the level of detail found in the first three Mega Man games for the NES (with some exceptions), with the final levels noticeably more detailed (Shadaloo 2's background is awesome). The music is interesting, and maybe I just do not have the ear for it but I could only pick out half the tracks that had Mega Man mixed in with the Street Fighter tunes. The game is spot-on with emulating the feel of the original NES games and it is a fairly quick game if you're a big Mega Man nerd. Warning to those who want to be surprised, there will be some minor spoilers below.

The levels themselves are fun, even considering their short length. The quality of level design among the World Warrior levels is a bit all over the place, with some being oddly empty or just plain boring (Ryu, Chun-Li, Blanka) while others are fairly complex and feel much more like any other installment of the series and boast new gimmicks (Urien, Crimson Viper, Rolento). Still others feature lengthy and unique twists that break up some of the monotony (Rose's Rush Jet section and Dhalsim's maze). 

The first Shadaloo level is a pretty weird combination of the Advancing Wall of Doom (played by Balrog) and a parade of bad guys. The following level's showdown with Vega is a challenging fight (and the first-ever fight with a usable ladder backdrop). The final levels of the game-- the World Warriors rematch and the final boss-- serve as a pretty awesome coda to this little piece of Mega Man love.

Rose's Level Chun Li's Level

By now, most people are aware of some of the weird design decisions made with this game. SFXMM may be short, but having no way to save progress seems like a huge omission, one that could have been easily avoided with a password system. Only being able to carry one E-Tank is annoying but seems somewhat sensible due to the easy nature of most of the levels, but not having E-Tanks re-spawn when you use one, lose all your lives, and continue seems just cruel (especially when it's during the World Warriors rematch level... not that that happened to me or anything).

Having all weapons energy refill automatically after every death is a nice touch, considering that the boss fights are some of the most fast and furious of any installment. Bringing back the Mega Buster shot from Mega Man 4, while featuring the climbing sprites of Mega Man 5 (with the two vents in the back of the helmet) is sort of weird and interesting in a total Mega Man nerd way, as is having the short boss gates from MM5. Also weird is having to shoot the black and white orbs in the teleporter hatch room to get energy refills.

Finally, it's weird that Mega Man's energy bar also lights up with charging the slower-than-usual Mega Buster, just as it is weird that you cannot slide through boss gates. Oh yeah, and some folks are having some technical difficulties running the game, or shutting the game down (my SFXMM refuses to die unless I use the Task Manager).

All that being said, there is still a lot of good in this game. As I said, the boss battles in this game are some of the fastest and most intense of any of the classic games. Every boss is roughly the same size as Mega Man, and many of them make Shadow Man and Pharaoh Man feel sluggish in comparison.

Unique to the game is how the Super Meters for every World Warrior-- the more damage they take, the closer they get to being able to use a super move, which changes the dynamics of fighting. The decision to retain Mega Man's slide and Mega Buster was a pretty smart move considering the pacing and ferocity of these fights. While I'm not as well-versed in Street Fighter nerdology, I can tell there's an awful lot of awesome shout-outs to fans of the series throughout the game (like using Dan as a punching bag). Facing off against Bison in the grassy field from Street Fighter Alpha 2 is the coolest way to end the game (the secret boss is also incredible-- get 3 perfects throughout the game to see him).

The weapon selection is surprisingly versatile, considering the game's short length. The Yoga Inferno can be aimed and can keep Mega Man temporarily airborne, the Tropical Hazard is a melon version of the Mega Ball, the Aigis Reflector is a better version of Enker's Mirror Buster, and the Soul Satellite is the requisite shield weapon, but is unique in that its use is time-based rather than damage-based. Furthermore, all weapons in this game can be activated with its effects carrying over if you switch weapons. The rest of the World Warrior weapons are interesting and fun to experiment with both inside and out of the boss battles.

After Bison Final Screen

Overall, fans who expect a full-fledged game in the vein of Mega Man 9 and 10 will probably be disappointed because of SFXMM's short length, weird design decisions, or any number of other small curios that set this game apart. But at the end of the day, this is a fantastic start to Mega Man's 25th Anniversary and a fun game worthy of the Mega Man name in its own right. The consequences of this game's success will be interesting to witness-- if this sort of venture proves popular, perhaps some of the walls that separate gaming developers and their fans will fall. Perhaps this collaboration will lead to others, just as MM9 helped spark a nostalgic turn in the gaming industry. Time will tell.

Capcom has made some decisions in the past few years that have angered a lot of Mega Man fans, and this will not erase a lot of soreness in many corners, but this game was not meant to do that. And that's fine. Seo Zung Hui and the small set of folks who helped make this game a reality delivered a fun, if simple, free game that is worth any Mega Man fan's time, and that's what is really worth talking about.

James is TMMN's Features Contributor and world traveler. He is currently in a faraway land, but he occasionally sends messages in a bottle. If you require more of his love, he left behind a sentient Tumblr account that updates all on its own.

Street Fighter X Mega Man Soundtrack Releases Tomorrow

If you've been digging Street Fighter X Mega Man, it's no doubt in part to the fantastic chiptune soundtrack that merges classic Street Fighter and Mega Man tunes. It's good news, then, that the game's very own artist, A_Rival, will be releasing the soundtrack on his site tomorrow. For now, however, you can enjoy the above preview.

Street Fighter X Mega Man is Here - Get Your Controllers Ready!

Happy 25th anniversary, boys and girls! We are all children again as the retro-chic and absolutely free new Mega Man game is here: Street Fighter X Mega Man! You can head right over to Capcom Unity's Mega Man hub and download away! No cost, no DRM, just a sweet game to install and enjoy. Hopefully you picked up some kind of joypad (such as the one I got here), but playing on the PC should be fine too. Brett managed after all!

A humongous shout out to Zong Hui for coming up with this, A_Rival for the delicious chiptune soundtrack, and of course, to the folks at Capcom Unity. They promised us something big for the 25th anniversary, and they delivered. Although I've only played a single stage so far, I can attest with Brelston: this feels like a legit Mega Man game.

Anyhow, what are you waiting for? Download away and blast some world warriors! Tell your friends, spread the word! Make sure they grab it from Capcom Unity!

SFxMM: How it Happened, Plus New Boss Footage

Capcom Unity has posted this new video which goes into how Street Fighter X Mega Man came to be. It also reveals Vega as a boss character (which I'll admit, I thought about him when the climbable fences were shown off in the previous stream), and a small hint at another boss near the end. Who do you suppose it is?

Street Fighter X Mega Man comes out in just a couple more days to commemorate Mega Man's 25th anniversary!

Kotaku Interviews Seow & Svensson on Street Fighter X Mega Man

In case the 40 minutes of gameplay footage wasn't enough to whet your appetite for Street Fighter X Mega Man before the release on December 17th, Kotaku has posted a new interview with Capcom USA Senior Vice President Christian Svensson and the game's creator, Seow Zong Hui. In the interview, Seow sheds some light on his motivations and decisions made in developing the game, as well as some technical and artistic aspects of the development process. Meanwhile, Svensson talks about why they're releasing the game for free, expectations regarding fans' cravings and future projects, and proceeds to tease a little about how this is only kicking off their 25th anniversary plans for Mega Man, rather than encompassing it.

Check Out Over 40 Minutes of Street Fighter X Mega Man

The cool folks at Capcom Unity live streamed Street Fighter X Mega Man earlier (not to mention are giving us the game, too). But in case you missed it, here's the recap recording where you can see it all, or see it all again as the case may be! Of course, with the game on its way in just five days, you may want to hold off for the sake of freshness. But 'ey, no one's gonna blame you if you take a peek!

Destructoid Delivers Two-Hit Combo of Street Fighter X Mega Man

Following this past weekend's reveal of Street Fighter X Mega Man and the subsequent article from IGN, Destructoid has gone on the offensive by delivering a one-two punch of features about the upcoming clash between the World Warriors and the Blue Bomber. The first article is a hands-on preview which reveals all sorts of tantalizing tidbits about the game. Among the info disclosed are who Mega Man will face, how the levels are set up, the return of the Charge Shot and slide, and what role Dan will play in the title. There's also a fun bit explaining how Street Fighter's Super Moves are implemented, and how strategy in this game is not unlike what you would use in Street Fighter IV.

The other piece explores how this project came to be in the first place, and offers a bit of hope for what is to come in the year ahead. "In my head, we were in the middle of our 25th anniversary celebration of Street Fighter," Capcom USA Vice President Christian Svensson explained. "We had started planning the Mega Man stuff a couple of months earlier, but we didn't have a good opener."

In addition, "There were four levels available at the time," Senior Community Manager Brett "Brelston" Elston said of his first time playing. "I played through and I only got maybe halfway through the first stage I played, which was Blanka at the time, and even halfway through I was just like, this is great. It feels right, the philosophy of the level design is right. The physics, the jumping -- everything feels just like it should. I immediately said go for it."

The article gets into more detail, explaining Capcom's part in the project, the length of time it took to make it happen, and even why you should make sure you download it from Capcom themselves, rather than some other source. "I would argue that if anything," Svensson says, "if we get a million downloads of [Street Fighter X Mega Man], and certainly I think that's the floor I hope to see -- it's free, it should hopefully do more than that! -- that just helps raise awareness for the brand across the board and creates fertile ground for things to happen regardless of which direction that it kind of comes in."

And for those wondering why it's being offered for free?

The shaky grounds of the Mega Man franchise over the last two years is one of the main reasons the crossover title will be free. "We would hope this is, on our end could sort of make good [to fans]," Brett explained. "Making it free, making it available to as many people as possible, helps us get back on the right track with the brand. This is just the beginning of the 25th anniversary of Mega Man, this isn't the end-all, be-all that we have to say. We're hoping the free status of the game shows that we're listening and that we care. We want to get this character, this brand, back alive."

There's plenty more to the article, so be sure to check it out!

Capcom Opens Up to IGN About SFxMM and the Blue Bomber's Future

Capcom caused quite a stir with the announcement of Street Fighter X Mega Man, the free-to-download PC game designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of both respective franchises, and right on top of things is IGN, who discuss with Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svensson and Senior Community Manager Brett Elston the details surrounding the development of the title, more titles on Virtual Console, and their other work with Mega Man after Cancellation Day last year. Right off the bat, Svensson gets down to what the feelings were around the office following the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3, which itself was preceded by the cancellation of their other big Blue Bomber title of the time, Mega Man Universe:

"After the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 and Universe, there was a cooling down period where even discussing the prospect of a Mega Man title was difficult. The wounds were still fresh for us (just as they were for fans). We’re at a point now where it’s not as painful and constructive discussions are happening again."

The article goes on to explain the problem Capcom ran into with oversaturating the market with Mega Man games, and on how the Street Fighter X Mega Man project came about:

This new 'cross' entry is a fascinating project, as it's not even something Capcom sought out. At EVO 2012, SF X Mega Man developer Seow Zong Hui approached Svensson, brandishing a laptop with a couple demo levels operational. Sensing an opportunity to do something special, Svensson quickly assembled a few key Mega Man fans from the Capcom office, including senior community manager Brett Elston, as a sanity check, to make sure what Zong Hui had developed was as good as it seemed. It was, and Capcom brought in some of its resources to assist in the game's development.

As for why the game is only available as a PC download, there are a few reasons, though they express the possibility of a console release at a later date:

The selection of the PC as the distribution platform was fairly simple considering Zong Hui was not a licensed console developer. The implications and costs associated with attempting to arrange that would be incredibly steep, and Capcom was eager to keep this project free for fans. Svensson admits that it might be possible to release the game on other open platforms, but focusing on just one was necessary to make the December 17 launch.

Looking beyond the anniversary tie-in, the off-again, on-again subject of a robot reboot came up. In addition to Svensson's thoughts on the matter of dealing with the background of a seven-series franchise, Elston added, "If you’re worried about an overly gritty “M” rated, third person cover-based shooter, don’t be."

For more of Svensson's thoughts on working with Hui on the game and Mega Man's future, check out the full article over at IGN.

Capcom Reveals Trailer for Street Fighter X Mega Man (Update)

Remember that fan game which featured Mega Man taking on various characters from Street Fighter? Well, guess what?

Capcom has just revealed via the trailer above that it is going to be an official release to celebrate the 25th anniversary of both Mega Man and Street Fighter. And better still? It's going to be a free download for PC (admittedly not so good if you don't have a good PC gaming controller). has all the details, and the game will be available on December 17th, the 25th anniversary of Mega Man.

It may not be the grand spectacle that people were hoping for, but at least this seems to show that Capcom is definitely still thinking about the Blue Bomber.

Update: Now that the site is loading again, have a press release. Also added the link to the story for the original game above.

CAPCOM REVEALS STREET FIGHTER® X MEGA MAN® TO FANS AT STREET FIGHTER® 25TH ANNIVERSARY GRAND FINALS EVENT Two Beloved Franchises Collide For the First Time in Retro 8-bit Glory! SAN MATEO, Calif.— December 8, 2012 — Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, recently shared plans to release a new fan-made crossover title featuring two of the company’s most iconic franchises. Street Fighter® X Mega Man® will celebrate the closing ceremonies of the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter® and kick off the festivities taking place in 2013, when Mega Man takes center stage as “The Blue Bomber” reflects on his own 25 years of gaming greatness. The Street Fighter X Mega Man game will be released as a PC download beginning on December 17, 2012 and will be offered to fans for FREE through Capcom’s official website,