Street Fighter X Mega Man Passes One Million Downloads

getonemil Coming from Seow Zong Hui, the mind and muscle behind Street Fighter X Mega Man, Capcom's free classic stye Blue Bomber tribute has surpassed 1,000,000 downloads. If you want to consider downloads alongside purchases, that puts it among other best selling titles such as Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X.

Hopefully this means good things for us fans, as well. Community Manager and Mega Man superfan Brett Elston remarked that the game reaching one million gets would hopefully send a strong signal for interest in Mega Man. That, along with the digital downloads inquiry Capcom posted a couple months back, could be good fodder in getting Mega Man out of unemployment.

We'll still keep our expectations in check, but here's to Mega Man proving it's still got it! Congrats to Capcom and Zong Hui!

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Capcom Answers Your Questions About Street Fighter X Mega Man

SFxMMOkay, so this one is a little late in coming. When Capcom revealed the trailer for Street Fighter X Mega Man, we noticed there were a lot of questions and a lot of confusion surrounding the anniversary release. To help alleviate this, we went around and gathered as many of the most frequently-asked and burning inquiries we could find about the game, and brought them before Capcom in the hopes of delivering to you the ultimate Street Fighter X Mega Man FAQ.

The only problem? Well, the game was released right as we were headed into the heavy holiday vacation season, and things got sidetracked-- that is, until now. Thanks to Senior Community Manager Brett "Brelston" Elston, we have answers to 16 down-right fierce questions that the community (these all came from you guys around the web; we're just along for the ride this time) have posed.


1) Is this really an official Capcom product, or just a fan game?

BE: It's true that Zong Hui began work on this game years ago as a passion project. But due to schoolwork and other obligations, it took years to even get a few bosses done, so when he approached Christian at EVO this year, our partnership made timely completion of the project possible. Zong Hui and his small team collaborated with us at Capcom USA, making this a true merging of fan game and official title. It's not the first time the Mega Man series has gone outside Capcom as well; Inti Creates largely handled MM9 and 10, as well as the entire Zero/ZX series. This is just another partnership with a team - just so happens they're "civilians," haha.

2) Did Capcom have anything to do with this besides buying it?

BE: As mentioned elsewhere, we provided financial assistance, as well as ongoing feedback regarding bosses, gameplay and other issues. Given the tight dev window, we know there are a few rough edges left, even with a dozen people looking at this. To that end, we can say we're working on a V2 that will release soon and hopefully address some of those known issues. It's not adding content, but we've been reading responses and can "tighten up" a few things before the end of the year.


3) Another NES-style game? Will Capcom ever move away from this and show some effort?

BE: I'd object to the word "effort," but the point is taken - we've done the 8-bit approach three times now, and even as someone with NES Mega Man coursing though his veins I'm eager to see something fresh. That gets into the whole "What's Next?" discussion that Christian has mentioned before... we're constantly talking about this brand and its future. Can't say what the future is, but know there IS a future.


4) Is this really how you plan to end Mega Man's 25th anniversary?

BE: Like we've said, this is the start. Japan led up to December, while in the US we had so much Street Fighter 25th Anniversary activity we had to focus on that. With that concluded (spectacularly, if I may toot our Grand Finals horn for a moment), we can kick off MM25 with SFxMM, the Avatar outfits, the 3DS ports and so on, and then come back in 2013 with more fun stuff. We're not done.


5) Why is it "Street Fighter X Mega Man?" Wasn't it originally "Mega Man X Street Fighter" before you got a hold of it? You're just trying to push more Street Fighter on us over Mega Man!

BE: There's no one major reason for the change, but rather a few small things that added up. One, we liked the idea of beginning with SF leading into MM, as that's how the anniversaries play out. Also, ending with "Mega Man" feels like it puts more emphasis on him, as it's the last thing you say when discussing the (literal) title.


6) Is this game canon to the Mega Man series? / Is this the official explanation for Dr. Light’s inclusion of the Hadouken & Shoryuken upgrades for X?

BE: Not canon, not explaining the MMX Street Fighter moves (which were in the same fun spirit as SFxMM).

7) Mega Man must obey the First Law of Robotics! So why can he just go around shooting people? / Is Mega Man fighting SF robots? I don't want to kill Chun Li!

BE: Again, it's not meant to sit and think about the "why," it's just a fun token, a special present for fans as we head into MM25. But for the sake of argument, the ending of Mega Man 7 sure blurs the line as to how far Mega Man can be pushed before harming a human :P


8) Can I use a controller instead of my keyboard?

BE: Of course, though trying to use virtual controllers can introduce problems. We’ve heard some reports of issues with certain controllers, and we hope to address some of that with the upcoming V2 of SFxMM, which is set to come out later this month. It's not adding content, but should address a handful of performance issues.


9) Why is this PC-only? Why aren't you releasing it for Mac, Steam, XBLA, etc.?

BE: PC is the easiest way to deliver a free game. Open platforms are made for this. Bringing it elsewhere requires all sorts of approvals, submissions and so on, which affect price and timing. Furthermore, once it's out for free, how many would buy the same game on a console when it's identical? Could we add more stuff and charge for a different take on SFxMM? Possibly, but there are no plans at this time.


10) Is this all we're getting for Mega Man's 25th anniversary? Do you expect this to "make things right?"

BE: There's no denying the hard year Mega Man fans have had. As a lifelong fan myself, I feel it too, but do hope SFxMM scratches the itch. It's not meant to be the best Mega Man game of all time, to make everything completely cool with the community, but rather a chance to elevate a fan effort in celebration of both franchises turning 25. I believe it succeeds on that front, and that Zong Hui made a super fun (to play and to see) product.

11) Will Capcom be doing this again with other fan games, like that Mega Man 25th anniversary game or "Mega Man X Corrupted"?

BE: As Christian's said before, SFxMM was a very organic process, and an extremely special case. It does open the door to some interesting conversations, but right now there are no further, similar plans.


12) You said that how many times the game is downloaded could affect the direction of the franchise; can you explain how? What if I want to support Mega Man/a particular MM series, but don't want more 8-bit Mega Man? And you're not going to just take this as a show of support for Street Fighter and ignore Mega Man instead, are you?

BE: The traffic to Capcom Unity on 12/17 was insane. Broke the site. That's a pretty clear sign of interest in the character and brand. But the many different versions of Mega Man get back to that "What's Next?" question; there were so many SKUs coming out rapid-fire, doing different things and hitting a similar (but slightly different) audience that it's extremely hard to make a modern Mega Man plan that addresses everything and everyone. The 8-bit gimmick is nice, and that sprite is iconic and never going away, but I'd also speculate that's not all we want to do in the future.


13) Will the special moves be performed like Street Fighter moves (i.e. D, DF, F+Attack for Hadouken)?

BE: The boss weapons are triggered like normal MM weapons, but there's one SF-style move that people have discovered...

14) Does this mean we can get a Street Fighter x Mega Man crossover comic from Archie?

BE: Considering Sonic and Mega Man are meeting in 2013, surely Ryu meeting Mega Man could happen too. But nothing on the Archie front at the moment, that I'm aware of.


15) Why is it free? There has to be some sort of catch.

BE: I suppose the only catch is you can accidentally hit ESC and close the program, haha (and yeah, that's something we're looking at for V2)

16) Is this the best we're going to get for Mega Man's 25th anniversary?

BE: When we say we've concluded MM25, that'll be for you guys to decide ;)


Thanks to Brett Elston for taking the time to answer these questions! Feel free to discuss what's been said here in the comments below.

Capcom Opens Up to IGN About SFxMM and the Blue Bomber's Future

Capcom caused quite a stir with the announcement of Street Fighter X Mega Man, the free-to-download PC game designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of both respective franchises, and right on top of things is IGN, who discuss with Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svensson and Senior Community Manager Brett Elston the details surrounding the development of the title, more titles on Virtual Console, and their other work with Mega Man after Cancellation Day last year. Right off the bat, Svensson gets down to what the feelings were around the office following the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3, which itself was preceded by the cancellation of their other big Blue Bomber title of the time, Mega Man Universe:

"After the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 and Universe, there was a cooling down period where even discussing the prospect of a Mega Man title was difficult. The wounds were still fresh for us (just as they were for fans). We’re at a point now where it’s not as painful and constructive discussions are happening again."

The article goes on to explain the problem Capcom ran into with oversaturating the market with Mega Man games, and on how the Street Fighter X Mega Man project came about:

This new 'cross' entry is a fascinating project, as it's not even something Capcom sought out. At EVO 2012, SF X Mega Man developer Seow Zong Hui approached Svensson, brandishing a laptop with a couple demo levels operational. Sensing an opportunity to do something special, Svensson quickly assembled a few key Mega Man fans from the Capcom office, including senior community manager Brett Elston, as a sanity check, to make sure what Zong Hui had developed was as good as it seemed. It was, and Capcom brought in some of its resources to assist in the game's development.

As for why the game is only available as a PC download, there are a few reasons, though they express the possibility of a console release at a later date:

The selection of the PC as the distribution platform was fairly simple considering Zong Hui was not a licensed console developer. The implications and costs associated with attempting to arrange that would be incredibly steep, and Capcom was eager to keep this project free for fans. Svensson admits that it might be possible to release the game on other open platforms, but focusing on just one was necessary to make the December 17 launch.

Looking beyond the anniversary tie-in, the off-again, on-again subject of a robot reboot came up. In addition to Svensson's thoughts on the matter of dealing with the background of a seven-series franchise, Elston added, "If you’re worried about an overly gritty “M” rated, third person cover-based shooter, don’t be."

For more of Svensson's thoughts on working with Hui on the game and Mega Man's future, check out the full article over at IGN.

Capcom Reveals Trailer for Street Fighter X Mega Man (Update)

Remember that fan game which featured Mega Man taking on various characters from Street Fighter? Well, guess what?

Capcom has just revealed via the trailer above that it is going to be an official release to celebrate the 25th anniversary of both Mega Man and Street Fighter. And better still? It's going to be a free download for PC (admittedly not so good if you don't have a good PC gaming controller). has all the details, and the game will be available on December 17th, the 25th anniversary of Mega Man.

It may not be the grand spectacle that people were hoping for, but at least this seems to show that Capcom is definitely still thinking about the Blue Bomber.

Update: Now that the site is loading again, have a press release. Also added the link to the story for the original game above.

CAPCOM REVEALS STREET FIGHTER® X MEGA MAN® TO FANS AT STREET FIGHTER® 25TH ANNIVERSARY GRAND FINALS EVENT Two Beloved Franchises Collide For the First Time in Retro 8-bit Glory! SAN MATEO, Calif.— December 8, 2012 — Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, recently shared plans to release a new fan-made crossover title featuring two of the company’s most iconic franchises. Street Fighter® X Mega Man® will celebrate the closing ceremonies of the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter® and kick off the festivities taking place in 2013, when Mega Man takes center stage as “The Blue Bomber” reflects on his own 25 years of gaming greatness. The Street Fighter X Mega Man game will be released as a PC download beginning on December 17, 2012 and will be offered to fans for FREE through Capcom’s official website,

Who Would Street Fighter's Producer Like to See in the Next Smash Bros.?

Fans of Mega Man who have wished to see their favorite Blue Bomber engage in some fantastic fisticuffs have found themselves disappointed over the past few years. Sure, MegaMan Volnutt got to make his fighting game debut in last year's Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, but when it came time for Marvel vs. Capcom 3's roster to be revealed, producer Ryota Niitsuma just didn't see a place for Blue, and that left a lot of fans seeing red-- and we don't just mean Zero. But before all that, players were left a bit steamed at no sign of any Mega Man in Nintendo's flagship fighting party game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. With the likes of Solid Snake and Mario's longtime corporate rival Sonic the Hedgehog appearing (along with their own stages and other members of their respective casts), fans were certain that some form of the Blue Bomber would be a shoe-in.

But in the end? Nothing.

We would come to find out that Mega Man's exclusion seemed to be a comedy of errors, minus the happy resolution. Keiji Inafune would reveal that he was never approached by Nintendo to use him, whereas Sakurai would explain that they had not been approaching others; Hideo Kojima wanted Snake in Super Smash Bros. Melee, but his request came too late in development to be included, whereas Sonic wound up being the most-requested character in a poll they had conducted (one suspects that negotiation of the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games titles might have helped play a hand in that, as well).

Nonetheless, there are those who carry a torch for the idea of Mega Man fighting Mario, Link, and maybe Snake and Sonic, too. And it appears that there are even those within Capcom who hold similar desires.

The United Kingdom's Official Nintendo Magazine (not to be confused with Nintendo Power, despite all the key similarities) recently put the question to Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono, "if Nintendo had chosen to pick a Street Fighter character to appear in the big brawler, who should it have been?"

And interestingly enough, Ono's immediate reaction was not a Street Fighter at all:

Personally speaking, expanding the roster out to the whole Capcom, I'd really like to see Mega Man in Smash Bros because I think Mega Man really fits in that whole world. He has a high affinity with the Smash Bros. world.

So, at least Mega Man has one supporter in Capcom. With any luck, whenever Nintendo gets around to a new iteration of Smash Bros., he'll go to bat for the Blue Bomber, assuming Nintendo hasn't already taken the hint themselves.

But as for the original question?

"If I had to confine it to Street Fighter it would definitely be M. Bison because I would like that mega villain to fall upon those Nintendo characters and cause complete chaos. That would be fun."

Imagining the Possibilities of Mega Man Universe

Mega Man Universe is definitely one of the more unique Mega Man games to come by in a while. Among praise and criticism, one thing is for sure: it will be interesting. One facet of this is the game's selection of playable characters, even including those outside of the Mega Man, ahem, universe. So far we know of Mega Man, Rockman, Bad Box Art Mega Man and Ryu. Likely to join them are Arthur, Cut Man, and the cast from Mega Man 2. And it's indicated the roster will become quite vast. Chances are we may come to learn of more characters from the Tokyo Game Show in just a couple days, but I couldn't resist the urge to consider what other characters would be like if they fell into the world of Mega Man Universe. TMMN staffer Gelgameth graciously lent a hand toward my thought experiment, as we dreamed up what some characters might be like in the game, from expected candidates to more far out ones.

Proto Man from the Mega Man series

Bass from the Mega Man series

Mega Man X from the Mega Man X series

Zero from the Mega Man X series

Nathan "Rad" Spencer from the Bionic Commando series

Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series

Mike Haggar from the Final Fight series

Strider Hiryu from the Strider series

Hsien-Ko from the Darkstalkers series

Dante from the Devil May Cry series

Chuck Greene from the Dead Rising series

Well then, who would YOU like to see in Mega Man Universe?

Mega Man vs. Street Fighter

It seems that the Blue Bomber has finally had it with the stars of Street Fighter getting to take on all comers in company crossovers. As such, he's said "nuts" to the First Law of Robotics and decided to do something about it, hunting down the best of the World Warriors to remind them who Capcom's real unofficial mascot is. First up? None other than the figurehead for the franchise itself, Ryu:

Contrary to what the end may have you believe, though, the game is far from over. So for those who may have seen the above before, read on for something new.

Now equipped with the powers of the mighty Ryu, Mega Man has set his sights on a neighboring combatant from the Far East: the Yoga Fire fighter, Dhalsim:

Two are down, but one question remains: how many are left to go?

Mega Man vs. Street Fighter is a fan game under development from Capcom Unity member SonicZX, and they seem to have no problem with it, having featured his videos two times on their blog. As it's a work in progress, one is left to wonder how many of the Street Fighter crew will be featured, and if they will all be from the original Street Fighter II, or if new challengers from its expansions, spin-offs, and sequels are fair game.

Hopefully the latter, because let's face it, there is probably a wide audience for Mega Man vs. Cammy.