Enjoy Live Communicated Rockman without Being There

Since last year, Inti Creates' Ippo Yamada has been organizing live performances called Live Communitcated Rockman where he and other artists setup and perform Mega Man music from games developed by Inti Creates, especially Mega Man Zero. To catch the act, you'd either need to be in attendance or watch live over LCR's Stickam account. However, LCR has recently added a replay on Stickam from their event in Akihabara earlier this year. I haven't watched it all, but the show picks up after a few minutes of strange 2001-esque sound canvasing. There handful of songs I heard were Mega Man Zero related, including some work from the recently release Resonnant Vie album. Hitoshi Ariga apparently also participates at some point as "Tambourine Man," indicating the manga artist still has more musical talent than I do.

I'd toss in an embed, but Stickam's player has a habit of starting automatically which I'm certain will get irritating. So just head over to the account to have a listen.

Thanks to Rocky Miyabi for the tip!

Mega Man 22nd Birthday Live Stream now available for review

If you happened to miss the wonder Mega Man 22nd Birthday Live Stream, you can quit kicking yourself over it. Stickam now has the footage from the show in their archives in two parts, which you can enjoy here. And to those who have seen it, now you can relive the wonderful experiences like the Mega Man cake, Mega Man 10 gameplay footage, and good ol' Hironobu "Fail Man" Takeshita. Poor guy, I wonder if he'll ever live it down. Additionally the Japanese stream is available here.