Split Reason's Mega Man Shirt is Now Available

A little while back, we reported on a design submission for a Mega Man shirt on Split Reason that was in the voting process. Well, the results are in and the design received enough votes to be approved! This is one of the few Mega Man shirts out there that actually features original art rather than blown up sprites. Show your Mega Man love to the world (or at least everyone within sight of you) and order this sweet shirt. You can find the order page here for the price of $18.95.

Mega Mistake design @ SplitReason.com

Mega Man shirt up for a vote at Split Reason

Split Reason, an apparel site for "geeks and gamers," as they put it, is letting viewers vote on a Mega Man themed design candidate for potential production. Saying "Happens to the best of us," this design really does capture the feeling we all tend to come across now and again when playing Mega Man games. Considering a lot of Mega Man shirt designs tend to use just sprites, I find this design pretty cool, and I hope it gets made. Take a look at the design below, then head over to Split Reason and make it happen, my MMN minions! News Credit: Main Finger

Mega Mistake @ SplitReason.com Mega Mistake design @ © SplitReason.com