Rockman Utopia Tracks Revealed

Rockman Utopia Tracks Revealed

It was one month ago to the day that we brought you word of a pair of interesting soundtracks Capcom of Japan, in cooperation with Basiscape, will be releasing on January 14th, 2015. Today, some new information has come forth, thanks to a tip from our friendly neighborhood Heat Man.

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Learn the Story Behind One Contributor to Mega Man's Soundtrack

mmcartoonsoundtrackcoverartOkay, this one is a bit more old and obscure in the realm of all things Mega Man, but after some light encouragement on Twitter, we're going ahead and posting it. So please bear with us. A little while back, we-- by way of Destructoid's Tony Ponce-- told you about one rather bizarre, officially-licensed item to be found in the annals of Mega Man merchandise: The soundtrack to the Ruby-Spears animated series from the early 90s, which was actually a compilation of the odd arrangement of songs used in the credits for the show's second season, rather than tunes from from the show itself (not even the "Super Fighting Robot" theme was included).

Fast forward to last night, and we're watching the latest episode of Todd in the Shadows' "One Hit Wonderland" over on That Guy with the Glasses, a fun show which looks back at the acts of yesteryear who were only known for just one song. This episode focuses on the group Mr. Big and their hit "To Be With You."

At 9:55 into the video is where everything clicks, as he briefly examines one of the group's follow-ups, "Take Cover." After a moment of listening, we cracked up-- Despite knowing "To Be With You" but not really recognizing the group name, we immediately recognized the song and name together as one of the contributors for that Mega Man album. To this point, we had no idea that the two songs were by the same guys, or even related at all.

Again, this is all kind of vague and obscure, but there it is. If you're interested in learning more about the group and how they went from one successful song to having a blue cartoon robot shill for one of their latest works after most kids have probably stopped watching, then check out the full episode of "One Hit Wonderland" below.

As an aside: Even if you're not a fan of That Guy with the Glasses, aka The Nostalgia Critic, aka Doug Walker, Todd's work is an entirely separate thing from Walker's, so if you haven't before, give it a chance. It's clean and informative, with just a light touch of humor added, and as far as I can tell, should be safe for work.

Capcom Releases Rockman Xover Original Soundtrack... For Free!

disc_xover-00001If you're a fan of the music in Rockman Xover (and that might be the only aspect you're a fan of), then Capcom has done one good on you. They've released a special original soundtrack for Xover that's free to listen to and download. This soundtrack only contains the game's original tunes, and leaves out the various stage themes (which are slight arrangements of classic songs). But it does come with a bonus piano arrangement of the Rockman Xover theme song. You can listen with the provided player, or download tracks individually from the track list below. News Credit: GO!

Mega Man 2 Soundtrack Now Available on Capcom Shop

Rockcan-Disc02This weekend, Capcom added Rockman 2 portion of the "Rockcan E-Can" to their store for digital purchase. Like the original Mega Man soundtrack, it runs for $8.95 and contains all the tracks from the NES classic, as well as a arranged tracks from the PSX release and a couple bonus tracks. I will note that, there is some discontent with the quality of the first couple discs from the Rockcan. The tracks were processed and recorded to sound as authentic to how you would hear them coming from the NES as possible. But it seems Mega Man 2 in particular has some hiccups. You can sample a couple tracks from 2 on e-Capcom's product page to see for yourself if it's an issue.

Capcom US Releasing "E Can" Sound Set as Separate Downloads

Rockcan-Disc01 Last year in Japan, Capcom released an impressive but pricy 25th anniversary commemorative item, the "Rockcan E Can" containing the music from the ten main Mega Man games in a tin E Tank holder. Now Capcom US is selling the tracks their own way.

Capcom has just announced the soundtrack to go on sale on their Capcom Store as a digital download, separated by game. So far, the original Mega Man is available for $8.95. Presumably other sets will come down the road, meaning the total album could be obtained for roughly $90, which is still a bit cheaper than the E Can ran when it was released.

The soundtrack will contain not just the original NES music, but also arranged tracks used in the PSX re-release (which come from titles like Power Fighters), as well as other bonus tracks.

Street Fighter X Mega Man Soundtrack Out Now

Following up our story yesterday, musician A_Rival has now released his fantastic Street Fighter X Mega Man soundtrack. If you like, you can grab a download for the generous price of free. Money paid, however, will go towards additional Bandcamp download codes, so it's nice to chip in too!

Man, I cannot get enough of Rolento's stage theme. Thanks for the awesome soundtrack, A_Rival!

Street Fighter X Mega Man Soundtrack Releases Tomorrow

If you've been digging Street Fighter X Mega Man, it's no doubt in part to the fantastic chiptune soundtrack that merges classic Street Fighter and Mega Man tunes. It's good news, then, that the game's very own artist, A_Rival, will be releasing the soundtrack on his site tomorrow. For now, however, you can enjoy the above preview.

Capcom Wants to Know What Soundtracks You Desire

We've been pretty fortunate in the amount of Mega Man soundtracks and other merchandise that have been coming out in the past couple months - and months to come. Well, if you live in Japan at least. And Capcom of Japan is primed to give more. A new entry on their site's Q&A basically asks fans flat out to submit what game soundtracks they'd like to see materialized.

You can participate simply by mailing Suleputer (Capcom's in-house record label). The only caution they advertise is that inquiries must have a subject, else your mail will be eaten by spam protection. Of course, there's nothing to indicate this is intended for fans outside of Japan, and I can't say if they'll even bother with requests written in English. But if there's a Mega Man soundtrack you really want to see (or any Capcom game, I suppose), what do you have to lose?

News Credit: Tarbo

"We are ROCK-MEN! 2" Expanding its Horizons

Are you excited for the new album by Capcom's own ROCK-MEN? Last year, the crew produced a CD covering a delicious variety of Mega Man and Mega Man X tunes, as well as a track from Mega Man Legends. For this new album, while we still don't have a track list, it sounds like the variety of content will be pushed even further. Capcom of Japan's summary of the new arranged soundtrack states "On top of a foundation of classic Mega Man and Mega Man X tunes blasted in rock and techno, there are richly arranged tracks from series up to Battle Network and Star Force adding to the variety!"

Honestly, I'm both excited and frustrated by this news. I love variety in my arranged soundtracks, and Battle Network is especially overdue in having some sweet arranges. However, the original "We are ROCK-MEN!" was pretty loaded at 17 tracks, and adding more series may mean fewer available songs from each. Man... there are so many arranges I'd love to hear! What would you want to see in this multi-series music tsunami?

Exploring the Vocalists of ROCKMAN HOLIC

Last week we unceremoniously broke the news of another new Mega Man arrange album, ROCKMAN HOLIC. As SOUND HOLIC's debut retail album, it will contain arrangements of Mega Man and Mega Man X tunes with singing by a number of well known vocal talents under their label. The ROCKMAN HOLIC official site recently revealed another wave of participating vocalists as well, adding Gom, nano, Daisuke Kishio and Masakazu Morita.

Chances are, though, unless you're a big Touhou Project fan or something, you probably don't know who many of these singers are. So I scoured YouTube to find a sampling of works and give you some idea of what to expect with an album like this. Now I'm no SOUND HOLIC fanboy myself, so pardon me if I didn't grab your favorite track or the artist's most representative piece!

SOUND HOLIC is planning to reveal a third batch of singers sometime soon, so we'll keep you posted. For now, consider the songs after the break.

Nana Takahashi








Daisuke Kishio

Masakazu Morita

TMMN October Giveaway: 25th Anniversary Rock and Techno CDs!

Heeeey, it's October! You know what that means, eh? Time for another TMMN Giveaway! Why do we do it? How can we do it? Well duh, because Mega Man fans are the greatest bunch around! Your enthusiasm and devotion is music to our ears, so here's a little music back at you. Specifically, we have a copy of the 25th Anniversary Rockman Rock and Techno Arrange Ver. albums, each going to a lucky winner.

And this is how we're going to find out who wins. I want you to comment in this post, and talk about any Mega Man series song that you never used to care for but it grew on you, OR, talk about Mega Man songs you think are under-appreciated. Also, state whether you'd prefer the Rock or the Techno album (both are great, frankly). One comment per person (do not respond to other comments). After the deadline is up, we will randomly select two winners from the comments. Understand that the second winner may not get the album of their choice, sorry!

You have until Sunday, the 21st at the turn of midnight PST to post your comment, so don't delay and please spread the word! And of course, thank you as always for supporting TMMN!

Rockman EXE Transmission OST Announced! ... Wait, What?

We're getting soundtracks galore for Mega Man's 25th anniversary, so why not toss another into a mix? And while we're at it, how about make it an original soundtrack for a GameCube game released back in 2003? Yes, for whatever reason, Rockman EXE Transmission (Mega Man Network Transmission to us in the west) is getting its own soundtrack nine years after the fact.

Actually, the context might make this a little more understandable. The soundtrack (full name "Game Music Discovery Series: Rockman EXE Transmission Soundtrack") is being released by SuperSweep's own label. SuperSweep is the company Capcom contracted to compose the music for Transmission. The listing on SuperSweep's shop says that the album is the result of fans requesting an official soundtrack for a number of years. And heck, I won't lie, I really do love Transmission's soundtrack.

The 28 track album, containing the music by Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso and Kosuke Yasui, will release on November 2nd this year for ¥2,625 (roughly $33.50 US). As far as I can tell right now, SuperSweep's online store is the ONLY way to buy this soundtrack (which is seemingly being released with no connection to Capcom), so it may turn out to be a pretty rare item before long. Good luck to you music fans!

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Original Fan Mega Man Music to Liven Up Your Ears

Mega Man music rocks, and talented fans love to remix and arrange it. But sometimes you can only play with the same songs so much. That's when you make your OWN Mega Man music. Why not?

Our pal Tony of Destructoid has been bringing us word of a couple new completely Mega Man themed fan soundtracks. First, we have a new Rokko Chan arranged album called Rokko Chan: Extended Play. If you forgot, Rokko Chan was a well made Mega Man inspired fan game that came out late last year, and caught a pretty devoted following. The new album is headed up by Dj Cutman and a bevvy of other artists.

Next up, Mega Man 11. No, really!

Sadly, this is not for a "real" Mega Man 11 in production or anything. It's a conceptual album that imagines what songs for a Mega Man 11 could be like. They're composed by Xavier Dang faithfully in 8-bit chiptune style - you can even get the soundtrack as an emulated NES music file! The 29 track album has also been supported by interested fans contributing artwork and the like to really help bring it alive.

As always, the fans come together and make the most awesome stuff. That's what I love so much about this community!

25th Anniversary Arrange Albums Tracks and Samples

Next week on the 10th, a new piece of the Mega Man 25th anniversary merchandise collective will release in Japan: The 25th Anniversary Rockman Rock and Techno Arrange Ver soundtracks by Team Entertainment. At long last, we now know what tracks to expect. What's more, we have samples of every single one! Check out the list below and have a listen.

25th Anniversary Rockman Rock Arrange Ver.

01.Elecman~Crashman~Magnetman Medley from ROCKMAN1-3 / Livestrow Basiscape Band [audio:] 02.Select~Bubbleman~Heatman~Woodman~Airman Medley from ROCKMAN2Yoshimi Kudo [audio:] 03.Metalman from ROCKMAN2Hitoshi Sakimoto [audio:] 04.Dr.Wily Stage1 from ROCKMAN2Kenji Ito [audio:] 05.Darkman Stage from ROCKMAN5Hiroshi Tanabe [audio:]

Check out the rest of the tracks, and the techno arrange tracks, after the break!

06.Dr.Cossack Stage2~Dr.Wily Stage2 Medley from ROCKMAN4Tetsuro Sato (WASi303) [audio:] 07.Dr.Wily Stage1 from ROCKMAN8Mitsuhiro Kaneda [audio:] 08.Galaxyman from ROCKMAN9Azusa Chiba [audio:] 09.Splash Woman from ROCKMAN9Azusa Chiba [audio:] 10.Solarman from ROCKMAN10Yoshitaka Hirota [audio:] 11.Wilyboss Medley from ROCKMAN3,4,6Yoshimi Kudo [audio:] 12.Ending from ROCKMAN3Mizuhiro Ohta [audio:]

25th Anniversary Rockman Techno Arrange Ver.

01.Stage Select Medley from ROCKMAN1-10Azusa Chiba [audio:] 02.Title~Opening & Ending Medley from ROCKMAN1,2Denji Sano [audio:] 03.Quickman~Flashman~Heatman Medley from ROCKMAN2Takeshi Hama [audio:] 04.Hardman~Snakeman Medley from ROCKMAN3Masahiro Iwata [audio:] 05.Dr.Wily Stage 3&4 from ROCKMAN7Yoshimi Kudo [audio:] 06.Pharaohman~Skullman Medley from ROCKMAN4Hitoshi Sakimoto [audio:] 07.Darkman~Dr.Wily Medley from ROCKMAN5Yuto Takei [audio:] 08.Mr.X Stage from ROCKMAN6Shinji Hosoe [audio:] 09.Dr.Wily Stage2 from ROCKMAN9 / Far East Recording [audio:] 10.Opening Stage1 & Frostman from ROCKMAN8Azusa Chiba [audio:] 11.Dr.Wily Stage1 from ROCKMAN2Yoshimi Kudo [audio:] 12.Dr.Wily Stage2 from ROCKMAN8Mitsuhiro Kaneda [audio:]