Rockman Mini Figures Close Up, and Import Solutions

Just a couple more details to throw at you for the latest announced Rockman toy that eeeeeverybody's gotta have. First of all, MegaHouse has updated their own site with extremely high res images of each of the figures (save for the secret one). To be honest, they're definitely not so immaculate looking this up close. But of course they are small little trinkets that aren't meant to be held right up next to your eye. So if that doesn't bother you, Amiami already has pre-orders going for the box set, which is probably the only way these will be sold online. But it's only ¥3,640 ($43.90 US) after a nice discount, and it saves you the hassle of getting duplicates.

Blue Cuff Link Bomber!

skull-man-cufflinksmega-man-cufflinks_1Handmade item marketplace Etsy has an interesting new entry on their site: Mega Man Cufflinks.  That's right, you can spiff up your sexy blue suits with the Blue Bomber keeping your sleeves in check! Made by member TheClayCollection, these cufflinks will set you back a cool $22 (plus shipping) and are made on-demand.  As of right now, there are two shown cuff link options: Mega Man and Skull Man.  But if you so desire, you could choose ANY other Mega Man enemy or character.

The same artist also has a slew of other cuff link and earring options, namely NES, SNES, N64, PSOne, PS2, PS3, Xbox... boxes.  The entire page is basically a video game geek's heaven!

Source: Geeky Gadgets, Etsy, TheClayCollection

P.S. If you didn't get it by now, I referenced Secret Agent Clank in the title.