An Up Close Look at D-Arts Ultimate Armor X

[gallery columns="2" ids="22609,22610,22611,22612"] Ucchy-san has posted a number of photos on Rockman Unity from a recent visit to Bandai. The subject is to show off the upcoming D-Arts Ultimate Armor X. The photos gives a good idea of the figure's detail, as well as how its jet portion detaches and disassembles. Furthermore, Figuarts ZERO Sigma also gets a little screen time, including a look at its prototype molding. The pre-order for Sigma ends this Sunday, the 7th in Japan.

Furthermore, Bandai is ready to reveal the direction they're prepared to go in light of the results to the most recent character survey. However, those details will come in a future update. We'll keep you up to date!

G.I. Joe: Sigma Six? No, One Sigma is Enough, Thank You

SigmaJoe_004A few days ago in Ripot's Round-Up, we posted a link to an action figure that customizer Jin Saotome had created of Sigma in the Marvel Legends style. We've since heard back from Jin, who informs us that he's created new 5-inch Sigma figure, which is more in line with the 1:18 scale G.I. Joe and Marvel Universe figures, and is part of his ongoing "Alterverse" series which fuses the G.I. Joe and Mega Man universes together:

There's not a lot that can shatter Cobra Commander's resolve to rule the world but this guy comes close. Calling himself 'Sigma' this enormous android or rather Repolid as X says they're designated, well he's as brutal as they come. Apparently he has gained control of most of Cobra's resources at the moment and has every last Viperoid after X and us Joes. We're going to need something amazingly powerful to win this war...Hawk out.

You can check out more pictures of the figure and what materials were used to make it here, and if you'd like to have it for your very own, you can find Jin's eBay auction for it here.

FiguartsZERO Sigma Available For Pre-Order

164651_583070845045418_308472065_n If your wallets still haven't given up with all the Mega Man merchandise coming out, you can now pre-order Bandai's FiguartsZERO Sigma statue at BigBadToyStore. The statue (erroneously labeled as a D-Arts figure at the moment) is expected to be available in October and will run you $55.99 US.

Curiously there is still no sign of Ultimate Armor X's North American release, but it ought to come around before long.

Thanks for the tip, MegaSeveN!