Rockman EXE mobile games re-releasing, delicious character artwork

capcom18Perhaps in honor of Operate Shooting Star, Capcom is re-releasing its two mobile phone Rockman EXE titles today on its iMode site "Capcom Party," according to GAME Watch. These games include Rockman EXE Phantom of Network, and Rockman EXE Legend of Network. With both games only released in Japan, Phantom of Network deals with a mysterious Net Navi known as Cache who is reviving cache copies of defeated Navis for his own evil purposes, while Legend of Network has Netto teaming up with an Ameroupian official named Sherrice, who battle to stop a doomsday device created by an ancient advanced civilization. Both games will go for ¥525 (roughly $5.80 US). What's more, though, this GAME Watch report is actually perhaps the first real good look we've gotten at the exclusive characters from both games; especially Sherrice and RideMan, since Legend of Network came out after Capcom published their various Rockman EXE art and guide books. So, this is quite a fantastic find for us who don't have the opportunity to play these games! I now hope for an EXE Official Complete Works more than ever.