Mega Man Among IGN's "Ten Characters We Want in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale"

This one slipped under our radar, but not by too much. Last month saw more reveals in the upcoming PlayStation answer to Super Smash Bros., PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and Sony has made it abundantly clear that third parties are indeed invited. Naturally, the Blue Bomber made the list-- why wouldn't he, especially since he didn't make it into Brawl.

Incidentally, for those who didn't know, Sony's Santa Monica studio-- where this game is being developed-- is where now-former Capcom fighting game guru Seth Killian went following his tenure at the house of Street Fighter. With him being a well-known fan of Mega Man, perhaps there is a chance he might be able to make a slight push and open up communications for such a thing to happen? Mind, that's purely speculation on our part, but wouldn't that be nice?

On the other hand, there is the question of which Mega Man should be included, if any. IGN argues for the Classic version, who is the original, of course. He has two games (Mega Man 8 and Mega Man Battle & Chase) under his belt, plus the Mega Man Anniversary Collection, Complete Works, and Power Battle Fighters collections in Japan. He has also been featured in the first two Marvel vs. Capcom games, which have shown up on various Sony platforms.

And though Capcom often depicts the series as its own separate thing, there is Mega Man Powered Up to consider as well.

Mega Man X, on the other hand, was the first one to set foot on the PlayStation (Rockman X3 in Japan on 4/26/96). Plus, he has more original games (i.e. not remakes/collections) to appear on Sony's platforms, including Mega Man X4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and Command Mission. Mega Man X Collection on the PlayStation 2 brings many of these together, and Maverick Hunter X is like a sweet, sweet cherry on top.

Oh, and we can't forget Zero's appearance (and his X costume) in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Then we have MegaMan Volnutt from Mega Man Legends. While not the most popular member of the family, this is a series literally built for the PlayStation, with all of its key entries appearing on Sony's platforms (no, we're not counting Legends 3). Mega Man Legends and its sequel appeared on both the original PlayStation and were re-released in Japan on the PlayStation Portable, while The Misadventures of Tron Bonne was exclusive to the first PlayStation.

Not to mention the cast's role in Namco X Capcom, though like so many other titles, it never made it to our shores. On the other hand, Tron Bonne and her Servbots' appearances in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and 3 did.

And just for completion's sake, MegaMan.EXE from Mega Man Battle Network and Zero from Mega Man Zero both left the comfort of Nintendo's Game Boy Advance and GameCube platforms to appear in Onimusha: Blade Warriors, itself a Smash Bros.-ish installment in that series. And who can forget Mega Man from Street Fighter X Tekken-- a Sony-exclusive character, at that?

Discussions about which Mega Man should appear in a Super Smash Bros. title tend to be interesting, particularly as Nintendo's platforms are where so many of these Blue Bombers were born. But as you can see above, with PlayStation, the rules change a bit-- while many believe that Mega Man Classic is one of the more obvious choices for Nintendo's series, that doesn't seem so much the case when we look at Sony.

With that said, which Mega Man do you think belongs in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

Farewell to S-Kill

Today has brought some most unexpected news, as we have learned that Seth "S-Kill" Killian is leaving Capcom, with his final day to be this Friday, June 22nd. Though limited in what he could do (i.e. you couldn't just tell him "bring back Legends 3 and expect him to do it), Seth has long been a supporter of Mega Man fans and the franchise, occasionally dropping hints and teases, supporting fan projects, and even contributing prizes for the raffles at the early OtaRockman panels. Some people paint Capcom as a company who wears a single black hat, but there are still good people who work there, and Seth was one of them. As such, though his contributions grew to focus more on their fighting franchises, they will still be missed.

And perhaps now he can finally get away from that creepy Mega Man head which has spent the last several years lurking on his desk. That is, unless it follows him...

Speaking of following, one must also wonder if Seth will take the secret of Mega Man 9 with him, or if he might be so kind as to reveal it before his departure.

Either way, we wish him the best of luck in whatever may come and thank him for all his work. For now, you can read his farewell post on Capcom Unity, and follow him on Twitter, if you are so inclined.

Ripot's Round-Up - 1/29/12

Another week, and time for another edition of Ripot's Round-Up! To start things off, Magnet Man and Shotoman have informed us that Capcom Unity has announced they will be doing a streaming playthrough of each Mega Man game from the Classic series each month throughout 2012. They began Friday with the original Mega Man, and will continue with Mega Man 2 in February and so on.

Of course, the question this poses is: with only 10 games in the Classic series*, this can only last through October. Might they have something planned for November, before the 25th anniversary of Mega Man in December?

* Excluding the Game Boy and other side games; then we'd have too many.

Thanks, Magnet Man and Shotoman!


We know that Mega Man X is joining the fight in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as a downloadable costume next month, but once those are finished, what then?

Some have been hopeful that Capcom might move on to other DLC-- new characters, perhaps, including some form of Mega Man who doesn't sound and act like Zero-- but according to Capcom's Seth Killian, that won't be the case. "Unfortunately," he responded to an inquiry on Capcom Unity, "there are still no plans for UMVC3 DLC beyond the costumes.”

Thanks for the tip, DaiSeiSei!


Auto from E-Can Factory dropped us a link to the following video. It's no "Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny," but this Robot Bar Fight is still kind of catchy, just the same:

Yeah, X doesn't quite get a fair shake here, but let's be honest: he's probably the Mega Man least likely to start a bar fight over a stolen drink. That, and it is Megatron (from Transformers Animated, no less), so we're willing to let it slide. At least he was included!

Thanks, Auto!


From Jonathan Bilski, we have a way to use Mega Busters to make love, not war:

Click to enlarge.

That's pretty cool, but what do you use to water plants like that?

Click to enlarge.

...of course.

Thanks for the tip, Jonathan!


Razor has passed along word that on Sony's official Top PlayStation Network Sellers for the month of December 2011, Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X was number three among the five PlayStation Portable games listed. Awesome!

Maybe there is some hope for the series yet? We'll just have to wait and see, though the timing is curious... you don't suppose the iPhone game released that very same month might have had something to do with it, do you?

Thanks, Razor!


We may not see another Mega Man Legends game for some time yet, but you can always create your own adventures with MegaMan Volnutt and the gang if you win this lot of Mega Man Legends 2 figures Sam spotted on eBay! There's less than a day left on the auction, which is at $26.99 with three bids, so hurry if you want a shot!

Thanks, Sam!


And finally, via Get Me Off The Moon, we have the following fan's proposal:

Archie's always stating how they want to hear from you on what they should do, so maybe dropping a line to is worth a shot? Heck, they just asked for it! At the very least, maybe we'll luck out and get a mini-series to test the waters.

Also: nice shirt.


That's all for today! Thanks to everyone who submitted a tip, and remember to submit your own to[at], or just use this handy form!

Thank you, and goodnight!

Team Legends Comes Bearing Gifts for Capcom's Seth Killian

Despite the unfortunate mishap in interview scheduling at New York Comic-Con earlier in the weekend, there were apparently no hard feelings between Team Legends and Capcom's Seth Killian. Following the saxophone-driven fan march through the convention center to Capcom's booth, the group came bearing not pitchforks or torches, as some of you might have expected, but gifts:

T-shirts, stories from fans, and an enormous banner of pictures were presented to Killian to demonstrate the desire held by Mega Man Legends fans from not only the New York Comic-Con, but all over the world. The hope seems to be, with any luck, that these materials will be passed on to the higher-ups at Capcom, perhaps prompting a little Grinch-styled heart-growing.

In addition, Jake Hans of the 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 Facebook Group says that they did finally get their interview, a whopping 20 minutes' worth, and that will be coming sometime tonight.

Great job, guys! We wish we could have been there to show our support in person, as it looks like it would have been a blast.

Capcom Unity's Team Legends Interview Goes Awry

Mega Man news has been a mixed bag as of late. When it comes to licensed products, things are great; in fact, depending on who you ask, some might even say things have never been better. But when it comes to news from the home of the franchise, Capcom, things have been a little... unsettling, for lack of a better term. We've been hoping to find more news from them that would be a little more upbeat, make fans a little happier, but so far, it has just not been happening.

With the New York Comic-Con in full swing, things were looking to get interesting as both Capcom and the 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 movement are in attendance. In fact, it even seemed as though the former were ready to give the latter a little camera time to make their case on Capcom Unity's live stream.

According to a series of posts on the group's Facebook, Capcom's Seth Killian had set up an interview with Team Legends representative Dashe Troxon. As to how it went down...

Well, we don't want to accidentally skew this one way or the other, so we'll let Treleus give his account of what happened:

Apparently Seth Killian, the Capcom representative at NYCC scheduled to interview Dashe Troxon, representing NYCC Team Legends, at 5PM was tied up with a panel with Ono-san at exactly the same time without advance notice. As a result, Dashe ended up speaking with Brett, a newly appointed Capcom rep who was playing a livestream session [Street Fighter x Tekken] during the interview and had been hired only two months before.

Rather than Dashe being interviewed, it was Brett, who had little answers for her because the circumstances surrounding Legends 3's cancellation were before his time. Seems like an unfortunate case of the runaround, and it didn't turn out well for either fans of Legends 3 or fans of SF x T, finding themselves offended by each others' presence in the chatroom as fans of SF x T decried the interview and fans of Legends 3 defended themselves just to see the interview.

Speaking from our own personal experiences with Killian, we are inclined to believe this was an honest mistake. However, that doesn't make things look any better to others. There are still a couple of days left of the New York Comic-Con, and we really hope that Capcom is able to somehow make things right within that time.

You can check out the interview which did happen here, at the 1:11:21 mark.

And if anyone from Capcom (who we've reached out to, but with NYCC, who knows when they'll get it) should happen to be reading this and have something to add, we would love to hear it and share it with everyone else.

Capcom May Have Some Mega Man News Coming, Says Seth Killian (Maybe)

2011 has been a bit of a bitter pill for fans of Mega Man games to swallow, from the Blue Bomber getting the cold shoulder in two versions of Marvel vs. Capcom to the cancellation of two high-profile games in Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3. This has left many with a growing sense of skepticism and diminishing faith towards Capcom as they have stated that Mega Man still means a lot to them, but have had little else to show for it beyond comics and other licensed merchandise and a Korean-exclusive Multiplayer Online RPG. However, this may be poised to change... maybe.

At a recent Capcom Fight Club event, GameZone's Vito Gesualdi spoke to Capcom Special Adviser and longtime MMN friend Seth Killian, who was asked about the potential inclusion of characters in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. These questions culminated in whether or not we could "finally get MegaMan off the moon by including him in the popular fighting game.

"We tried," Seth replied. "It didn't work out."

As one could take that to mean that they tried to include him in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, or as a reference to the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3, Seth elaborated that "We have eaten a giant plate of unhappiness on this one," adding that "Mega Man is very, very close to my heart."

Pressed further for something-- anything-- to say about Mega Man, Seth relented a little, and said "Hang in there, we may have some Mega Man news....Maybe".

GameZone notes that "You could just tell the whole Mega Man thing was eating away at him, and he wanted to share something," before speculating that perhaps public outcry has led them to consider restarting the Mega Man Legends 3 Project, or perhaps even turning it over to Keiji Inafune's company, Comcept, to develop after even more outcry at their refusal to allow him further participation prior to canceling.

Of course, it's all speculation right now... well, almost. The only thing it seems we can be certain of is that Capcom is indeed trying to think of something to do with Mega Man, at the very least, though whether that pans out and we see an official announcement remains to be seen. However, something tells us that after the meltdown of Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3, Capcom won't be saying anything until they are good and ready.

As for us? All we can do is simply wait and hope that whatever they are doing reaches that point.

For the full interview, check out the video below. Thanks to "Rockman" for the tip!

More on Japan's View of Mega Man's Popularity

Last month, Siliconera ran an article with some talk from Capcom's Seth Killian, admitting that some people internal to Capcom of Japan didn't view Mega Man as being especially popular in the U.S. Since then, a thread at Capcom Unity was opened on the matter and both Christian Svensson and Seth Killian have elaborated further. Svensson states:

Relative to Japan, North American sales of MM titles is historically lower (though MM9 and MM10 were significantly higher in NA than Japan). Another complicating factor is the fact that the demographic for MM there is much younger than it is here. My suspicion is that it's due to the fact that for years, MM in Japan has been promoted in the weekly Kuro comics magazine, which is younger skewing and the Battle Network/Starforce series was also aimed as a much younger demo than Classic, X or Zero franchises, so we tend to get some mismatches across the brand.

We know it's a popular brand in NA, but perspective is all relative.

While Killian adds:

It was my quote so I should try and provide a little background...

As Sven mentioned, MM sales in Japan are typically higher, so there's that.

Beyond sales however, it's largely a cultural impression issue.  I think most CJ staff view MM as a fairly "Japanese" character (as opposed to, say, Frank West).  I think Americans often assume that because something is popular in America, everyone else probably likes it too.  In Japan, it's usually the opposite--the more "Japanese" something might be, the less they would expect it to be popular elsewhere.

It's less to do with any reality and more to do with "this is a very Japanese thing, therefore foreigners won't be as interested in it."  That's true for some Japanese things (*cough* natto *cough*), but not true for other things, like the Blue Bomber.  It's easy for everyone to love a cute, tenacious, and pure-hearted hero with such fun enemies.  Although just to make it even more complicated, MM is much less popular in Europe than he is in N. America.  Of course Europe is just wrong about this :p, but different strokes for different folks...

What to make of all this? To one end, I can see Mega Man titles with more RPG influence being more popular in Japan overall. But I also believe that the core theme and idea to Mega Man is something that transcends a particular culture. A loveable robot hero is something that everyone can get behind without much trouble. There is likely a lot more working underneath the issue than mere nationality which creates the perception. But absolutely, I've no doubt Mega Man is still very popular in the U.S. Besides, we can take it upon ourselves to show how popular we think he is!

Capcom's Seth Killian: "Surprises, Exciting Ideas" in Store for Mega Man Fans

Seth Killian, Capcom's Community Manager, fighting game guru and classy teaser of Mega Man fans exhibited one of those abilities in an interview with Destructoid. According to Destructoid, during a recording in an upcoming podcast, Seth had this to say when asked about what's next for Mega Man:

It's good. I don't want to say nobody has seen it coming. Somebody may have seen it coming. But it excited me and when I heard about the project, I was like, 'Holy crap. That's rad.' I actually haven't seen anything that's going on with the project right now but the idea was exciting.

This is still kicking around as a concept. But there are exciting ideas in the Mega Man space.

I'm sure trying to ask Seth about what these surprises could be is about as good as trying to ask him what the Mega Man 9 secret is. But it's always good to know that more Mega Man is in the works.

News Credit: GoNintendo

What's Next for Mega Man?

A question and answer panel with Capcom happened at this year's Comic Con. A young lad spoke for all of us when he asked, "What's next for Mega Man?" Though Capcom originally tried to direct the child's attention to Mega Man Star Force 3, Seth Killian decided to step up to the plate when it was revealed he already owned the blue bomber's latest DS entry. While ultimately not giving a direct answer to the question, he had some interesting things to say. Apparently, Mega Man 9 was a "big surprise" to many working at Capcom. While Keiji Inafune is still the one to actually make the call on where the franchise goes next, Seth had this to say:

"When Inafune-san wants to make a game happen he can really make it happen quickly. I think it's worth being hopeful."

With Rockman.exe: Operation Shooting Star already announced, it will be interesting to see what other surprises are in store for the blue bomber.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Seth Killian still dancing around MM9 secret

It should be no surprise that Capcom's Seth Killian is keeping quiet on MM9's "secret." There's no reason to even keep posting about it. But I am, just to keep the issue fresh in all of your minds and make you angry.

As long as this has gone on, I'm really beginning to speculate what the point of it all is, especially if the secret is "no big deal." Personally I've started to think that this is really a means to keep people playing Mega Man 9 and keep it relevant until something else is announced. Though at the same time I respect Seth's ideal of letting the lucky person have the honor of finding it. Regardless, I suspect the hunt is much more meaningful than the reward.

Keep looking, my friends. And keep bothering Seth.

News Credit: GoNintendo

*UPDATE* Seth Killian on new MM: "You'll be waiting a while"

question1This past weekend held the GameStop Street Fighter IV National Tournament in San Francisco, where Seth Killian, Capcom USA's community manager, was present to give play-by-play commentary on the unfolding matches. MMN viewer Christian was present at the event, and got a chance to chat a little bit with Seth. First of all, Seth is still adamantly quiet towards the fabled "Mega Man 9 secret," as would be expected. Christian then asked what Mega Man games we could be looking forward to besides the summer-bound Mega Man Star Force 3. According to Christian, Seth's response was merely "You'll be waiting a while."

Of course, this isn't hard to believe. We already have been waiting a while. Nevertheless, we will try to make confirmation with Seth and see if we can perhaps get some clarification. And of course we'll be keeping our eyes peeled to CAPTIVATE '09, just in case.

Thanks for the tip, Christian.

UPDATE: We received word from Seth concerning the comment. While he does not recall the specific conversation, he was incredibly busy at the event and it likely could have happened. Regardless, he does condone the idea, so if he didn't say it then he's certainly saying it now. And in his own words, "Of course as to how long 'a while' might be, I have no comment :)".