Sequelitis Takes On Mega Man and Mega Man X

Warning: Strong language and occasional robot domestic abuse.

Animator and humorist Egoraptor has put out the latest in a series called Sequelitis, this one comparing Mega Man and Mega Man X. A lot of discussion is spent on showing how the Mega Man games were fun without having to hold your hand, because you learned the games simply by playing them. This is something I too have felt has been a thorn in many modern games, which tend to tell you what to do and push you around.

Then things move on to Mega Man X, where the mechanics and abilities of Mega Man were expanded. There's some pretty enlightening stuff here that I hadn't even thought about. There's also a lot of flat out gushing about Mega Man X. But can you blame him? It is a fantastic game!

Thanks for the tip, Jpifer17!