Mega Man X Coming to Wii U eShop in NA on May 30th

Ready for one of the best SNES games ever? The classic Mega Man X will be hitting the eShop in North America on Wii U next week, May 30th. You can grab it for $8, or a mere $1.50 if you bring it over from your Wii. Hopefully newcomers find it a little more approachable than Super Metroid!

With this steady stream of eShop titles coming out again, it'd sure be nice to see X3 and 7 make it out eventually!

News Credit: GoNintendo

Rockman X Coming to Japan Wii U Virtual Console Next Week

img_screenshot_tb_0 The Wii U's Virtual Console in Japan already got Rockman 3 earlier this month, and next week on the 22nd, it will be joined by Rockman X on the Super Famicom for ¥800, or ¥150 for those transferring over from the Wii. It seems that Nintendo's strategy in Japan is to get all those best selling Rockman games on the Virtual Console ASAP.

News Credit: Cheesemeister

Mega Man X2 Finally Hits North American Wii VC

Better late than never, wouldn't you say? Japan having received the game late last year, and Europe getting a hold just a couple weeks ago, now folks in North America can finally enjoy Mega Man X2 on the Wii's Virtual Console service. Like many SNES games, just drop 800 Wii Points and it's yours.

To commemorate the release, you can comment over at Capcom Unity for a chance to win 2,000 Wii Points!

Perhaps Mega Man X3 will be coming before long? It still hasn't even released in Japan yet. But I do wonder, with the release of Wii U approaching, perhaps the schedule and method of classic games distribution will change

Mega Man X2 Releasing on European Wii VC This Week

Well how's that for a touch of irony? Europe didn't get Mega Man X for quite a while until after North America got it, but now you guys appear to be getting Mega Man X2 before us! The game will be available on the Wii's Virtual Console service the 31st, this Thursday for the usual 800 points. Be sure to pick it up, and enjoy battling the Maverick counterstrike! Hopefully the North American release isn't too far behind. Mega Man X2 is the last title to hit Virtual Console in Japan (where they tend to come out first). Let's hope 6 and X3 are on the way.

News Credit: Official Nintendo Magazine (via PRC)