Fans Culminate to Create Zero 10th Anniversary Compilation

Following in line with Mega Man Zero's 10th anniversary, passionate fans in Japan are putting together something pretty special. It's a community collaboration called the "Rockman Zero 10th Anniversary Anthology." This self published book (aka doujinshi), contains 110 pages of short comics and illustrations by talented Zero fans. What's more, it also has an interview with Serou, the person behind Yama Tai Koku - one of the most prominent makers of Rockman garage kits.

The Anthology is set to go on sale next week via a couple upcoming conventions in Tokyo: COMIC1 on the 30th and SUPER COMIC CITY 21 on May 4th. Later on it will also be available at Comiket 82. The A5 sized compilation will run for ¥1,200. With any luck, it will also see reprinting at major doujin retailers. Otherwise it might become a bit of a rare item.

A tiny bit more of the compilation can be seen on this Pixiv entry, teasing a 16 page comic about Zero fighting Copy X. All in all, what a great way to celebrate Zero's 10th!

Well, Would You Look at That?

Click to enlarge.

We haven't taken an exact tally, but according to Kotaku, this is one fan's collection of every (physically released) Mega Man game, all together at once. Well, Rockman, technically; we don't see anything with the Western version of the brand in the pile.

Heck, there are even what appear to be some arcade boards in there!

How does your collection compare? We have to confess; our own collections are probably shy by one or two of these.

Thanks for the tip, Riot.EXE!

Translation of "Clockwork Apple"

For you Mega Man Zero knowledge buffs, here is a translation of the drama track "Clockwork Apple" from the album Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero: Telos, by Sensei-Hanzo. This track recounts a Reploid simply known as TK31, working under Harpuia, who stumbles upon some frightening information from the past. Wonder who he could be...

You can also look back on translations of Ciel's Memories, Alouette's Good Day and Elf War. I should also mention that Mr. Hanzo is helping out with another translation project, which you may already know about. TMMN is starting to become some kind of... crazy translation place, or something!

Kotobukiya Rockman Zero Now Available with Lots of Pics

The time has finally come for Zero to show everyone what he's got! If you cannot wait until December for the English release, then you'll be pleased to know that Kotobukiya's follow-up to their successful classic Mega Man, Roll, and Proto Man model figure kits, Rockman Zero, has arrived.

To that end, Hobby no Toriko (via GGInfinite has a review of the figure; unfortunately, however, it is only in Japanese. Nonetheless, there are tons of pics of the completed model in action, and that's something anyone can understand!

Thanks for the tip, Lalam!

Kotobukiya's Zero Model Kit Hits Japan October 18th

With the recent fun toys the X series has been getting lately, you didn't forget about the Zero series didja? According to Kotobukiya's mobile site, the long awaited Rockman Zero model kit is officially slated to release next month on the 18th. I say long awaited because originally this was planned to release back in the summer. As detailed before, the kit will come with various weapons, hand sets and facial expressions. If you're familiar with Kotobukiya's previous Rockman offerings, you ought to have a good idea of the quality.

The Zero kit will retail for ¥3,200 (roughly $41.85 US) when it comes out. But I suppose I ought to trot out the usual import sites, which often have discounts. Amiami and HLJ are your friends. Or just wait until December for the localized US release.

There has still been no word yet about any additional model kits continuing in the Zero series. It was, after all, some time before we knew there was anything coming after the original Rockman kit. Should Zero sell well, we can probably expect some followups.

Man I love that box design.

News credit: CAP Kobun

Enjoy Live Communicated Rockman without Being There

Since last year, Inti Creates' Ippo Yamada has been organizing live performances called Live Communitcated Rockman where he and other artists setup and perform Mega Man music from games developed by Inti Creates, especially Mega Man Zero. To catch the act, you'd either need to be in attendance or watch live over LCR's Stickam account. However, LCR has recently added a replay on Stickam from their event in Akihabara earlier this year. I haven't watched it all, but the show picks up after a few minutes of strange 2001-esque sound canvasing. There handful of songs I heard were Mega Man Zero related, including some work from the recently release Resonnant Vie album. Hitoshi Ariga apparently also participates at some point as "Tambourine Man," indicating the manga artist still has more musical talent than I do.

I'd toss in an embed, but Stickam's player has a habit of starting automatically which I'm certain will get irritating. So just head over to the account to have a listen.

Thanks to Rocky Miyabi for the tip!

Kotobukiya Zero Gets Some Much Needed Color

He has been looking a bit pale after all. Today on "Rockman Day" in Japan, Kotobukiya has revealed photos and details of the finished, full color Zero model kit from Mega Man Zero. Accessory-wise, Zero comes with the Z-Saber, the Buster Gun and the Z-Knuckle. He also has two faces, as well as seemingly alternate eye sets allowing him to look off to the side. It also features some pretty bad ass box art. Originally the model kit was going to release in Japan this month, but due to delays it is now hitting store shelves in October. It will still see the standard price of ¥3,200 (roughly $39.94 US right now). Check out many more pictures here.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Resonnant Vie Tracks for You to Enjoy

For Endless Fight in Resonnance
Break Out in Resonnance

Cold Smile in Resonnance

You may be a little hard pressed to pick up a copy of this album so far with its currently limited release. But in the meantime, you can still give the music a listen. User Zacharia Vi Britannia has but the album up on YouTube for you to enjoy!

Go here for the full playlist

Thanks Zach!

More Kotobukiya Zero Prototype Pics

X series Zero got his reveal earlier this week, but don't forget that Zero series Zero is in the works at Kotobukiya. The prototype model kit is presently being shown off at an in-store event. The prototype is still uncolored, but now we can see it various angles as well as its accessories, which look to include a variety of hands, his buster gun, an alternate face and alternate saber sheathes. You can see some more photos on Moeyo's article, though I must warn this site puts the "Not Safe" in "Not Safe For Work." According to the site, the figure is presently slated for an autumn release in Japan. Thanks for the tip, HeatPhoenix!

Resonnant Vie Initial Track Samples

Here's a nice treat for you all. Although Inti Create's own soundtrack page does not yet have audio samples from the upcoming Rockman Zero Collection Soundtrack Kyoumei -resonnant vie-, we still have some samples for you to test out! These were recorded from the Spiceman Stream, a live podcast of sorts from the Spiceman crew (Ippo Yamada, Hitoshi Ariga and Yoshihiro Iwamoto). Because of how these were recorded, the quality isn't the best, and one of the guys occasionally raps his fingers during play. But I've done the best I can to increase their quality. This should give you a good taste of what the soundtrack will be like as a whole. [audio:|titles=Resonnant Vie - Holy Land Sample] Holy Land in Resonance (Zero 4)

[audio:|titles=Resonnant Vie - Ice Brain Sample] Ice Brain in Resonance (Zero 2)

[audio:|titles=Resonnant Vie - Falling Down Sample] Falling Down in Resonance (Zero 4)

Upcoming Kotobukiya Zero Display

Kotobukiya is prepping another Rockman themed in-store event, the Spring Rock 2011 exhibition, on April 29th. They'll be selling the usual assort of Rockman model kits and goods, including a limited supply of Mega Man branded kits and badges, for whatever strange reason. I think the big pull, however, will be a display of the upcoming Zero model kit, albeit still in prototype form (so potentially still uncolored). Furthermore, the e-flyer seems to indicate the kit is releasing in fall now, not summer as originally announced.

Of course, you might be saying to yourself "Well that's cool and all, but I don't live anywhere near Japan!" Fortunately, Capcom's Ucchy-san has your back, and will be reporting from the event!

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Resonnant Vie Track List, Artist Details

Adding to our previous details of the new Rockman Zero Collection soundtrack, Inti Creates' page for the album is finally up. No samples yet, but we do now know what tracks to expect. I've added what games/albums they come from next to the names:

  1. Cyberelf in Resonance (Zero 1)
  2. For Endless Fight in Resonance (Zero 1-3)
  3. Break Out in Resonance (Zero 3)
  4. Ice Brain in Resonance (Zero 2)
  5. Labo in Resonance (Zero 2)
  6. Trail on Powdery Snow in Resonance (Zero 3)
  7. Cold Smile in Resonance (Zero 3)
  8. Holy Land in Resonance (Zero 4)
  9. Falling Down in Resonance (Zero 4)
  10. Ciel d'aube in Resonance (Zero 4)
  11. Alouette March in Resonance (RTRZ Physis)
  12. Awakening Will in Resonance (Zero 2)
  13. Cannon Ball in Resonance (Zero 3)

Additionally, outside of Luna Umegaki, other musicians contributing to the album include Tsutomu Kurihara, Junichi Yamada, Kuske, Eddie, Yuri Tokushima, Maki Sawano, Ryo Kawakami, Hiroki Isogai, and Ippo Yamada himself. No track samples have been put up yet, but it's coming together as a nice album it seems. I'm definitely looking forward to For Endless Fight, Break Out and Cold Smile.

Rockman Zero Soundtrack "resonnant vie" Officially Announced

After Ippo Yamada confirmed a Rockman Zero album in the works last week, it's been officially announced over at e-Capcom today. The full, official name is "Rockman Zero Collection Soundtrack Kyoumei -resonnant vie-" or resonant life (which both kyoumei and resonant vie mean). It will release on April 21st (the 30th on e-Capcom) for ¥2,000 (roughly $24.48 US). The concept of "resonant vie" is meant to be a paradox of using organic, non-electric music to represent the outlook of machine lifeforms like Reploids. The album will contain a total of 13 acoustic arrangements of Mega Man Zero songs. This time Ippo Yamada is acting as producer, with all tracks being arranged by Luna Umegaki. The album will also include a a jacket illustrated by Toru Nakayama, and a 12 page full color booklet featuring liner notes by Ippo and an interview with Luna.

All that's probably left to see now is the game's track list and perhaps some samples, which I imagine will surface once the album page is added to Inti Creates.

News Credit: Wizaman

Ippo Yamada Announces New Rockman Zero Album

There are no details yet, as this just comes from a tweet. But next week, Ippo Yamada plans to release details on a new Rockman Zero album. Wonder what it could be! All this Rockman Zero attention lately sure is a tad suspect. Update: While the major announcement is still forthcoming, Ippo Yamada did mention some details about the album on Spiceman live stream. The album is being made to coincide with the reduced-price re-release of Rockman Zero Collection, and will be released next month. The temporary name for the album is "Rezonaview" (this may be the French raisonnable or "reasonable"), but seems to not be part of the "Remastered Tracks" series. On the stream, Ippo did play a portion of Clover (Zero 2's ending) arranged in piano. Violin arrangement is expected too.

Info via CAP Kobun, COCOROG, Spiceman @ Stream

Toru Nakayama Does Rockman Zero... Rockman

We don't often use the site to showcase artwork, but every so often a special case comes up. This Rockman fan art, titled "Right Numbers," is pretty cool on its own. But it just so happens to be drawn by none other than Toru Nakayama, the character designer for the Mega Man Zero series, and seen at his Pixiv account. I think the style suits them quite well, with their generally simplistic designs.

Of course, Mr. Nakayama is a freelancer now, so don't go thinking this is some kind of hint at a game or anything. He claims to have drawn the image to commemorate model kits (likely the Kotobukiya ones). Still, Rockman Zero Rockman could be a neat idea. Maybe? Then we'll come full circle with Rockman Zero Rockman Zero.

Thanks to Splashman and AWD!

First Look at Kotobukiya Zero Prototype

A little ways back we first learned that Kotobukiya would be tackling Rockman Zero in their next model kit foray. And now a magazine scan gives us our first look at the uncolored prototype. Unfortunately no other details are given concerning accessories or the like, but with this coming out we should hear new details pretty soon. Just to remind you, the kit is planned to release in Japan this summer.

Thanks, Hmm! (Image via Toy-World)

Harpuia and Phantom Figures Incoming

Hey you figure freaks. Still keeping a smiling face with all these Kotobukiya and Bandai toys? Well try these on for size. Tatsu Hobby, who originally imported SAGE's fantastic Mega Man Zero styled X and Zero garage kits, are now planning on bringing out two more Zero series figures exclusive to their shop: Harpuia and Phantom. Roughly 5.5" tall when complete, these figures come in fully color cast pieces and assemble easily, requiring no joint parts. Both figures also come with their signature weapons.

They're not on the budget side, however. Each figure will run you $51.85 US. What's more, the figures also need to reach a minimum sales allotment to even go into production. As of this posting, Harpuia still needs 5 more preorders while Phantom is in need of 7. So if you're really wanting these figures, rally some figure fans to order some too!

UPDATE: Rockman Zero Collection Gets a Trailer (now in English)

Looks like it didn't take long at all for a trailer of the Rockman Zero Collection to drop. While the first half is a pretty straightforward gameplay montage of the series, the second half shows off a bit of the bottom screen. It's hard to say much about it from what the trailer shows, but it looks like boss artwork is displayed on the bottom screen. There's also some sort of menu that looks like it contains thumbnails of the artwork. It's entirely possible that the bottom screen could be a dedicated art gallery, but hopefully this is only one of several functions. The number one thing I took away from this trailer is that the music seems to be retained from the original instead of using the remasters. I doubt they'd show this trailer with the original GBA music if the music in-game was going to be the redone versions. Honestly, this isn't too surprising considering the ridiculous amount of space it would take to contain 4 games worth of music in actual compressed audio instead of MIDI. Ah well.

Lastly, the mystery of the "extra logo" has been solved. It seems the rectangular slot on the official site that was previously empty has been filled in with a link to this very trailer which is embedded right below.

Update: Well it looks like there are at least 2 different functions for the bottom screen. While boss art and pics of Zero still look like they're purely aesthetic, there's another interesting thing shown. Protodude has pointed out on his blog that the other menu looks like Zero 3's e-modification card menu.

"The Rockman Zero modification cards were cards sold exclusively in Japan in 2004, and when used with Nintendo's e-Reader device, they would make minor modifications to Rockman Zero's 3 gameplay.  To accommodate for the lack of an e-Reader, Zero Collection looks to be implementing this system within the game itself.  'Course, this is just speculation, so don't take my word for it." -Protodude

Very interesting indeed. A feature predicted by our own LBD "Nytetrayn".

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner