Rockman Xover Adds 12th World and OVER-10 Armor

Rockman Xover Adds 12th World and OVER-10 Armor

While Rockman Xover was met with jeers and disdain upon its announcement, the game continues on to this day in Japan, and has even managed to build up something of a cult fandom outside of its homeland among those Mega Man fans who would seek it out, despite not being released abroad. So with that in mind comes this bit of news and information.

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Rockman Xover Update Brings Blues Themed Armor, Star Force 3 World, and a New Collaboration

world9 The time has come for what's currently Capcom's biggest Mega Man game to get another update. This update brings the new World 9 stage, which is themed after Mega Man Star Force 3. This brings OVER-1 back to the EM world, where he'll be fighting villains like Jack Corvus, Queen Virgo and Dread Joker. Furthermore, OVER-1 is getting the second armor which is based off of a character rather than an element or attack style. Following OVER-R, based on Mega Man, a Proto Man themed OVER-B seems natural. But in fact OVER-B is based on ProtoMan.EXE from the Battle Network games. The OVER-B form gives a massive boost in attack power.

Hot the break for artwork and screens, as well as some additional info on new cards, and the zaniest collaboration yet.

xoverstuff1 xoverstuff2 xoverstuff3 xoverstuff4

Additionally, Famitsu App brings word of a new collaboration with the gag anime Eagle Talon. Specifically it's for the mobile game Yoshida Breeding Kit, a simulation game featuring the anime's character Yoshida. The collab allows a form of Yoshida in Mega Man's armor. Likewise, Xover will be getting a "Rockman" card of Yoshida, as well as a creepy Kalinka card with the Chancellor's face.

Additionally, Xover has the following new cards:

834 835 5012

And because Battle Memory cards of under-aged girls in bikinis are becoming all the rage in Xover, Rockman Unity posted a preview of some more upcoming fan service:


Thanks to Django for the collaboration news! Images via Gamer.

Rockman Xover Comes to Korea

YcCCOdB After enjoying eight months of service exclusively in Japan, social app Rockman Xover has made its way to Korea on both iOS and Android.

Allegedly, the version released is quite a bit behind the updates that the Japanese version currently has. Furthermore, the game requires an account registration to play, whereas in Japan Xover can use services like Facebook and Twitter to log in. It is also region locked, and you cannot add Japanese players to your friends list.

Originally, Capcom of America intended to release Xover in the west as well, but those plans were indefinitely put on hold; probably due to the poor reaction the game received. Nevertheless, there are those who want to play it, and the Korean release could be a sign that it's on its way.

Thanks for the info, Django!

The Next Rockman Xover Boss Character Contest Hits Close to Home

nextcontest Following the previous boss character contest for iOS/Android app Rockman Xover, Capcom is rolling out another. This time, however, the theme is players' home regions. In fact, Capcom wants entries that somehow represent each of the 47 prefectures of Japan. Taking that into consideration, I'm supposing this is a Japan only contest.

This time the chosen boss characters won't be made into actual bosses. But 11 grand prize winners will have their characters made into Battle Memory cards. They will also receive a special Battle Memory only available to contest winners, and an E Tank water bottle. Of those 11, four will be used as special giveaways for media outlets like Famitsu and Dengeki. An additional 47 runners-up will win that special Battle Memory.

Like the last contest, this one will be maintained by uploading works to Nico Nico Seiga. The deadline is September 2nd, with the winning entries planned to start appearing in the game in early October. So if you live in Japan anyway, good luck to you!

News Credit: Famitsu (via Wizaman)

New World, New Armor and Much More in Rockman Xover

xoverupdateThe newest updated to Rockman Xover is here. First of all a new world is available. World 8 is themed after Mega Man 7, and pits you against Slash Man, Shade Man, Junk Man and Spring Man. Naturally, the final boss is Bass. Additionally there is a new form as well. As we teased last week, OVER-9 is an electric elemental form, and thus is strong against water and ice bosses. No other special details, however. But that isn't all. Continue reading on to hear about special new cards, a new campaign for the Android edition, and Tron in  a sexy swimsuit.


First of all, a couple of special edition Battle Memory cards. These are being given out for the Capcom Summer Festival, at the Huis Ten Bosch resort and park in Nagasaki. The first features Mega Man crossed with the park's mascot, Tuly. The second uses artwork by manga artist Yusuke Murata, who was the original designers of Dust Man and Crystal Man as a kid. The festival starts from July 13th.

Next is a special offer for Android users. Those who get the game now until June 30th (which is right around the corner) will automatically be rewarded with the Legend Armor, which makes OVER-1 look like classic Mega Man, and ten E-Tanks.


And last, a couple new cards to be added. It appears Battle Memory cards may start advertising D-Arts figures (although this card looks more like a concept). And another card features new artwork of Tron Bonne looking ready for summer. Yowzah!

Special thanks to Django for the info! Some images via and Rockman Unity

A New Rockman Xover Update Coming Shortly

over9 Rockman Xover has begun to advertise yet another new update, with the new form OVER-9 and a possible new world. More details will come with the update, but for now you can get a small look at OVER-9, who appears to be an electric themed form. Furthermore, Rockman Unity also noted upon a new Collection feature in Xover. This is a database that keeps track of every kind of card you've had, organized by series. A perfect tool for the collector.

Thanks for the tip, Django!

Capcom Releases Rockman Xover Original Soundtrack... For Free!

disc_xover-00001If you're a fan of the music in Rockman Xover (and that might be the only aspect you're a fan of), then Capcom has done one good on you. They've released a special original soundtrack for Xover that's free to listen to and download. This soundtrack only contains the game's original tunes, and leaves out the various stage themes (which are slight arrangements of classic songs). But it does come with a bonus piano arrangement of the Rockman Xover theme song. You can listen with the provided player, or download tracks individually from the track list below. News Credit: GO!

Get Tabletman's Battle Memory in Xover for Free

tabmanHey players of Rockman Xover, there's a new special edition Battle Memory to grab, and this time you don't even need to buy a product to get it! Just use the above code, and you can get Tablet Man's Battle Memory. If you'll recall, Tablet Man is one of the runner up winners in Xover's boss character contest. To redeem the card, press the "other settings" button (under the E tank button). Then press the button for special codes (top left button). You can enter the above 16 digit code to grab the card. This guide explains the process visually.

Thanks for the tip, Django!

Rockman Xover Gets Yet Another Collaboration

dragoncoins Not content with mixing things up with Seven Thousands Wars, a new collaboration with Xover is in the works for Sega's smartphone titles Dragon Coins. Labeled as a "coin RPG," Dragon Coins uses this basis of a medal game (i.e. coin pusher) as a mechanic to fight monsters. Special skill cards you can receive in lottery give you additional abilities.

Dragon Coins today launched its "Can't Beat Airman" campaign (since that seems to be the most noteworthy Rockman thing in popular culture in Japan) with a Rockman/Xover themed arcade board. The board lets you battle Airman, Cutman and Dustman. Naturally you can also get Rockman themed skill cards to use. The collaboration runs until June 6th.

It is unknown if Rockman Xover is receiving any Dragon Coins content in return so far.

News Credit: CAP Kobun, Tarbo

An Overload of OVER-1

overones People have had both good and bad things to say about Rockman Xover... let's be honest; mostly bad. But one thing people have consistently seemed to approve of is OVER-1's design and various armors. Perhaps making use of this notion, Famitsu is showing off high res artwork of all the OVER forms to appear so far, 1 through 8 (though minus the special R form). Which form is your favorite?

Additionally, Famitsu is also announcing that the special edition card of There, one of the boss contest winners, will be available with the latest issue of Famitsu APP. The card can be redeemed between now and August 5th.

Incidentally, when talking about OVER-1 in general... I never know if that means the character himself, or just his first form. Is he just OVER? I don't really understand...

News Credit: Wizaman

Rockman Xover is Crossing Over Even More

[gallery columns="2" ids="21956,21957"] Not content with simply being a crossover of all the Mega Man series, the latest weekly Famitsu reveals that Rockman Xover will be stretching out its already strange universe with Bandai Namco's iOS mobile game Seven Thousand Wars - Season 2. In accordance, characters from the fantasy RPG will appear in Xover as special Battle Memory cards you can get in lottery. Meanwhile in Seven, players can get futuristic Rockman themed equipment, as well as five SP cards featuring the forms of OVER-1 with medieval weaponry and looking really dirty.

The Battle Memory cards will start running in Xover near the end of June, whereas Seven's Xover content is seemingly available now until the end of May.