Want to Lend Your Talents to the Rockman.EXE Movie Fan-dub? Here's How

We recently brought you word of a fan-dub effort to localize the Rockman.EXE movie, "The Program of Light and Dark," and needless to say, some of you were rather critical of what has been shown so far (seen above).

Think you can do better? Then now's your chance; as it turns out, they're still looking to fill roles. Read on to see what's available and what you need to do!

List of roles:

(big)= large part (12)= 12 years old, etc.

Male characters needed:

Lan (big)(12) MegaMan (big)(15) Bass (20)(bad guy) Dex (14)(low voice) Tory (13) Mrs. Hikari (big)(40) Higsby (done) NumberMan (done) Colonel (25) Mrs. Famous (big)(20) Chaud (big)(16) Guy 1-8 (done) Dr. Regal (30)(main bad guy) Charlie (done) Gyroman (done) ProtoMan (done) Commissioner Kifune (45)(lower voice) Barrel (35) Raika (18)

Female characters needed:

Maylu (12) Ms. Mari (20-30) TRINIY Brain Staff (20)(high voices) Kifune's assistant (25)

For further details on line reading for the auditions and NT Warrior samples, check out the Voice Acting Club forums, or you can contact Nat400 with any questions at megamandownload (at) gmail (dot) com. Nat400 adds that "I just need more voices, and if we do well on this movie I will make fandubs for Stream, Beast, Beast+, Star Force, and Tribe eps."

Rockman.EXE: The Program of Light and Dark Fan Dub on the Way

We recently received word that an English fan dub of the Japanese animated movie, Rockman.EXE: The Program of Light and Dark, is underway. Headed up by Nat400, details are few except to say that the full movie is coming "soon." In the meantime, you can view the teaser above.

Though Viz localized the first three seasons of the Rockman.EXE cartoon as MegaMan NT Warrior and MegaMan NT Warrior Axess, the subsequent seasons (Beast +, Beast, and Stream, which the film was tied into) never saw their way to this side of the ocean, while only the pre-Axess seasons were released on DVD. That said, it seems that the dubbers are following in the spirit of the voice casting for the NT Warrior series (including an older Lan), rather than the Japanese version.

For those unfamiliar with the premise of the film, it involves the return of Dr. Regal with a new threat to the online world, Nebula Gray. Joined by Raika and Chaud, Lan uses CrossFusion to infiltrate a Netopian military installation to put an end to the menace, only to find that neither he nor the newly-returned Bass aren't strong enough to handle this alone.

Celebrate! Rockman Manga Artists Contribute Original Anniversary Art to R20+5

1ee7fc38 Rockman Unity has shared some more of the new artwork added to the R20+5: Rockman and Rockman X Official Complete Works art book, each by a different Rockman manga artist celebrating the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary. Above, you can see the contribution of Ryo Takamisaki, who you might remember as the creator of the Rockman.EXE manga that was localized here by Viz as MegaMan NT Warrior.

Read on to see Hitoshi Ariga (Mega Man Megamix and Mega Man Gigamix) and Yoshihiro Iwamoto's (Rockman X) respective pieces. Thanks for the tip, Oakie620!



These Rockman EXE Sneakers are Fascinating and Bewildering

Back in the heyday of Mega Man Battle Network, there was without a doubt much merchandise behind the series, especially in Japan. No surprise, given how incredibly popular and marketable the game was (not to mention its counterparts in animation and comics). So when it comes to goods, I'm never surprised that I haven't seen it all. But sneakers? Those are pretty surprising.

Coming from a Yahoo Auction JP, this is seemingly a pair of unused Rockman EXE themed sneakers. They're 16 centimeters, which is fairly small even for children's sizes. The shoes feature Rockman's head, the name "ROCKMAN EXE" here and there, and even EXE's Navi mark on the heel. Surprisingly they don't feature the color blue at all!

The auction gives no other details about the shoes; they don't even come in the original box. The tag in the picture is tough for me to read, so I have no idea what company manufactured these. What's more, I spent a little time searching around but could find no evidence or info on any Rockman EXE themed sneakers. Perhaps they were some kind of limited or special edition product from a contest or something? Or maybe they're prototypes that weren't picked up? I suppose they could be custom made as well, though there's no indication of it.

However they ended up coming to existence, they're available now for a measly ¥500 on the auction. I might consider getting them myself, though buying children's shoes strikes me as a rather weird collector's item. Another curious mystery for now!

Rockman.EXE WS Fan Translation Completed

Fans of Mega Man Battle Network have long known of a special Japanese-exclusive game for the WonderSwan Color, Rockman.EXE WS. Unlike the regular games, this one plays out as a platformer, much like the Classic series or, perhaps more appropriately, Mega Man Network Transmission for the GameCube. In addition, it follows the story of the first two seasons of the anime. Now, a group of fans at The Rockman EXE Zone have completed a patch which allows the game to be played with an English translation. Check out their video of it in action, but be warned of spoilers:

It's a shame that this was never released here, due to the handheld's Japan-only nature-- especially since it looks like it might even be more fun than Transmission turned out to be. It even has the Style Changes which the GameCube game lacked due to its placement in the timeline.

If you should happen to have a copy, then perhaps this patch is just what you've been looking for. You can find it here, but you're on your own for getting a copy of the game (and no linking to ROM piracy sites in the comments).

Thanks for the tip, Prof. 9!

Enter This Facebook Contest for a Chance to Win a Rockman.EXE Axess DVD Set

Want a chance to win this set of Rockman.EXE Axess DVDs? The seemingly inspired Facebook group "100,000 fans for Mega Man Battle Network 10th anniversary collection" is giving them away to one lucky winner.

To enter, all you have to do is 1) "Like" their Facebook page, 2) "Like" this picture, and 3) "Share" the photo. With that done, you'll be set for the drawing on September 30th!

Thanks for the tip, Nonspecificloser!

Well, Would You Look at That?

Click to enlarge.

We haven't taken an exact tally, but according to Kotaku, this is one fan's collection of every (physically released) Mega Man game, all together at once. Well, Rockman, technically; we don't see anything with the Western version of the brand in the pile.

Heck, there are even what appear to be some arcade boards in there!

How does your collection compare? We have to confess; our own collections are probably shy by one or two of these.

Thanks for the tip, Riot.EXE!

Celebrate 10 Years of Mega Man Battle Network by Giving the Creators Your Questions

Last week, we here at The Mega Man Network celebrated ten years of Mega Man Battle Network with a few words and a glimpse back at some of what came over the course of those ten years. And today, Capcom has joined in the fun of celebrating their own franchise with what can only be described as a pleasant surprise. Capcom Unity has gotten together with Eguchi-san (former scenario staff member for Battle Network 1&2, as well as scenario leader for Battle Network 3-6) and Ishihara-san (who designed the characters for all six Battle Network games), and they are now taking your questions about the series. Following next week's Captivate event (which our own Heat Man will be attending, provided his legs hold out longer than Mega Man's), there will be another blog post with the questions selected as the best of the bunch answered.

Please carefully note that unlike our collaboration with Archie, this does not involve The Mega Man Network in any official capacity, and you need to make sure you leave your questions in their comments section. We'll let you know when they update with the answers.

A Video History of Mega Man Battle Network

As we noted yesterday, the Mega Man Battle Network series has reached the big one-oh. That's right, ten years of PETs, NetNavis, Battle Chips, Cross Fusion, Beast Outs, and more fun than should be allowed on the internet for kids under the age of 12. Today, we are following a little inspiration from Protodude's celebration of this occasion, and giving you a sort of "video history" of the Mega Man Battle Network series. Or rather, given the Japanese origin of the vast majority of these, "Battle Network Rockman.EXE."

First up, we have the television commercial for the very first game, which appeared on the Game Boy Advance:

Compared to what would come later, the style seems a little rougher, perhaps more manga-ish somehow, but it was still cool to see the characters animated at this point.

Only months later, the second game in the series would be released, introducing the highly-marketable Style Changes to the series:

This game brought several improvements over its predecessor, and became one of the most beloved installments. Similarly, the art featured in the commercial also seemed a little more polished and traditionally cel-like than the original. In addition, Mega Man Battle Network 2 began the tradition of the games typically being released in North America during the summer months, when school would be out and kids were left with lots of time to NetBattle.

Following the success of the first two games (and undoubtedly well in the works before the second was ever released), Capcom teamed up with ShoPro to deliver the first-ever Rockman anime to be released (sure, there was Upon a Star, but that wasn't released until later), Rockman.EXE:

(Strangely enough, we couldn't find a video with just the opening sequence, so here we have an entire episode attached.)

The show began airing on March 4th, 2002, and produced just over a year's worth of episodes, 56 in total. And while the characters were on-model (unlike some other versions) and the stories were often influenced by the events in the games, the anime would go on to forge its own path. And once the 56 episodes were finished, new series would continue the adventure until September 30th, 2006, as the series would end its run with a total of 209 episodes.

In addition, the series saw a relatively brief and heavily localized version of the show released elsewhere in the world under the title MegaMan NT Warrior:

(Again, couldn't find a stand-alone intro. Really, YouTube?)

The dub seems to have earned itself a fanbase, even including some who have never even played the games (the disparate branding probably didn't help), though fans of the original Japanese version have often been known to be... let's say, "unappreciative" of the localization efforts of Viz/ShoPro, which included numerous name changes, among other grievances.

For more on the anime, be sure to visit our affiliate, Rockman.EXE Online.

Just before the third game in the series would be released (well, one version, as far as Japan goes. More on that in a bit), the franchise took a bit of a departure as Capcom would release Mega Man Network Transmission for the Nintendo GameCube:

Borrowing elements of the anime, Network Transmission would distinguish itself from its Game Boy Advance progenitors by attempting to merge the characters and gameplay elements of the Battle Network series with the core gameplay mechanics of the classic Mega Man series. How well the two meshed would seem to be a matter of opinion.

In addition, Network Transmission would prove noteworthy for introducing the NetNavi version of Mega Man X series fan favorite Zero in a side-story set between the events of the first two Battle Network games.

Some would say that the Battle Network titles took more than a few cues from Nintendo and Game Freak blockbuster Pokémon, and one of the things Mega Man Battle Network 3 may be best known for is the reinforcement of that notion with the release of two different versions. In Japan, the original version was released on December 6th, 2002, and was followed by a special improved version called Rockman.EXE 3: Black on March 28th the following year. Both versions were released simultaneously elsewhere as Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue and Mega Man Battle Network 3: White.

Another game, Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge/Rockman.EXE N1 Battle, came out in Japan on August 8th, 2003. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a commercial for this one, or at least not one readily available.

Prior to the release of the fourth game, promotion began with the release of the second anime, Rockman.EXE Axess. Now, instead of obtaining different elemental powers, MegaMan could now obtain the powers of fallen foes through "Double Soul."

Following is the MegaMan NT Warrior Axess opening, which is mostly the same; it's a little sped up and features different music, however:

While the initial Rockman.EXE anime did have some differences from the games, Axess took it to a whole new level by allowing NetOps to perform "Cross Fusion" with their NetNavis, a henshin-styled process which combined the two entities into a new, more powerful form which could exist in the physical world, though this had to be done in certain areas created by special generators.

To hear the Japanese theme music, click here.

On December 14th, Japanese fans had not one, but two versions of Rockman.EXE 4 to choose from: Red Sun and Blue Moon, each containing unique (yet similar) stories, as well as unique Battle Chips and characters:

Apparently, people liked having two versions. Though many fans will say it is the worst of the series, it was nonetheless a bestseller, moving 1.35 million copies worldwide as of the end of 2008. This makes it part of a rather elite club among Mega Man titles, one of only four to move over one million.

Just as in the year before, the release of Mega Man Battle Network 5 would be foreshadowed by the release of a new season of the anime, Rockman.EXE Stream on October 2nd, 2004:

Despite the success seen by Battle Network 4, Capcom would return to a release schedule set months apart for Battle Network 5. Team ProtoMan was released in Japan on December 9th, 2004...

...whereas Team Colonel would be released on February 24th, 2005.

Both versions would be released simultaneously in other regions, and then again together in the two-in-one Nintendo DS release, Rockman.EXE 5: Twin Leaders/Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DS:

On March 12th, 2005, Mega Man went to the movies for the first time ever in the animated feature Rockman.EXE Stream: The Program of Light and Dark, which featured the return of Dr. Regal and a Double Soul fusion of MegaMan.EXE and the extraordinarily powerful solo NetNavi, Bass.EXE:

On a personal level, I enjoy how this opening sequence of the movie combines the animation with still shots which don't look entirely unlike the style used in the commercial for the very first game, above.

It is also worth noting that The Program of Light and Dark was promoted and shown as part of a double-feature with a Duel Masters movie:

Though the promotions made it appear to be a crossover, the two films actually had little to do with one-another, besides being shown together.

The first day of October in 2005 would see Rockman.EXE Beast take to the airwaves, setting things up for the sixth and final entry in the Battle Network series:

rockman exe Beast opening - ดูคลิปทั้งหมด คลิกที่นี่

Each iteration of the Rockman.EXE anime had a tendency to introduce its own interesting elements to the series, and Beast was no different. In addition to allowing NetNavis to interact with their NetOps as small holograms, the anime exclusively featured Trill, a child NetNavi whose powers allowed MegaMan to "Beast Out."

Returning to what worked so well for Battle Network 4, Capcom would release < a href="http://www.themmnetwork.com/wiki/index.php?title=Mega_Man_Battle_Network_6" target="_new">Mega Man Battle Network 6's two versions, translated as "Cybeast Falzar" and "Cybeast Gregar," on the same date of November 23rd, 2005 in Japan:

Though it introduced the beast transformations for MegaMan and the Battle Network version (warning: spoilers) of Mega Man X fan-favorite character Iris, Battle Network 6 is perhaps best known for marking the end of the successful Capcom franchise, and providing closure for the characters fans had grown to enjoy over the years.

Though Battle Network 6 marked the end of the games, and Beast the end of the anime... well, things aren't quite as simple as that.

For starters, Rockman.EXE Beast ended early-- at least, compared to previous seasons. The last episode aired on April 1st, 2006, but this was no joke. The following week, on April 8th, Rockman.EXE Beast+ began, and was a scaled back version of the previous show. Episodes ran about ten minutes each, roughly half the normal running time, and it shared its timeslot with Saru Getchu (Ape Escape) as a part of the half-hour Oha Coliseum program:

Beast+ was marketed as a stand-alone series, but contained story arcs featuring the long-overdue appearance of Zero.EXE from Network Transmission, as well as the final boss of the cellphone game Rockman.EXE: Phantom of the Network.

Finally, on November 12th, 2009, past and future collided as MegaMan.EXE met the MegaMan of the far future from the Star Force semi-sequel series in Rockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star:

(Edit: Apparently, this commercial we had here previously isn't the genuine article, but a fan creation by MidniteW. It's still nicely done, and can be found here.)

Unfortunately, as we would eventually learn, Operate Shooting Star would prove to be a bit lacking in content. For the most part, it was a straight Nintendo DS port of the first Battle Network, with a bonus multiplayer mini-game. The big team-up turned out to be a short story scenario near the end of the game, after which players could then use Star Force MegaMan.

The game did not do very well in Japan, and the last word from Capcom was that they were not planning to bring the title to the West, thus making it a bit of a sad swan song for the series.

One mustn't lose hope, however. At the very least, UDON has just released the Mega Man Battle Network Official Complete Works art book, and the Mega Man Star Force Official Complete Works art book is soon to follow. While that may not lead to more games in the near future, at the very least we know that interest in the series is still there, and as long as the fans remain interested, Capcom will probably give it another look.

Mega Man Battle Network Turns 10

When I think of Mega Man Battle Network, it still seems like a pretty new series to me. But the original title released in Japan on March 21st, 2001. And as the day has just turned over to the 21st in Japan, that makes Battle Network a whopping 10 years old. This makes me feel unnecessarily old.

Mega Man Battle Network was always a bit different, and attracted a new kind of gaming fan to the world of Mega Man. But it's also one of the most successful Mega Man series to be released, wielding one of only four Mega Man games ever to sell over a million worldwide (Battle Network 4). The series also has a lot of personal meaning to me. While I'll always consider classic Mega Man my favorite, Battle Network played a large role towards my ambition of learning Japanese and working on websites like TMMN. Funny enough... I thought it looked awful when it was first shown. I thought the characters looked ridiculous! But the series grew on me in a really big way.

I don't know what the future holds for Battle Network, especially following the lackluster Operate Shooting Star a couple years back. But I still think it has a lot of potential, even if it technically "ended." Nevertheless, who knows what the next ten years will bring!

[audio:http://www.themmnetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/1-01-EXE-THEME-OF-ROCKMAN-EXE.mp3|titles=1-01 - EXE - THEME OF ROCKMAN EXE]

Odds Not Good for OSS in West, According to Capcom

Those of you in North America and Europe waiting for Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star to be localized may have to throw in the towel and just import. It doesn't sound like Capcom thinks the game will be viable in the market, or perhaps there are other reasons. Needless to to say, Christian Svensson of Capcom of America has this to say over at Capcom*Unity: "For the moment, no plans for a Western release." I can't say I'd be terribly surprised if it weren't localized. As I discussed in my review, the game featured little extended value outside of being a port of the original GBA title Mega Man Battle Network. Something like the Mega Man Zero Collection at least has the value of being a collection of games for a budget price. It also doesn't help that OSS didn't seem to reach healthy sales in Japan. Still, it is a little saddening to see the once mighty Battle Network series go down like this. Of course, if there were enough fan support, Capcom could change their tune. If you want to see OSS localized, definitely let them know over at Capcom*Unity.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

A look into Rockman EXE Official Complete Works

Rockman EXE Official Complete Works, the latest continuation of the uber-big Rockman artwork books, has released in Japan this week. And for those wanting a nice look inside, Nigoli has got you covered. His photographic report of the book contains a lot of nice pages with content not commonly found in what's been released on the Battle Network front in the west. The fantastic book covers 18 games in 176 pages, with reportedly over 5,000 images. A must-have for not just Battle Network fans, but perhaps all Mega Man fans. Imports of the book at Play-Asia seem to be a little delayed right now for unknown reasons. Of course if you can wait it out a little bit, we do have more than enough hints that this will be one of UDON's future projects.

Update: Play-Asia is now shipping copies of EXE Official Complete Works.

News Credit: Sketch Redoku, Nigoli's Rockman Series Blog

Rockman.EXE Official Complete Works Cover Art

Rockman.EXE Official Complete Works CoverartWell, it looks like E-Capcom has finally let the cat out of the bag as far as the Rockman.EXE Official Complete Works cover art is concerned. While the contents of the book seem very promising, the cover feels a bit underwhelming; especially when compared to the covers of all the previous Official Complete Works books. Why they went with such a plain design when there is so much great existing art from the series to work with is anyone's guess.

Regardless, you can preorder the book (dropping on December 21st) at Play Asia right now for $36.90. For more details on the book's contents, take a gander at our previous post.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Capcom announced Rockman EXE Official Complete Works

exeocwWith Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star out now, it only makes sense that Capcom would continue their Official Complete Works books with the Rockman EXE series. Releasing in Japan December 21st for ¥2,100 (roughly $23.42 USD), the big will be 176 A4 format pages of promotion images, character artwork, conceptual artwork and planning sketches. It will also feature special artwork from guest contributors. To sum it all up: FREAKIN' AWESOME! The Official Complete Works series definitely leads with the amount of beautiful artwork it publishes. My only complaint is I don't know if 176 pages is enough for a series as big as EXE!

First "Made In Ore" Rockman appears

I've not yet given myself the opportunity to get into WarioWare, which is curious considering I'm sickeningly addicted to Rhythm Heaven. But that's another story. The resently released "Made In Ore," or WarioWare: Myself! as it will be known to us, allows players to make their own minigames. So it's unsurprising that people would use it to represent their favorite franchises. Well, as you've probably already seen from above, we already have one created by Tarbosan that features Rockman EXE, where the right timing is needed to blast the moving virus. Pretty simplistic, and unfortunately the video has no sound. However, you can check out the making of the game on his blog. Pretty novel idea.

A lot of neat Mega Man minigames could come about with this, as I've read you will be able to upload and share your creations. I do have to wonder, though, how tightly monitored the network will be in response to copyrighted materials. It would seem like a waste if people can't share games with the franchises they love.

Rumor: Return of MegaMan NT Warrior & Star Force Anime Online

Recently, I lamented my inability to see the Mega Man Star Force anime, as a result of it being confined to the US-only and now-defunct Toonami Jetstream website, with the DVDs only being available in Europe's Region 2. However, it seems that there may still be hope for people like me, who would love the opportunity to see this and more of NT Warrior, as the following news comes in from Viz Media's appearance at Wondercon:

"Just got back from Wondercon, my last stop was at Viz's booth were they talked adding an assortment of licensed anime to Cartoon Network video such as Naruto, MAR, and suprise...Megaman Nt Warrior/ Star force! An official annoucnement is suppose to be coming soon, they didnt specify a date when the video service would launch." -- 102b, to Protodude's Rockman Corner

Of course, whether or not this only means the episodes that have already aired previously, such as MegaMan NT Warrior, MegaMan NT Warrior Axess, and Mega Man Star Force's first season, or further episodes from Rockman.EXE Stream and Beast, or later seasons of Ryuusei no Rockman will be aired remains unknown.

At the very least, this seems to indicate that Viz has not forgotten the property, and will hopefully capitalize on it with some new DVD releases. Combination subbed/dubbed DVDs might be a bit much to hope for, but who knows? At least hope is alive.

Rockman.EXE Beta Footage Unearthed

Earlier today, Heat Man wrote an article which gave us a look back at the original Rockman.EXE game when it was in its earliest stages, which turned out to be quite different from what we've ultimately come to know as Mega Man Battle Network (unless of course, you were one of those who imported all the titles). By remarkable coincidence (or through inspiration?), Protodude (thanks to SuperMega233) has discovered the following "unseen Rockman.EXE beta footage," which, while seemingly not quite as old, is quite interesting to behold now all the same:

He notes that the footage came from the promotional VHS tape "Capcom Friendly Club Vol.15," which contained a number of old Tokyo Game Show trailers. An HD version of the upload is in the works so that more distinctions can be made between this and the final product, but so far Protodude notes:

-Odd PET icon, "jumps" when Netto receives mail/call. -Unused "matrix" scrolling background in battles -Unused "matrix" scrolling background in school computer -Alternate dialogue in School Sequence -Peculiar Battle Chip above Rock's head, removed? -Unused Internet background -Alternate sound effects in battle, buster shots

Can you find any more differences?

News credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Anime Ethics

We live in a rather questionable time as far as ethics go. The internet has made everything digital, and everything accessible. It's hard to distinguish what is right and wrong in the view of the law, and more so what is right and wrong in the view of our own personal moral structure. The two do not always conform to each other. The buzz this past week has been the Rockman.EXE anime, which premiered in Japan this past Monday the 4th at 6:30 PM. Personally, I was amazed by the speed at which it hit the internet full force. In two mere days, the anime was up on the internet and available for download. Another day saw the translation of the script, and immediately teams went to work in making an unofficially subtitled version for download so American audiences could watch.

Of course, American audiences already had been watching it. Many didn't understand a word of what was going on, and I was amongst them. But the point is that it was Rockman anime, with very impressive animation and an easy-to-follow plot, even if the words were indecipherable.

Is it legal for us to have downloaded this cartoon for our viewing pleasure? To this I answer, who cares? The law is not the issue here. Despite countless net denizens who have claimed to know the full legal ramifications of this particular issue, the point is overall moot. Chances are unless one of our readers is also a lawyer, no one fully knows the law of it. That is why I don't mean to argue the legality. The question here is, is it ethical? That's a completely different issue.

For one thing, the only reason that many fans were downloading the cartoon in the first place is that they knew there was no other alternative. When it comes to more cut-and-dry black-and-white issues such as ROM distribution, or handing out episodes of a show that's easily accessible to an American audience that's willing to simply cough up the money, the answers are much simpler. But this particular cartoon is impossible for American audiences to view. The crime, if there is one, is a crime of passion; the passion behind a little blue bomber that people love enough to wait for hours to download a 25 minute movie of.

More so, not only are no profits being made by the distributors of this anime, but it seems implausible that any profits are being lost by Capcom from the distribution of it. The TV is shown on a public channel; no one in Japan has to pay to see it. The only profits made by Capcom in the airing of a TV show broadcast on a public station is through advertisement. Considering those downloading the anime were mainly Americans, it seems unlikely that we'd do anything to contribute to the products and services advertised for during that 30-minute block. If we would have no plausible way to contribute to these advertisers, then the advertisers in turn would not suffer and therefore Capcom would not suffer.

And an unfortunate fact of bootlegging is that, for all intensive purposes, nothing can be done. If it is in fact illegal (which I'm not disputing one way or the other), little can be done to stop it. As stated before, everything is accessible. There will always be a way, somewhere out there on the far reaches of the internet, to grab it. This isn't a proclamation of pride, it's merely a fact. ROMs are very illegal and have been for some time, but despite the efforts of many game distributors to shut them down, they are still spread like wildfire across the net. Piracy will always exist, a grim fact that companies must come to terms with and think of alternative solutions to.

There are no easy answers, legally or ethically, to the questions raised in this column. They must be searched and decided on for each and every one's own self. One thing that must be remembered, however, is the importance to not push your personal convictions on others. You will do no good to your cause, and will most likely simply make yourself a social pariah.

Our hope now is that this anime is brought to the US in some more traditional form, such as being aired on our TV stations with official dubbed voices, or being brought over in DVD form as has been done with many other popular anime series such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Trigun, or Cowboy Bebop. One thing that can be tried is to fill out the Mega Man Manga Petition, in hopes that Capcom will see the interest in America for these kinds of treatments to our favorite little blue bomber.

-Reeve, seeing various shades of gray