Here's to Another Rockman Day

tumblr_mo4npt7ZpX1r9o3fjo1_500 It's June 9th, and that means it's Rockman Day - an unofficial day of observance for Mega Man started in Japan. Why June 9th? Check out a past Rockman Day for that explanation.

Truth be told, I really haven't seen any commemoration for Rockman Day this year from the Japan side. Fortunately Mini Mega has it covered, with this wonderful little piece they posted.

What Mega Man games will you be playing in honor of Rockman Day? Aw, who am I kidding. You're probably playing Animal Crossing New Leaf. In that case here's something for you to use.

A Call to Artists for Worldwide Mega Man Homage

Do you like Mega Man? Do you draw good? Then you're eligible for to contribute to a Mega Man fan endeavor of global proportions! However, time is very much against you, so if you're interested, read carefully and act quickly. Some people, particularly the Japanese, observe June 9th as Rockman Day (since the characters for 6 and 9 combine as rokku - see here). Fans around the world, including our own eye on Rockman Online, Amunshen, are organizing a character collage made by you the fans, with each person contributing at least one character.

However, there are very particular guidelines you must follow. First you must apply for a character not already taken (there is a list in the above link), by sending a tweet to @argent_fox01 with your character of choice. You can choose more than one character as long as they're not taken, as well as other bosses and minor enemies. If it's in the Mega Man universe, it's good.

What's more, the deadline is the minute before midnight on June 8th, Japan time. This means, if you live in America, you have until June 8th, 10:59 AM on the east coast, 7:59 AM on the west. In other words, you have about three days to submit your completed work, so you probably shouldn't bite off more than you can chew!

Be sure to check the main project page thoroughly for other requirements as well, such as the image format and size. When it's all taken care of, you can mail your entry to

I know this is a bit short notice and technical, but all the same I encourage everyone to make a strong effort and apply. It is of the utmost importance always to show our love for Mega Man in these times. Don't hold back! Thank you!

Update: If you don't want to use Twitter to apply, Amunshen has agreed to accept applications made in the comments for this post as well. Just mark them accordingly. Twitter is still the preferred way to apply, though, and assures your application will be registered the quickest.

Happy Rockman Day to You

Was waiting out for the Capcom Unity Devroom to update on this, but being E3 and all posting is naturally behind. Greg has also been spending a ton of time dishing out his moves at the Let's Dance 3 exhibition. Today (well technically yesterday) fans celebrate "Rockman Day." It falls on June 9th because of the Japanese trend of making numbers into words based on sounds. "Roku" is 6 and "ku/kyuu" is 9. Put together they form "rokku" (since rokuku would be a little weird to say). This is why you sometimes see the number 69 crop up in Mega Man games, like on the Support Car license plate, and Mr. Famous' 69 battles winning streak.

Anyway, Capcom of Japan has prepared a variety of things in celebration. The biggest of which is the cool wallpaper you see above. You can head here to download it in any of three sizes, just press the red button after the notice comes up. Next, they've made the arranged Flutter theme that plays on the Rockman DASH 3 Project page available for download. You can grab it here. Finally, the Capcom Sound Sphere podcast "We are ROCK-MEN" has special guest Reo Uratani on the show, Legends 3's head musician. Of course it will be entirely in Japanese, but I read that Uratani-san plays an acoustic version of a super popular Mega Man Legends tune.

Additionally, there is a bit of commentary and thanks from various people involved with Mega Man, including BN and SF producer Takeshi "Horiken" Horinouchi, artist and character designer Ryuji Higurashi, director of Mega Man Legends 1 and 2 Yoshinori Kawano, Rockman Unity front man Ucchy-san, and legendary programmer "H.M.D." who was there at the start of it all. I would translate these if I had the time, but I'm certain it'll all be on Capcom Unity shortly.

Well then, a grand Rockman Day to you! I implore you, no, command you to get nuts on E-Tank energy drinks and play Mega Man games all day today!