Fans and Pros Collaborate to Bring Back Legends 3 in 8-Bit

The Rockman DASH 3 Reboot Team, in conjunction with Get Me Off The Moon, made this surprise announcement yesterday at the Mega Rock Fan Festival. It is a fan game version of the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version done in classic Mega Man style, with NES graphics. While it is fan made, however, it will have some professional assistance. Artist Hideki Ishikawa, one of the artists and character designers for the Legends games, will create the box design, and Makoto Tomozawa, the musician for Mega Man Legends, will contribute a couple songs.

The game is still in development, and the team is hoping to raise some money to help push things along. Right now the desired goal is $1,000. People who donate $50 or more will receive a physical copy of the game upon its completion (which is tentatively set as August, depending how things go) and get your name in the credits. Check out GMOTM's post for donation details.

Nevertheless, a playable demo is planned to be released in one to two weeks, allowing you to try the game out yourselves. As I was fortunate enough to be present at the Mega Rock Fan Festival, I can give a brief explanation to what I saw after the break.

As you can see from the video, the game stars Barrett. While it may be based on classic Mega Man, Barrett actually has a number of moves. He can sprint forward, pull himself up over ledges and roll through enemies. He can also fire a variety of weapons, such as his standard buster, a spark-like energy ball and a powerful blast. Additionally the game has lock-on, letting him shoot at enemies from anywhere (similar to X7).

Barrett can also do his volcano kick to fly at enemies, and he can come in close and uppercut them, which will launch enemies into the air. After launching them, they can be targeted to chain on more attacks.

This all may make Barrett sound overpowered, but the truth is the enemies are pretty ferocious. Even the simple Horocco can launch a volley of bombs and do its spin attack, which makes it invulnerable. The enemies take a lot of hits, too. The demo featured a flat, arena-type field in the city where the object was to defeat 50 Reaverbots. It was not uncommon to have four on you at a time, so do expect some challenge.

Rocket Man, Burnin' Out His Fuse, Up Here Alone: Get Me Off The Moon's Rocket Launch

In A.D. 20XX, rocket launch was beginning... and then postponed, then beginning again, and was eventually a success.

"What happen?" the people asked.

Well, Jesse Judy of Genesius Films has finally completed the editing of the footage of 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3's rocket launch, and now you can see it for yourself in the short ten-minute film presented above. In addition to the previous links, you can learn more about the project's history in this post on their Facebook page.

Thanks for the tip, Skybane!

100K Strong: MML3 Concept Album Update & LiveStream News

601311_438390766235170_2018168174_nTwo quick updates for you from 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3. First, regarding the Mega Man Legends 3 Concept Album: As you might have noticed, that hit a bit of a snag, as BandCamp apparently has a "200 free download" limit before they begin charging for it, which was quickly reached. Being a collaborative work of several fans, this just wouldn't do, which is why we're now proud to host the download for free right here on The Mega Man Network.

The second thing is that 100K Strong is going to be doing a series of one-hour live streaming playthroughs of the series, starting with The Misadventures of Tron Bonne tomorrow, March 22nd, and every Friday after starting at 2pm PST/5pm EST, with prizes given away every other week. They'll be going for 100% completion in Ms. Tron's misadventure, then tackling the proper Legends games on Hard Mode, as well as a rare, playable beta of the original Mega Man Legends. "The beta only has around 10 minutes of content," they note, "but it still contains some very interesting aspects, such as a vastly different Apple Market."

Further details of the livestreams can be found here, while the stream itself can be viewed here.

Inafune Voices His Support of 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3

542682_439126319494948_21891933_nSo, a funny thing happened over on the Facebook group 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3, aka "Get Me Off the Moon." Following the success of their interview with Reika Morishita, Skybane Zero thought he would try his luck with none other than "The Father of Mega Man" himself, Keiji Inafune. After all, he's no longer punching the clock for Capcom, so he should be a little more free to speak, right? Well, no, actually. Hanako, Inafune's PR Manager at Comcept said that she "didn't think an interview would be possible," as Inafune no longer "owns" the Mega Man IP, meaning he cannot comment on it proactively (one might argue it's less proactive and more reactive, but be that as it may...). Despite this, however, she was able to get him to deliver "a very heartwarming and inspiring comment"-- an official word of support from Inafune himself:

Hello everyone, I am Keiji Inafune.

Thank you for following us on Facebook.

As I once wrote in my blog, I was very touched by your movement, "100,000 Strong For Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3".

I am now independent, away from Capcom, so as you can tell, I stand in the same position as all of you when it comes to Mega Man Legends 3.

I stand beside you cheering for the same cause and hope.

I personally feel grateful for all your love for the title, and I respect your long-lasting passion. I will continue to personally support all your efforts.

I thank you all for showing so much love towards my very favorite creation.

As a game creator, I promise to continue creating more games that will appeal to all of you moving forward.

"While it's true that this may not have any relevance to MML3's current situation," says group manager Skybane Zero, "we should nonetheless feel proud to have the undying support of the father of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune! I hope this message serves to set the MML3 fighting spirit ablaze in you all!"

It's good to know that Inafune still shares the passion of the fans, now as a fan himself. This will probably do little to sway Capcom from whatever their current plans are, but the gesture of support is nonetheless appreciated.

100K Strong's Mega Man Legends 3 Concept Album Reaches Completion

601311_438390766235170_2018168174_nIt's been a while since we last heard some news on the Mega Man Legends 3 concept album first revealed back in August, but rest assured that time has not been spent idly-- in fact, the project is now complete! The project began to commemorate one year since the Facebook group 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 (aka "Get Me Off The Moon") first began, allowing artists and musicians alike to create works which they felt would have fit into the game, had it been released. In addition, it also helps celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Mega Man Legends series itself.

To check out the album in all its glory, just click here. Thanks for the tip, Skybane Zero!

Mission Complete: Get Me Off the Moon's Rocket Launch a Success!

555905_426176790789901_1398233905_n Though there was a 30 percent chance of rain, this past weekend saw a successful launch of Get Me Off the Moon's five-foot rocket. With Roll Caskett herself (or a great facsimile) there to oversee the proceedings, it reportedly soared 900 feet into the sky before coming back down, its parachute deploying for a safe landing.

We were going to wait for some video before reporting this, but as it turns out, that won't be available for several weeks, as the crew are busy editing it into a professionally-styled piece to present to Capcom. In the meantime, you can soak up the full details of the event in the group's report here, take in the sights in their album here, and we'll bring you the video when it's ready!

100K Strong Shoots for the Moon Again This Saturday

203520_240306496099776_74823540_nJust a reminder for those of you who were interested: Remember the model rocket launch organized by the Facebook group 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 was going to hold last month? The same one which had to be postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions? Well, the new date is upon us as the group will once again try their own hand at launching a rocket into the sky as a symbolic gesture that yes, we want to get MegaMan Volnutt off the dad-blamed moon already! The public event will once more attempt to be held come 2pm at the Hearne Municipal Airport in Hearne, Texas. However, the forecast is calling for a 30 percent chance of rain, so there's still the possibility it will have to be postponed once more.

More details can be found on the event page, and we once again wish the best of luck (actually, we wished that last time-- better luck, then) to those involved!

Jack-In to This Lost Rockman.EXE 3 Black Commercial, If That's What It Takes

The old Mega Man Battle Network Express doesn't come by here much any more, but when it does, it's usually a pleasure. Such is the case with this lost Japanese commercial for Rockman.EXE3: Black (released here as Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue Version) starring none other than Masakazu "Meijin" Eguchi (aka "Mr. Famous") in full regalia:

Some might remember that Eguchi wore that very same lab coat for some publicity shots while working on the ill-fated Rockman DASH 3/Mega Man Legends 3 Project. And as Protodude asks, we have to wonder what he's up to now.

Something for Rockman's 25th anniversary, we can hope.

Barrett vs. Tron Theme from Mega Man Legends 3 Recreated

Considering it will probably be a while (if ever) before we get the chance to listen to a proper Mega Man Legends 3 soundtrack, Hypershell has taken it upon himself to piece together one of the themes from the Nico Video gameplay of the game's footage. Check it out:

Of course, even if the game does see an eventual release, that doesn't necessarily mean that this theme would be a part of it. As least we can still enjoy it as a neat theme on its own. And if you're interested in downloading an MP3 version, you're all set, with Hypershell adding "I encourage ANY fan to reuse this as they see fit."

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner

100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 is Making Headlines Again

When Mega Man Legends 3 was initially cancelled, headlines were made all throughout the gaming world, some of which involved the formation of the group whose focus was to prove Capcom wrong; that there is indeed interest in creating a sequel to the long-dormant tale of Diggers, Air Pirates, and Reaverbots. And with the first goal of 100,000 members having been reached, headlines are being made once again. In addition to our colleague Protodude sharing in the occasion, the following are some other outlets which have picked up the story.

And finally, there is this video from AlphaOmegaSin, offering his congratulations to the group for successfully... er, bringing the game back? Anyway, beware of NSFW language:

We can definitely appreciate the "never give up" message here, that much is certain.

Of course, Capcom has still yet to respond or openly acknowledge the milestone. If anything comes up, we'll naturally be on top of it and bring it right to you.

Ask Capcom Mega Man Round-Up: Reika Morishita's Numbers, Tron's PSone Classic, & More

Many questions are asked in Capcom Unity's "Ask Capcom" forum, but not all of them get answered. On occasion, some do-- by actual Capcom staff, at that-- and some of those are even Mega Man questions. Here are a couple of the latest. Following a tip from Sketchman3, we found one post from Jake Hans, one of the people responsible for the 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 movement. He also had a hand in the recent controversial report that Rockman DASH theme singer Morishita Reika believes that selling 20,000 copies of her upcoming album featuring those themes could see the Prototype Version released.

There, he states the following:

This is Jake Hans, the person that published the figure of 20,000 sales for the Prototype.

There appears to have been a translation error. Reika has talked to Capcom Japan about this project (I'm sure Sven can back me up on that), but there was no negotiation of 20,000 sales for the Prototype.

This was fan speculation amongst myself, some guys in Japan, and a translator. Reika did not say 20,000 sales of an album would result in a Prototype. Please forgive me, Reika should not be judged for my mistake. I don't speak Japanese, and I was not at the meeting.

I've also PM this to Sven.

So, there you have it; you can put down your pitchforks and effigies of Reika now.

Meanwhile, as chatter about Mega Man in all of its iterations commences, one person asked about the Legends spin-off, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. In particular, they note that it would be nice if the game were to see a release on the PlayStation Network, likely as a PSone Classic.

Capcom Unity's Gregaman added his two Zenny, noting that "Unfortunately, my understanding is that MoTB had some copyrighted music in it preventing a rerelease =\ A bummer, to be sure!" And while the Japanese version does feature a theme song which is undoubtedly licensed, one must wonder about the U.S. version, though word has been that voices and other things we may not even notice could contribute to other licensed issues.

Capcom Unity moderator Deva Ashera adds the following:

For how Capcom would, most likely, release Mega Man Legends 1, 2, and Misadventures of Tron Bonne, they couldn't simply swap out or change anything, since they would release them as PSone Classics.

The reason why they simply can't swap or change anything is due to how Sony does the PSone Classics, stating that each PSone Classic has to be kept exactly as it was originally, meaning all the same music, voice acting, types, errors, etc. (For example, in Final Fantasy VII, Aerith was kept as 'Aeris' and they kept in the translation errors and typos).

In order to fix that, Capcom would have to actually port the title, including giving it trophies and an extra budget rather then using Sony's PSone Emulatation as they would do for a PSone Classic.

The easier way is to likely try and find a way to get the rights to the music, voice acting, etc.

Incidentally, if we ever did get Legends 3, they'd likely have to start from scratch on the voice acting anyway, so casting anew in a port would make sense, to say nothing of keeping things consistent.

In any case, that seems to be the state of things for now. Hopefully Capcom figures something out, and negotiates better contracts in the future so we don't wind up in messes like this again.

Finally, not much to extract in the way of quotes from this one-- mainly as Capcom has yet to respond to it-- but one thread which continues on is "Does Capcom understand why GetMeOffTheMoon reached 100,000 people? We love Mega Man Legends!" Now at 10 pages, it has largely become about people explaining what Mega Man Legends, and sometimes just Mega Man in general, mean to them.

Get Me Off the Moon is Now Truly 100,000 Strong

The time has finally arrived! After nine months of conventions, Devroom contests, and other happenings, the Facebook effort known as "Get Me Off the Moon" has finally reached its goal: 100,000 members strong, united by their desire for Capcom to resume development of Mega Man Legends 3 (or at least stand by their promise to release the Prototype Version and see how that does). The only question is, "what now?" How will Capcom respond to this outpouring of support? Will they respond at all? It remains to be seen, but as soon as we hear something, you'll find it here.

Get Me Off the Moon: Support Morishita Reika's Music to Support Mega Man Legends 3

One of the biggest disappointments of the Mega Man Legends 3 Project is that we never received the opportunity to express our interest in the game through downloading the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version, a factor which Capcom had stated would determine whether or not the project would move forward. Following disappointment, displeasure, and a breaking of trust, fans were left to wonder whether MegaMan Volnutt and friends would ever have another chance.

Well, according to Get Me Off the Moon, aka "100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3" (who are currently 89,131 strong), there may be a way for us to not only make our voices heard, but possibly get that Prototype Version released as well, all while listening to yet another strong voice.

And no, signing up for the Devroom or Facebook groups is not required.

In the latest edition of Roll's Wrapup, their International Strategies Team in Japan met with Morishita Reika, singer of Rockman DASH theme songs "another sun" and "Your Wind is Blowing" and supporter of the Mega Man Legends 3 fan movement. As you may recall, she had recently reached out to the fans for input into her new arrangements.

Get Me Off the Moon reports that she possesses strong contacts within Capcom Japan, and offers the following:

To support our community, she is going to release her Mega Man Legends soundtrack reprisals at the end of May or early July, tentatively. During the meeting yesterday, she said that if her new soundtrack makes over 20,000 sales, Capcom Japan is likely to release the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version on the e-shop. Although there are no guarantees, keep in mind she is a well-networked individual. Fans in Japan in general do not expect an announcement of a new Mega Man title until next year, and the direction of the Mega Man brand is still undecided. We will do whatever it takes to support those in and out of Capcom Japan still fighting quietly for us.

This is a rather interesting development, one which gives us hope, albeit tempered with a light skepticism. By which we mean, if Keiji Inafune himself had to fight so hard to even get what we have seen of the project underway... well, we just imagine she would need to have extremely strong and well-placed connections within the company.

But who knows? Maybe she does. The question is, are you willing to purchase her soundtrack and take a chance at finding out?

Well, we are, and as soon as we find out a way to help fans outside of Japan participate in purchasing the soundtrack, we'll let you know right here on The Mega Man Network.

Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version on Capcom Games Guest Show (Now with Subtitles)

With just a touch of reluctance (and you can guess why), here is an edition of the "Capcom Games Guest Show" which featured the Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version. And, courtesy of the folks at Get Me Off the Moon, it even has subtitles (just click the CC button)!

My Nintendo News says that this is "unseen footage," though we thought we had posted this before (and cannot tell without conducting a thorough search). Regardless, the subtitles are new, so far as we know, so at least that balances it out somewhat if the footage itself isn't.

The YouTube description notes that this was aired "a full three months" before the game's cancellation, and "it is further proof that this product crafted by the hands of the fans is complete and taking up space on a hard drive."

And be sure to read the full description for a note from 100K's Jake Hans about how he believes marketing failed the project.

Thanks to Colonel Forte and My Nintendo News for the tip!

Neo Devroom Events: Weapon Contest Finalists Announced - Place Your Vote Now!

Some of you may recall that about a month ago, we reported on a new initiative by Get Me Off the Moon, aka "100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 (with 84,974 as of this post), to get activity in the Capcom Unity Devroom forums buzzing again. This entailed a weapon design contest open to Devroom members in the style of those contests held when the project was still active, and featured a number of cool prizes, including a custom MegaMan Volnutt figure with the winner's weapon as an accessory. Well, the time has finally come: 100K member Zetta has informed us that ten finalists have been chosen, and now is the time to vote for your favorite weapon. To do so, you'll need to be a member of the Capcom Unity forums and, if we're not mistaken, have a Servbot number for the Devroom (which you should anyway, if you have any interest in Mega Man Legends). With those, you can vote on which one you would like to see win in this thread. In addition, you can find some words from the judges here.

There are some pretty neat ideas, many of which would be fun to use in an actual game. Nets, flamethrowers, tri-barreled shotguns, Reaverbot arms, and more. There are also a number of cool pics to accompany them, and one even has videos of the device in action! So head on over and cast your vote! "The more Mega Man fans we can get to participate," Zetta says, "the more authentic the results will be."

75,000 Strong and Growing for Mega Man Legends 3

We would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Facebook group 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 (aka "Get Me Off the Moon") on reaching a new milestone today. For a while, it seemed that the numbers had slowed down a bit after they reached the 50,000 mark. But recently, they have seen something of a resurgence in activity as more and more users began to join the group. At the start of the month, on March 2nd, they had just reached the 60 percent mark; this means that over the past month, 15,000 new fans have joined the movement, several thousand of those having come in the past few days.

Of course, even if they reach the goal, that in no way means that Capcom will listen. However, other recent movements have managed to effect change, including the release of Xenoblade Chronicles in just a couple of weeks and fans successfully rallying for BioWare to do something about the ending of Mass Effect 3... well, nothing is impossible.

100,000 Strong Presents Neo Devroom Events: Mega Man Legends Weapon Contest

It's been a little while since we last heard anything from Get Me Off the Moon, but they have recently updated with some new stuff to share.

A new campaign has been started-- perhaps a sub-campaign, if you will-- called Neo Devroom Events, whose purpose is to revitalize the Devroom. They are kicking this off with a new contest in which participants design a new weapon for our favorite Digger, and there are lots of cool prizes.

The first-place winner will receive a one-of-a-kind version of Ryan Showers' custom MegaMan Volnutt figure. "What makes it different from all the rest," you may ask? The winning entrant gets a version of the figure with their very own custom weapon included. How cool is that?

Other prizes for subsequent placing include a copy of Mega Man Tribute from UDON, and a set of four NES-styled Mega Man Legends bead sprites, respectively.

Full contest rules can be found here, and you can also join in the discussion on Capcom Unity.

Thanks for the links, Zetta!

OtaRockman - Mega Man: Made in Japan parts 4 and 5 Now Available

Just a quick note for those interested: parts 4 and 5 of the Mega Man panel from this year's Otakon have now been posted to YouTube by Hardcore Hecxz. You can check them out below (as well as in the link to the full report above, for completion's sake). Thanks, Hecxz!