A Look at Yujin's SR Rockman DASH 2 & Namco X Capcom Figures

Undamned has passed along a couple of links to us for some of his recent YouTube videos. The first one features a look at the Rockman DASH 2 and Namco X Capcom "SR" (Super Real) figures from Yujin; check it out:

A gallery of the Rockman DASH 2 set can be seen here, with a more dedicated focus on Rock here, while the Namco X Capcom figures of Roll, Tron, and the Servbot can be seen here.

If you're interested in seeing how the pieces of Volnutt come together to create a whole Rockman figure, read on.

You can find the pics of this figure built with the ultra-poseable Revoltech joints here, here, and here.

Thanks, Undamned!

Mega Man Double Pack on its Way to PlayStation Portable? (Updated)

Yeah, we're a little late with this one, but it's worth talking about just the same. A few days ago (okay, so closer to a week), we heard from MMN reader RedMage1987 and Protodude's Rockman Corner about a "Mega Man Dual Pack" for the PlayStation Portable, which appears on both GameFAQs and GameStop's website. The former is using the image seen at right, that of the Japan-exclusive Value Pack containing both Rockman Rockman and Irregular Hunter X, while the latter has no image available.

Both websites cite a September 5th, 2011 release date, with GameStop labeling it with a price of $14.99, though the true contents of this package are unknown. But at that price, a re-release of the two games we did get seems more likely than the other noted possibility, that of a localized release of the two ported Rockman DASH games which were not released here.

With a release date so close, it would seem unlikely that this is just hot air, though, but with no official announcement from Capcom themselves, all we can really do is speculate. But between those two options, which would you rather see?

Update: And as Heat Man pointed out in the comments below, Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svensson confirmed it as a two-for-one re-release of Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X.

Mega Man: Case Zero?

Fans of the Dead Rising series-- or, at least, those who have an Xbox 360-- may be familiar with Capcom's recent experimental prequel to last year's release of Dead Rising 2, appropriately titled "Dead Rising 2: Case Zero." For 400 Microsoft Points, players could download the title and enjoy some of the new characters and features from the then-upcoming zombie-busting sequel, as well as the benefit of being able to preemptively build protagonist Chuck Greene's skills to Level 5. Since its August 31st release, it went on to become the biggest first-week release of 2010 on Xbox LIVE, with 300,000 downloads sold in those first seven days.

With that said, it only makes sense that Capcom would seek to recreate that success with some of its other franchises beyond Dead Rising. "It's something that we're evaluating for all of our titles," Capcom U.S. Vice President Christian Svensson told GamesIndustry.biz in an interview.

"It's not something we're going to be doing on every title," he continued, "but it's something we're looking at on a title by title basis. Can we provide a compelling, self-contained pre-amble with persistence that links to a full product that helps people to upsell? That's really being thought out on a case-by-case basis."

However, don't go expecting this to happen for, say, Mega Man Legends 3-- and not for reasons outlined earlier. According to Svensson, the decision to create such a tie-in has to be made at the start of the project:

"The learnings that come from this are that it's something you have to plan from the beginning. It's not something you can do mid-development. It was hard enough even when we planned it from the beginning, just time-wise, the coordination of the Vancouver studio finalling practically three pieces of content at once -- that's hard. That's really hard to do, logistically."

In addition, there are other concerns with releasing such a product into the virtual marketplace. Beyond the worry that their investment in Case Zero would not yield positive results, there is also the concern that the release could taint the bigger product, leading to dissatisfied downloaders choosing not to purchase the retail game.

"A bad trial experience or a bad brand experience can do more harm than a really good brand experience," Svensson noted. "So you've really got to get everything lined up well."

1UP put forth the question of what other titles their readers would like to see receive their own "Case Zero" prologues, with their title suggesting marquee Capcom franchises Resident Evil and, of course, Mega Man. Interestingly enough, however, Capcom did release something akin to this before, and it was indeed for Mega Man.

Rockman DASH 2: Episode 1 was released with the Japanese version of Misadventures of Tron Bonne. But unlike the demo released with the game in North America, it contained its own story, taking place between the two numbered games in the series.

Unlike Case Zero, however, we aren't aware of any leveling-up type of benefit to your Rockman DASH 2 game if you played the prequel first. It was never released outside of Japan, though it did see a re-release on the PlayStation Portable release of Rockman DASH 2. For the benefit of those without the Japanese systems and games, here is a video of the game from YouTube:

Unlike Case Zero, there was no fee to partake in the demo-- you just had to purchase another good (but underrated) game to get it. And, unlike some other companies' offerings, at least that game was a part of the same series as the demo.

How would you like to see this idea applied to the Mega Man franchise? With the variety of game styles from series to series, there are no doubt plenty of ideas out there. Or would you rather Capcom did not do this for Mega Man?

Tell us in the comments!

Image Source: Toy Collector

Rockman DASH 2 artwork/soundtrack set announced

dash2selectionMegaMan Legends fans will be drooling over this one. Capcom of Japan will be offering "Capcom Special Selection" packs for three games on sales at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show later this month. One of those games is Rockman DASH 2. So what is a "Capcom Special Selection"? It's a pack set containing a 32 page booklet of both official and conceptual artwork, and a mini CD soundtrack. Unfortunately the soundtrack only has 17 tracks (the game itself has over 80 songs). Regardless, I am still super stoked to get one of these. I'll have to work my connections. Beyond TGS, the set will go on sale on e-Capcom October 1st. It will run for ¥2,000 (roughly $21.65 US). Check out the artwork samples and track list below.


Track list:

  1. Title
  2. The Flutter
  3. Yosyanka Town
  4. Calinca Island
  5. Yosyanka Mine
  6. Giwan
  7. Jagd Krabbe Rev.
  8. Bola
  9. Galgalfummee
  10. Glyde Drache Ace
  11. Bancoscas
  12. Blitzkrieg
  13. Worgie Gairon
  14. Hover Gustaf
  15. Jiji
  16. Mother Area
  17. Sera Battle Body #2

News Credit: CAP Kobun

What? More Beta Video?

Seems like every other day, more and more early footage or screens are being turned up for our favorite games. This time, the honor goes to none other than Rockman DASH 2, or MegaMan Legends 2 if you so prefer. Check out the following video excerpt from this 1999 promotional VHS tape from V Jump magazine:

The most noteworthy aspect of this video is at 1:09 where you can see a town that remains completely absent from the final build. The rest of the video is comprised of footage from Episode 1, a "demo" of DASH 2 bundled with Tron Ni Kobun. -- Protodude's Rockman Corner

Of course, the live-action Data is pretty freakin' cool, too.

If you have or know where more such footage exists, be it on YouTube or elsewhere on the internet, then drop us a line! We'll be glad to share it with everyone in the community!

Legendary Rockman (and Mega Man) Commercials

Since Heat Man decided to take us on a trip back in time with the commercials for the original Rockman games in Japan, I did want to say (as I often do whenever the opportunity affords itself) that there is a single Mega Man advertisement which I think did a very good, if not excellent job. Behold:

If only Mega Man Legends 2 had received the same treatment-- maybe more people would have checked it out. I think it definitely shows off the game itself well and in an exciting way, with a nice bit of hyperbole to get viewers excited.

And, even as a huge Mario fan, I still love "don't call a plumber!" to this day.

Of course, Japan has its fair share of commercials for their version, ranging from the bizarre...

...to the cute/funny...

...to... hmm, now that's strange. I was sure that there was a commercial for Rockman DASH 2, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know where it might lurk, or am I just imagining it?