Script Translation for Chapter 5 of Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on the Five Islands Now Available

It's been a long road, but here we are: the fifth and final chapter of the Japanese cellphone-exclusive game, Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on the Five Islands, is finally translated and awaiting your perusal. Join MegaMan Volnutt and Roll Caskett as they set sail in the skyfaring Flutter and come upon a mysterious formation of towers. Where did they come from, and what is their purpose? And what relation, if any, do they have to the tablets MegaMan has collected on his previous adventures in the series?

Just hit the link and read the script to see how this untold (well, outside of Japan, anyway) chapter of the Mega Man Legends saga unfolds, including a rather bittersweet ending.

And stay tuned, as we will soon return to the world of Mega Man Battle Network as Heat Man works to translate the script to another Japan exclusive, 2004's Rockman.EXE: Phantom of the Network!

Script Translation for Chapter 4 of Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on the Five Islands Now Available

It's here! Heat Man's script translation for the fourth and penultimate chapter of the Japanese-exclusive Rockman DASH story Great Adventure on the Five Islands is now available for your reading enjoyment. Join MegaMan and Roll as they land on a volcanic island explored long ago by their grandfather, Barrell, as they seek to find the cause of the earthquakes which could threaten the surrounding area-- and much more! Of course, finding the source of these tremors is but one problem the duo encounter along the way towards accomplishing their mission.

And with that, there is only one chapter left in this "lost" story of the Rockman DASH saga. Stay tuned for the conclusion!

Let’s Play Mega Man Legends: Great Adventure on the Five Islands! Part 1-5

From out of the shadows, it strikes! The fifth part of Get Me Off the Moon's fan dub of the Japan-only cell phone-exclusive Rockman DASH title, Great Adventure on the Five Islands, is now upon us:

Just two more parts to go! What will happen next? Stay tuned! ...or just read the script, if you're that impatient.

Script Translation for Chapter 3 of Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on the Five Islands Now Available

As promised, we now have the latest script in Heat Man's series of translations from the Japan-only cell phone-exclusive Rockman DASH title, Great Adventure on the Five Islands, uploaded and ready for your reading enjoyment. This time out, we finally get to find out what old Grandpa Barrell Caskett has been up to. But before MegaMan and Roll can find out why he had been called to Ilks Island, they must deal with an ever-vigilant long arm of the law... one new to them, but familiar to longtime Legends fans.

So that's three down, two to go. What adventures await our heroes next? What adversaries will they have to face? Stay tuned!

Let’s Play Mega Man Legends: Great Adventure on the Five Islands! Part 1-4

Get Me Off The Moon is really rolling now! Here's the fourth part of the first chapter from the Great Adventure on the Five Islands fan-dubbing project!

And check back tomorrow, when we'll have the full translated script of Chapter 3 available for your enjoyment!

Let’s Play Mega Man Legends: Great Adventure on the Five Islands! Part 1-3

Get Me Off The Moon continues their work on dubbing the Japan-only cellphone-exclusive episodic Rockman DASH action-adventure spectacular, Great Adventure on the Five Islands. Here is the latest upload to YouTube, part three of seven from the first chapter:

And stay tuned, as we will soon have the translated transcript of Chapter 3 here soon! In the meantime, you can check out the full script for Chapters 1 and 2 in the link above.

The TMMN Megacast #14 – To Be a Mega Master

Dashe TroxonDon't look now, but it's totally still October, guys. No, really! I mean, why else would there be an October edition of the MegaCast today? Certainly not because we're late. I would never let that happen! This month (by which I mean October), we have special guest Dashe Troxon from Legends Station joining us to talk about the recent efforts of the 100,000 Strong for Legends 3 movement. She also teases some of what's to come from the group and shares some of her experience on the fan dub of Mega Man Legends: Great Adventure on the 5 Islands.

Brian (Protodude) and Ash Paulsen (from Udon) also join me (aka Main Finger or "the guy who always forgets to introduce himself on the show") as we give the rundown on the Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet (currently in progress), have a heated debate on whether the We are ROCK-MEN! album is awesome or so awesome, and bask in our memories of the arcade scene with a discussion of Mega Man: The Power Battle.

All this and more (read: not more) on the latest Megatacular Powertastic Battlecast! MegaCast!




Let's Play Mega Man Legends: Great Adventure on the Five Islands! Part 1-2

Following our update from yesterday, the fine folks over at Get Me Off The Moon have posted the second part of their fan dub for the first part of Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on the Five Islands. Check it out, as Servbots join the fray!

We'll continue to bring you the following chapters as they come.

Now Available: Script Translation for Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on the Five Islands: Chapter 2

Ladies, gentlemen, Servbots of all ages! We would like to direct your attention to The Mega Man Universe wiki, where we have just added the translated script for the second chapter of the Japanese cell phone-exclusive Rockman DASH game, Great Adventure on the Five Islands! In this chapter, the ever-reliable Flutter malfunctions, and Roll must once again make an emergency crash landing on the nearest available island. To get things working again, MegaMan must hunt for parts, but trouble lurks close behind as Teisel leads the Servbots in an effort to avenge the wrongdoing his sister, Tron, was forced to endure during their last encounter!

This script is full of fun moments, particularly those between Teisel and the Servbots, who note that Tron hasn't been acting quite like herself lately. But can they succeed in foiling MegaMan and Roll's plans to get off the island without her help?

In addition, there is one line in particular which will no doubt be a sticking point for those waiting for the ending to Mega Man Legends 2 to be resolved; can you guess which one?

So check it out, and stay tuned, as we'll soon have Chapter 3 on the way! And we'll let you know when Get Me Off The Moon brings you their fandubbing of this chapter as well!

A Sample of the 5 Islands Adventure Dubbing

Here is a sample of the Get Me Off The Moon team's translation efforts for the mobile game Rockman DASH: The Great Five Islands Adventure (or its many other localized names). It now appears to have stepped up from a simple subtitle project to an actual dubbing! Color me very impressed.

Have to admit, in some regards I got closure with Legends 3's cancellation (at least in terms of cause), but hearing fans provide the voices, and extremely well too, does bring me to wondering what could have been. I can't help but feel a little regretful for it. Nevertheless, I hope the GMOTM crew keeps up the great work!

You can find more direct footage from Five islands Adventure on the Rockman DASH 3 Revival Project Blog.

Thanks to Amunshen for the tip!

Now Available: Script Translation for Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on the Five Islands

Our devious plot to rid ourselves of Heat Man by sending him to Japan under the cover of getting more information about Japan-exclusive Mega Man has actually managed to bear some fruit. Less than a month ago, he sent back a detailed report which outlined the cell phone-exclusive Rockman DASH game, Great Adventure on the Five Islands. And now, he has given us something new from that game: a translation of the first chapter's script!

Though Heat Man said the game is light on content, it still seems to have plenty of the character dialogue and interactions which have made the series so popular with its fans. The portions with the Servbots are as entertaining as ever, particularly their continued efforts to stop MegaMan and the bit about getting a big reward from Miss Tron.

So Capcom has no plans for Mega Man Legends 3 for the time being, but would it kill them to give us a little something, like this game in the Nintendo 3DS eShop? Or WiiWare (as Square Enix did with Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, itself a one-time Japanese cell phone exclusive)?

Image courtesy of our affiliates at The Mechanical Maniacs. Thanks, guys!

The TMMN Megacast #13 - Heat Man's 5 Dryerless Adventures

In a strange twist of fate, Heat Man has found himself trapped one day into the future. But thanks to the science (read: magic) of the northern lights, Tabby, Ash Paulsen and I were able to establish a radio connection and hear his warnings of things to come! Of course, the crew started doubting the whole "future" business after Heat showed the cell phone he was using and started talking about a game from 2008. But since we're all Legends fans, we listened to the tale of his 5 Islands Great Adventure anyway.

But before that, Heat tells us just how bizarre the future really is. Have dryers really been banished from society? Is there really such a thing as a convenient post office? Are we actually just talking about Japan and not the future at all? We may never know.

This isn't the HeatCast, though. We all chime in to talk about Mega Man 9, how it feels to go back to it, how it compares with 10, and how it got the ball rolling for a retro revival in gaming.

Heat Man isn't the only comeback. The giveaway segment has returned! You'll have a chance to win your very own out-of-print Mega Man 6 keychain. A rare specimen indeed. How do you win? You'll have to listen yourself to find out!




An Overview of Rockman DASH on Cell Phone

Since moving to Japan, one of the things I wanted to set out to do was try all these various Rockman games that are released her for mobile phones. It's been difficult, and it cost me quite a bit, but I finally accomplished that goal. From here on out, I hope to be able to give an in depth look at these games. There are a lot of places I could have begun, but I'm pretty sure that if I'd bothered to ask, most everyone would have me start with Rockman DASH: Itsutsu no Shima no Daibouken! (roughly 5 Islands Great Adventure, though not the prettiest localization). Although it released back in 2008, it's surprising how few details surrounding it have come out (especially given how passionate Legends fans can be).

This is meant to be a basic overview, and I'll provide some gameplay videos at the end (which you will likely scroll down to immediately). In the weeks to come, I hope to provide in depth coverage of each chapter, including (hopefully) fully translated dialogue.

So let's get down to business. As you might imagine, being a cell phone game and all, the scale of 5 Islands is cut down quite a bit from an ordinary Legends game. The "free running" aspect of the game is entirely gone, and instead gameplay is cut up into individual stages which are selected via a map. Missions typically revolve around getting to the end of the stage or beating all of the enemies. Each island has seven stages, with the last always being a boss battle.

While on the map screen you can switch to the main menu, which is where you can travel to other islands, talk to townspeople and shop (they are accessible via a list), develop and improve weapons, equip parts, and manage saves. Your health and weapon energy do not recharge between stages, so you still have to go to Data to recharge. But all of these aspects are reduced to menus.

Stages themselves take place in ruins, in natural areas, and in towns. Although some stages are maze-like and have elements of exploration, they are all essentially linear and unconnected. Some stages, however, have secret items where certain weapons or abilities are necessary to get to. You can exit a stage by returning to the beginning or using an escape item you can buy. If you're beat in a stage you just go back to the map, but you lose half the Zenny you had on you.

You can revisit stages after you beat them, even the bosses. Revisted stages will not replay the story segments that occur before and after the stage, and the stage will lose whatever mission requirement it had. This means that the only way to leave the stage is to go back to the beginning or use an escape item. Revisiting bosses is by far the best way to farm for Zenny, since you're rewarded based on how fast you can beat the boss.

As you might imagine, the controls for the game are a bit rough. You use the phone's navigation keys to move around (pretty much all Japanese flip style cell phones have this in some form). You press 9 to fire your buster, 6 to fire your special weapon, and # to jump. Pressing 3 manually turns your lock-on on and off.

There are essentially two modes for moving around. Under normal circumstances, you press up to move forward, left and right pivots you in those directions, and down makes you walk backwards incredibly slowly. I can't see why they felt the last was necessary. Double tapping on left, right or down will make you do a quick hop in that direction.

Then there's lock-on mode. When you're shooting at an enemy, you'll automatically lock onto them after a moment (the amount of time it takes can be shortened with upgrades). When locked onto an enemy, left and right make you strafe that direction, and since you're always facing the enemy you can manage the classic circle-the-enemy-while-shooting maneuver. You always move backwards much faster while locked on. Ceasing fire or taking damage will break your lock on.

Accessing items like switches and chests is done with 9 when you're right next to them. You also use 9 to grab onto ladders, a feature the original Legends games never had.

While the amount of content the game has might be nice for a cell phone game, ultimately this is pretty limited as well. There are maybe around 10-12 total enemy types, although with color variations too. There are even a couple of repeat boss battles including, sadly, the final battle. Because of the small amount of enemies, you'll at times have Reaverbots appearing on the surface, and Bonne mechas appearing in ruins. Sometimes they even appear together, which doesn't make much since. There is also a single new Reaverbot type, a gold, fish-like Reaverbot, though it is essentially a re-skin of a police vehicle enemy.

The game has a fairly decent system in place for customization. There are a variety of parts for your buster, head, armor and feet you can buy or find. You can also bring parts to Roll to develop special weapons, and improve those weapons, as per the original games. You are actually just given the Hyper Shell early on, which remains a pretty useful weapon the whole game. I was also able to build the Machine Buster and Drill Arm, though there is still more.

Graphically the game looks good enough. Visual design appears to be influenced by Legends 2, but I'd actually say the detail of the models is even less than the original game. The camera angle can be a little tough to work with since you can't move it around as freely. As a result, many enemies have the ability to teleport back to their starting position to prevent them from just sitting on you where they're hard to see. The game also has very little music, maybe a total of eight songs including jingles, but it's all original and pretty well composed. Stage music feels a little more like classic Mega Man themes.

Story-wise, not a lot happens. Although there are some overarching elements, each chapter is essentially its own self-contained story. This makes it similar to the original Legends, where you're essentially just traveling about and encountering events as they come up (as opposed to working towards some ultimate goal or purpose). While you do avert some near disasters, for the most part the plot centers around speculating on the ancient ruins and dealing with meddling from the Bonne family. The final chapter ends pretty anti-climatically, with MegaMan discovering a tower with a gateway leading to Elysium that no longer works. Of course at the point of time MegaMan has no idea what Elysium is.

I know some people have brought up the idea of using the engine developed for Legends 3 to easily port 5 Islands to the 3DS download shop, and I was once a proponent of this myself. After playing the game, however, I don't believe it would work so well. More than anything technical, the game just doesn't have a lot of volume. There would have to be a bit more content added and some more cohesiveness to work, especially with how short stages are in the first couple chapters.

In the end I'd say it's a novel little game, and even has some replayability, especially if you want to grab and max out all the weapons. But it's a very short game, can be very awkward to play, and its content would do little to satisfy even a mild Legends fan for very long. While a nice thought, the game was hardly an answer to the years that passed since Legends 2.

Anyway, now for some video samples which I did my best to record well, though there are a few out of focus moments. Also keep in mind that my stats are pretty high level while playing these stages, and I have boots equipped to negate damage from walking on lava.

I hope you've found this report interesting! Please keep an eye out for more detailed updates to come.