Rocket Man, Burnin' Out His Fuse, Up Here Alone: Get Me Off The Moon's Rocket Launch

In A.D. 20XX, rocket launch was beginning... and then postponed, then beginning again, and was eventually a success.

"What happen?" the people asked.

Well, Jesse Judy of Genesius Films has finally completed the editing of the footage of 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3's rocket launch, and now you can see it for yourself in the short ten-minute film presented above. In addition to the previous links, you can learn more about the project's history in this post on their Facebook page.

Thanks for the tip, Skybane!

Guess Who Made ScrewAttack's List of the Top 10 Pirates in Video Games...

Hint: It's not Mega Man, but someone else from the franchise. Find out by watching the video above or clicking here to view. Just remember that the video isn't really safe for work.

Edit: And we just noticed that the thumbnail sort of gives it away. Whoops.

Tron and the Servbots to Join Cast of Onimusha Soul

mainv Mega Man Legends may be down, but it's clearly not out. In addition to sharing the words of support from Inafune, 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 reports that Capcom of Japan has announced a special promotion for their browser-based strategy RPG, Onimusha Soul.

A wide variety of female characters from across Capcom's numerous franchises will be appearing in the game as recruitable characters, each redesigned to fit in with the feudal Japanese setting of the game-- well, mostly. As you can see in the picture above (lower-left), Tron Bonne seems to be the representative for Mega Man, and while she's certainly getting into the spirit, the Servbots she has in tow are sticking to their traditional design.

Several other familiar faces fill out this roster of guest-stars, but seeing as Mega Man has quite a few female character to spare, we ask: Who else would you like to see get feudal in Onimusha Soul?

Inafune Voices His Support of 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3

542682_439126319494948_21891933_nSo, a funny thing happened over on the Facebook group 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3, aka "Get Me Off the Moon." Following the success of their interview with Reika Morishita, Skybane Zero thought he would try his luck with none other than "The Father of Mega Man" himself, Keiji Inafune. After all, he's no longer punching the clock for Capcom, so he should be a little more free to speak, right? Well, no, actually. Hanako, Inafune's PR Manager at Comcept said that she "didn't think an interview would be possible," as Inafune no longer "owns" the Mega Man IP, meaning he cannot comment on it proactively (one might argue it's less proactive and more reactive, but be that as it may...). Despite this, however, she was able to get him to deliver "a very heartwarming and inspiring comment"-- an official word of support from Inafune himself:

Hello everyone, I am Keiji Inafune.

Thank you for following us on Facebook.

As I once wrote in my blog, I was very touched by your movement, "100,000 Strong For Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3".

I am now independent, away from Capcom, so as you can tell, I stand in the same position as all of you when it comes to Mega Man Legends 3.

I stand beside you cheering for the same cause and hope.

I personally feel grateful for all your love for the title, and I respect your long-lasting passion. I will continue to personally support all your efforts.

I thank you all for showing so much love towards my very favorite creation.

As a game creator, I promise to continue creating more games that will appeal to all of you moving forward.

"While it's true that this may not have any relevance to MML3's current situation," says group manager Skybane Zero, "we should nonetheless feel proud to have the undying support of the father of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune! I hope this message serves to set the MML3 fighting spirit ablaze in you all!"

It's good to know that Inafune still shares the passion of the fans, now as a fan himself. This will probably do little to sway Capcom from whatever their current plans are, but the gesture of support is nonetheless appreciated.

Reika Morishita's "Another Sun 2012" Single Coming Next Month

51ry1uDOdWL Last year we learned that Reika Morishita's arranged theme songs for Rockman DASH garnered enough support to get an actual single release. In case you weren't aware, that album is coming out pretty soon now. Releasing in Japan on March 6th, Another Sun 2012 contains the arrangements for both "another sun 2012" and "Anata no Kaze ga Fuku kara ~Your wind is blowing~". The single album will also contain the instrumental versions of both tracks. It will run ¥1,000 ($10.70 US).

If you can make an account on Amazon JP, you should be able to import the album easily. Of course, the tracks are still available to purchase digitally as well.

Mission Complete: Get Me Off the Moon's Rocket Launch a Success!

555905_426176790789901_1398233905_n Though there was a 30 percent chance of rain, this past weekend saw a successful launch of Get Me Off the Moon's five-foot rocket. With Roll Caskett herself (or a great facsimile) there to oversee the proceedings, it reportedly soared 900 feet into the sky before coming back down, its parachute deploying for a safe landing.

We were going to wait for some video before reporting this, but as it turns out, that won't be available for several weeks, as the crew are busy editing it into a professionally-styled piece to present to Capcom. In the meantime, you can soak up the full details of the event in the group's report here, take in the sights in their album here, and we'll bring you the video when it's ready!

100K Strong Shoots for the Moon Again This Saturday

203520_240306496099776_74823540_nJust a reminder for those of you who were interested: Remember the model rocket launch organized by the Facebook group 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 was going to hold last month? The same one which had to be postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions? Well, the new date is upon us as the group will once again try their own hand at launching a rocket into the sky as a symbolic gesture that yes, we want to get MegaMan Volnutt off the dad-blamed moon already! The public event will once more attempt to be held come 2pm at the Hearne Municipal Airport in Hearne, Texas. However, the forecast is calling for a 30 percent chance of rain, so there's still the possibility it will have to be postponed once more.

More details can be found on the event page, and we once again wish the best of luck (actually, we wished that last time-- better luck, then) to those involved!

Reika Morishita's Arrangements are Getting a CD Release

Reika Morishita's arranged versions of "Another Sun" and "Your Wind is Blowing" release digitally back in September. Now, much to her hopes, the Legends commemorative tunes will come out via an actual CD release as well. While Ms. Morishita had hoped for a release to tie in with Mega Man's 25th anniversary, issues of cost and manufacturing bring the expected release date to sometime in February.

It remains to be seen what other features an actual CD release might have, but Ms. Morishita will certainly keep us posted. Perhaps the fan art submission event will figure in somehow. Furthermore, with an actual CD release, the likelihood that the new arrangements will appear in karaoke systems also increases.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Updates Aplenty for Tuttle's Legendary Travels

It's been a little while since we last heard from the development team for the fan game "Tuttle's Legendary Travels," but a few things have popped up recently, including the following status report:

Among the items mentioned in the video are the Japanese title for the project, "Teiji DASH ~Fushigi de Soudai na Daibouken~," and their fifth community event to design some Reaverbots. For more information about the event and how to enter, just click here. It's currently in progress, and ends on December 10th.

Finally, there is an early demo now available to allow you a chance to get a feel for the engine. You can find both versions (PC and Mac) in the links at the top of the sidebar here. And with that done, "new releases with additional features and polish should become more frequent."

Thanks for the tip, Blyka!

Samples of another sun and Your Wind Is Blowing Arrangements

[audio:|titles=another sun 2012 (sample)]another sun 2012
[audio:|titles=あなたの風が吹くから~Your wind is blowing~ (sample)] あなたの風が吹くから~Your wind is blowing~

Hot off the heels of yesterday's announcement that Reika Morishita's Mega Man Legends theme arrangements would get a worldwide release via iTunes, we now have thirty second samples of the songs as well, set to release on the 12th next week. These samples come from Amazon JP, which will also be carrying digital downloads of the tunes for sale.

Just in case you wanted to compare, here check out the original "another sun" and "Your Wind Is Blowing". As long as we've been covering the developments of these remixes, I'm sure most of you have just been waiting to hear the real deal. So, what do you think?

News via CAP Kobun

Worldwide Release for Morishita's Legends Songs, Possible CD Plan

September is already upon us. And if you've been a diligent Mega Man Legends fan, you know that Reika Morishita's fan appreciation arrangements of her Legends theme songs are coming out this month on the 12th via iTunes and ring tone services. Earlier today, Morishita requested her fans disseminate this official PR for her two arrange singles: "another sun 2012" and "あなたの風が吹くから~Your wind is blowing~".

They're opuses of the world of game music! Reika Morishita's "another sun" and "Your Wind is Blowing" released as singles in 1997 are making a comeback this year!

Two songs: the commercial theme song and the ending tune for the PlayStation title Mega Man Legends released in 1997. Beyond the game their popularity never faded, and even now conceal an immense power. Those two songs have been newly arranged, thanks to the passionate demands from fans honoring the 15th anniversary of Mega Man Legends this year. The release is set.

We want you to hear these freshly revived songs and breath new life into them once again. This September 12th, they will have a simultaneous worldwide release on iTunes, and will become available on other ring tone sites.

I know some of you were worried about the availability of the song because it's releasing on iTunes, so the news that it will be released worldwide should be comforting. Still, if you really want a physical copy of the music, you will need to make your voices heard again. Morishita is interested in doing a CD release of the singles, but she only can if she receives enough fan enthusiasm for them. This is primarily to not end up having stacks of unsold CDs lying around. If you want send in a comment, you can deliver it via 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3.

Tuttle's Legendary Travels Launches "Sturm Servbot Event"

Remember a few months ago, when we told you about the up-and-coming fan game set in the world of Mega Man Legends called "Tuttle's Legendary Travels?" One part of that was that there would be contests to help the development along in a way akin to the Mega Man Legends 3 Project DevRoom Events. As it happens, the team behind "Tuttle's" has one such contest already underway. Check it out:

Nodin seems a little Teisel-esque, but these character and ship designs seem pretty cool nonetheless. But the Sturm forces need their Servbot equivalent, and that's where you come in!

Blyka notes that this is perhaps the most important event they'll be holding, with the winning design as a part of the game featured prominently from the opening cutscene through the ending credits. To find out more, visit this thread on The Mega Man Legends Station's forums. The contest ends on September 5th, so don't delay! Act today!

Morishita's Legends Themes Are Set to Go

Not too long ago, singer Reika Morishita informed us that production and fine tuning of her Mega Man Legends theme songs, "another sun" and "Your Wind Is Blowing" was coming to an end. At long last, she informs us today that production has indeed wrapped up, and the tunes now have a release date. The revamped singles, "another sun 2012" and "あなたの風が吹くから~Your wind is blowing~" will be released on September 12th, via iTunes and ring tone service Recochoku. The distribution is being handled by Victor Entertainment.

Morishita herself is relieved and excited to have the tracks finished and ready to go. She promises further updates soon on details about the songs themselves, and a jacket cover. And now Legends fans can mark September 12th on their calendars!

An Update from Reika Morishita - Announcements Hopefully Soon

Fans of Mega Man Legends have been rallying behind singer Reika Morishita for her new arrangements of the original title's Japanese theme songs, but not much has really been heard of it all this time. According to the latest blog post by Morishita, however, that may be changing soon.

Alright, some news at long last. We've arrived at the climax of this whole thing, the mix work. Countless times I've received files to check and adjust, but I'm getting a good feeling it's nearing completion.

Way back when, we'd coop ourselves up in a studio to do mixing, but the times have changed. Now with PCs, there's no need to gather in a studio, but rather mail what you've done back and forth to check. As much as this removes restrictions for us and grants freedom, it also costs time. So there can't help but be additional lag. The engineer goes to the arranger for checks, then it comes to me for checks. And then I give my feedback. Then adjustments. More checks... Whew, honestly, if we all met together it'd be done in a day, but that's not how it works.

How much longer will the files keep coming to me? And how much more will I make requests? Of course, many of these demands are on such an incredibly miniscule level, and to the common person, they might think "What did you even change?" But we've got ears like bats, and will produce only the finest product. So you see, because we've been working with our best effort, it's taken some time. We hope you understand!

I have a mind to begin making announcements sometime this month. Bear with us!

Should Morishita have her wish, we ought to be getting word on the arrangements of "another sun" and "Because Your Wind Blows" pretty soon, perhaps listening as well. Hardly a better time, considering what month it is.

News via CAP Kobun

Another Fan Shows His Work on a Fan-Made Legends Game

After our recent look at some Mega Man games being developed by fans, another stepped forward to reveal to us a similar project they are working on. Based on the Mega Man Legends series, this project has the working title "Operation Mother Lode."

Jad, who passed word of this project along to us, also included links to music he's composing for the game, including a work-in-progress Flutter theme, a battle tune for Glyde, a theme for the Bonnes, and even a rainy tune.

You can find out more about the game here, and Jad notes that "despite the date the creator is really active. Would be nice to really have an almost legit MML game to play after the fall of Legends 3 and such."

Weird Video Games – Rockman DASH

Everyone has a tendency to interpret video games differently, and this is especially true as you rewind the clock to when a lot of information from favorite titles, including many Mega Man games, came from supplemental sources. Once upon a time, many fans even viewed the Classic series as being as grim and dark as the X series (you know, the one with the elite penguin warrior). That difference in viewpoint even extended to Mega Man Legends, aka Rockman DASH, as some people argued whether it was part of the same timeline as the Classic series and X, or a separate world all its own (and later turned out to be the former). But as our friend Cleveland Rock from DASH Republic recently showed on Blistered Thumbs, some people see it as something else entirely (warning: one written curse word, if that sort of thing bothers you):

Well, that was an enlightening look into the heart of madness. Hopefully, Cleveland will get the help he needs. Perhaps Capcom fast-tracking Legends 3 would be a good start?

Barrett vs. Tron Theme from Mega Man Legends 3 Recreated

Considering it will probably be a while (if ever) before we get the chance to listen to a proper Mega Man Legends 3 soundtrack, Hypershell has taken it upon himself to piece together one of the themes from the Nico Video gameplay of the game's footage. Check it out:

Of course, even if the game does see an eventual release, that doesn't necessarily mean that this theme would be a part of it. As least we can still enjoy it as a neat theme on its own. And if you're interested in downloading an MP3 version, you're all set, with Hypershell adding "I encourage ANY fan to reuse this as they see fit."

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner