Maverick Hunter X Confirmed as PS Vita Compatible in North America

For those of you looking forward to the PlayStation Vita, SCEA has confirmed which PSP games from the North American PlayStation Store will be compatible at launch. Among them is Maverick Hunter X, the only Mega Man related downloadable PSP release outside of Japan. That doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to play other Mega Man PSP titles: The catch is that they're only available on the Japanese PS Store, where all of them are compatible with the PS Vita. SCEA has confirmed that they will be adding more games to the North American list of compatible games in the future, but that still requires the release of Mega Man: Powered Up on the store. That aside, take note that PSOne Classics and by extension PSOne Imports are not yet compatible with the PS Vita. That means you won't be able to play the four Rockman games currently available in North America.

If you want to check up on the full list of North American games, check here. For the Japanese list, check here.

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Rockman 4 Coming to North American PlayStation Store This Week

The latest in SCEA's "PSone Japan Imports" series is Rockman 4, the Complete Works version of the NES classic. According to Sony's PlayStation Blog, the game is dropping this week as part of their weekly Tuesday update.  Here's their writeup on the game:

Megaman 4 — For a year the city has been quiet, but a new robotic terror has gripped the city. That scheming scientist Dr. Cossack has arrived in town with eight new metal maniacs who are bigger and badder than anything Dr. Wily ever dreamed of. It’s going to be a cybernetic showdown as the streets of the city erupt with the sizzling sounds of molten metal! Armed with the new Mega Buster, Mega Man runs, jumps and dodges his way through mazes of metallic munchkins on his way to the Siberian citadel of Dr. Cossack for the findl cataclysmic clash!

Don't expect much English in this game, however. As with all other Japan Imports, this game will be in its unadulterated Japanese form.

Expect the game to cost $5.99 across North America.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Rockman Complete Works Hits PSN This Week

Here's a treat for you PlayStation 3 owners. Rockman Complete Works will be coming to PSN this week for $5.99. This is the original PSX remake released in Japan, with a helpful navigation system, character and enemy bios, and an alternate arranged soundtrack. These were this was the same version of the game used for the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Since this comes under PSN's "Japanese Classics," a lot of the game's extra features will still remain Japanese. But of course, it's not necessary to know Japanese to enjoy the original Mega Man, unless seeing the name "Rockman" just blows your mind or something.

Hopefully more Complete Works titles will be coming along in short order too!

News Credit: Capcom Unity

Where are those Capcom PSN re-releases?

PSNWhile I'm sure the rate with which the PSOne/PSP games are released on the North American PlayStation Store isn't controlled by Capcom, one has to wonder when the ten titles they promised us will be released in the coming months.  Let's not forget how they're aiming to re-release 20 to 40 games in the future.  Most importantly, will there even BE any PSOne Classics Mega Man releases? Let's get this out of the way right now: I've owned a PSP and PS3 for quite some time now.  While I'm used to PSN updates bringing borderline mediocre PSP/PSOne content for the months before, during, and after the summer period, 2009 almost felt like it could finally break free from being stuck in this vortex with Capcom's release announcements.  Three months running, we've only seen three such releases from Capcom: One per month.  Worse yet, this last week saw the first PSOne Classic-less store update since the North American store started putting up titles weekly back in late May.

Let's do the math here: 9 confirmed upcoming PSP/PSOne re-releases, 1/month average, start the countdown from August 2009.  By those numbers, we're looking at the last of those games coming out in April 2010.  February 2011 for 20 games total and October 2012 if we get all 40 games Kramez was talking about.  With some people saying the next generation of gaming could come as soon as 2012, that's hardly an appealing prospect, don't you think?

Alright, so I'm being a bit unfair.  We all know that the PSP Go is coming this fall and that downloadable PSP games will be a far more interesting release by then.  I fully expect a lot of those re-releases to be out once the PSP Go launches.  PSOne releases, however, are compatible with PS3 systems and have seen very good sales without the need of a digital-only device.  Capcom has three such games confirmed yet not a single one has come out yet.

Even on the Mega Man front, the September release of the Irregular Hunter X/Rockman Rockman Value Pack might be what's stalling the release of Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X and Mega Man: Powered Up; which is perfectly understandable since PSN releases are region-free.  Moving toward PSOne releases, we already know that Mega Man Legends isn't cleared for release.  Stretching that, one could guess that licensing problems could afflict a number of other games with voice acting, so let's count out Mega Man 8, Mega Man X4, and (to an extent) Mega Man X6.  What does that leave us with?  Mega Man X5 and MAYBE Mega Man Battle & Chase.  X5 could just as easily fall off the list if Guns N' Roses need to be talked to...

While the prospect of Mega Man games being re-released on PSN in the near future is looking somewhat harsh, take heart.  Capcom haven't abandoned the Blue Bomber and surely won't just stop at the two PSP releases.  Japan will soon see the release of the first Rockman Complete Works game, so that's surely a sign of something good to come.

Download PSN version of Rockman 9 and you might win Rockman

While we reported on this previously, more details have popped up about that ad.  Courtesy of andriasang's translation, the contest from June 24th (today) until July 8th requires downloading the game for a chance to win one of the 30 prize packs they're offering: A Uniqlo T-Shirt and a copy of Rockman as a PSOne Classic. The interesting part about this is that there are no Rockman games released as PSOne classics.  What does this mean?  Thirty lucky Japanese gamers might get their hands on the only downloadable copies of the game in a long time.  Since they've used the PSOne Classic icon for the contest, count on it being the Rockman Complete Works version.

Other information of great interest is the projected release dates of the game's expansions: Blues Mode and Endless Attack are releasing on July 8th, while PSN and XBLA themes will be released from now until then.  Blues Mode will run you up ¥200 or 160 MS Points while Endless Mode will cost ¥300 or 250 MS Points.

Source: andriasang

Rockman Complete Works Promo Reel

By now, we all know about the collection of Mega Man Classic titles released in North America several years ago under the title Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Japan never got this game, but they did, however, get the first six NES Rockman games re-released on the original PlayStation console. What's more, they had the opportunity to purchase each one separately at a regular retail price-- no value-priced compilation here. But these six titles did go on to form the base of Mega Man Anniversary Collection... but not in their entirety.

While we did get the Navi modes, featuring Beat and Mega Man's friends guiding us along, some remixed music, and the turbofire feature, there was so much more which we didn't get, including art and enemy encyclopedias. Not to mention the Pocketstation feature, which provided additional mini-games and a way to give your life meter a serious boost-- of course, shy of working with Nintendo's GameCube-Game Boy Advance connectivity, I don't know how they would have done that anyway.

See the series' promotional clip from Japan for yourself:

I still think the greatest loss was the enemy data... that would have been nice to use for The Mega Man Universe wiki earlier on.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner