Mobile Rockman 9 Goes a Little Easy

Rockman 9 released for purchase on mobile phones in Japan earlier this week, adding to a long list of Rockman games supported by cellularly. And we now know of some features this edition includes. First of all, it is reported to come with all the DLC that could be purchased optionally via the console versions. However, if playing the super hard mode doesn't meet your fancy, that's not a problem either. This Rockman 9 also comes with a "Rookie Mode," which starts you off already having three E Tanks and an M Tank. Additionally, there are fewer enemies in stages. If you live in Japan, you can "rent" the game for ¥315 (roughly $3.80 US) a month, or purchase it for ¥525 (roughly $6.33 US). And if you don't live in Japan, well, just keep playing it on console I suppose!

News Credit: COCOROG

Rockman 9 Going Mobile in Japan

According to CAP Kobun, Capcom announced on their mobile site that they intend to release a cell phone version of Rockman 9: The Ambition's Revival!! on December 1st in Japan. It will be released for Docomo FOMA 903i and 703i series phones, but no word yet on au/Softbank versions. No pictures of the port are out yet, but I imagine it'll be similar in guise to the transitions of Rockman 1~6 on mobile devices. Have to admit I'm a little jealous over all the Rockman games that are enjoyed on mobile phones in Japan. But then, considering a game like Mega Man 9... Throwing your controller in frustration is one thing, but throwing your phone is much worse!

Gaga Man 9 Wily Machine Music

I don't really know who Lady Gaga is-- her name sounds like a broken transmission in Bionic Commando to me. But apparently, she's a musician of some kind whose presence has managed to permeate the mainstream to a significant degree. At least, that's the gist I get from Capcom*Unity's "For the 0.3% of the population that hasn't quite had enough of enough of Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance'" comment. Whatever the case may be, YouTube member KeijiDragon decided to mash up that song with that of Dr. Wily's Machine from Mega Man 9. And here are the results:

Well, I think it's pretty catchy, at any rate.

Download PSN version of Rockman 9 and you might win Rockman

While we reported on this previously, more details have popped up about that ad.  Courtesy of andriasang's translation, the contest from June 24th (today) until July 8th requires downloading the game for a chance to win one of the 30 prize packs they're offering: A Uniqlo T-Shirt and a copy of Rockman as a PSOne Classic. The interesting part about this is that there are no Rockman games released as PSOne classics.  What does this mean?  Thirty lucky Japanese gamers might get their hands on the only downloadable copies of the game in a long time.  Since they've used the PSOne Classic icon for the contest, count on it being the Rockman Complete Works version.

Other information of great interest is the projected release dates of the game's expansions: Blues Mode and Endless Attack are releasing on July 8th, while PSN and XBLA themes will be released from now until then.  Blues Mode will run you up ¥200 or 160 MS Points while Endless Mode will cost ¥300 or 250 MS Points.

Source: andriasang

Rockman 9 PS3/360 bound on 6/24

rm9logo As we reported before, Rockman 9, which was originally only released on WiiWare in Japan, was bound for the XBox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this year in June. Now, according to, we know that specific release date to be June 24th, exactly nine months after it first released on WiiWare. So if you live in Japan, love Rockman but for whatever reason didn't get a Wii, next week is your chance to finally experience Rockman 9. It will cost ¥1,000 on PSN and 800 MS points on Live.

Rockman 9 coming to PS3 and 360


If you're a resident of North America and Europe, chances are you've happily enjoyed Mega Man 9 so long as you own any of the current gen systems available. But did you know that in Japan, Rockman 9 was only ever released on the Wii? However, this will change in June, when Rockman 9 will become available on the Playstation Store for ¥1,000 and XBox LIVE Arcade for 800 MS points. While the Wii has been ahead in Japan for some time now, it's fantastic that owners of any of the three systems will be able to enjoy Rockman 9. There is no word yet concerning if and when 9's downloadable content will become available on these platforms.

News Credit: iNSIDE

Has Anyone Unlocked the Secret of Mega Man 9?

Over on the Capcom*Unity forums, fans continue to exist in torment as Capcom's Senior Community Manager, Seth "S-Kill" Killian continues to withhold his knowledge of one last mysterious secret which has yet to be discovered in Mega Man 9. After a number of tasteless taunts and insults in the Ask Capcom thread dedicated to the subject, Seth has finally broken his silence to give the following information about it:

Hi guys,

Trike wrote me a perfectly reasonable PM, to which I'll reply here. As I said before, I am honestly not trying to torture anyone with this.

I made an off-hand comment about an undiscovered MM9 surprise. As predicted, nobody has found it yet. I certainly don't intend for anyone to kill themselves looking for something--I am quite positive it WILL eventually be found some day, at which point I'm sure everyone will complain bitterly.

The Gouken/Akuma reveal is a bit different--that's core functionality that everyone already knew about, and was unlocking on their own, they just weren't sure about the specifics. The MM9 surprise is nothing like unlocking some core functionality in the game--it's just a little surprise, and you can enjoy the whole game without ever knowing anything about it.

I am not planning on spilling the beans (though the personal attacks really motivate me!), and although this might make no difference, please try not to let it frustrate you--if it's that important to you, just be happy in the thought there might still be a nugget more to learn about a favorite game (there is certainly always more to learn about Street Fighter). It is a nugget, not some cornucopia of alt outfits that powerup a screen-filling Black Hole Bomb.



So then, that just leaves this one simple question: Have you discovered the secret of Mega Man 9? If so, let us know, and we'll sing your praises from the rooftops.

GameSide Magazine with Exclusive Ariga Rockman 9 Pinup

Rockman 9 Pin Up

Japanese magazine GameSide celebrated the release of Rockman 9 with an awesome pin up done by the talented Hitoshi Ariga.  It features Rockman, Blues and the Robot Masters of the game. The artwork is a two page spread, and limited to 2,000 copies of the issue. (I would kill for a full sized scan of this...)

Also, according to Protodude, Ariga sat down with the editors and apparently revealed the new MegaMix manuscript. I can't wait!

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner

How is Mega Man 9 doing still?

I think it's safe to say the enchantment Mega Man 9 held with the gaming world has mostly worn off by now. While its still a fantastic game and all, it's going on five months since it released and numerous other games have filled up the spotlight of current interest. So exactly how is the game doing this days? We haven't heard any updates since the estimated figures of MM9's amazing first week sales and Capcom's purported cautious optimism. However, as of last week Mega Man 9 is the 16th most popular game in the US WiiWare lineup according to Nintendo Everything - still hanging on but certainly having taken a back seat. A more encouraging figure comes from Japan, however. According to iNSIDE, Rockman 9 ranks 7th among most popular WiiWare titles in Japan this week. This doesn't take into account activity in Europe, nor ranking on the PS3 and 360 (though I'd have to imagine the Wii accounts for the majority of MM9 sales).

How is Capcom looking at these figures? The boss contest currently running in Japan doesn't exactly seem to point out a Mega Man 10, but that's not to say it isn't in the works. Personally, I hope these rankings spell out a big future for the classic Mega Man series!

Fanmade "Magazine Ads" for Mega Man 9

I discovered from Snow at the Capcom*Unity that there's this... meme, for lack of a better term, going around with people creating their own magazine ads for Mega Man 9. And like any good ad, many are funny and manage to get the point of the game across through simple imagery. Check it out:

So far, he and I share the same favorite, but he's posted a few others which he likes at the link above.

Upon researching further, I've learned from our affiliate Protodude's Rockman Corner that the actual origin of these is part of a more all-encompassing thread at NeoGAF, where they will be doing this for different games for a given period. In the case of Mega Man 9, their first pick, the entries will end tomorrow, January 22nd.

So go check out the fruits of their labor, if you dare-- and I mean that literally, as the thread contains more vulgar language and suggestive imagery than you'll find in these parts.

A Classic Rockman Take On Iris' Death

Dramatic death scenes aren't limited to just Zero and Iris in X4. Check out this Rockman 9 parody of the scene, with Blues mourning the loss of Splash Woman. I have to say, I'm impressed by the quality of the art here. The video maker got the classic Rockman style down perfectly.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

"Mega Man 9" Soundtrack Available at Capcom Store

In addition to a new Darkstalkers Graphic File book from Udon, Capcom has brought forth delightful news for all the little Mega Boys and Mega Girls out there who so love Mega Merchandise. Though not in stock just yet, Capcom is taking preorders for the "Mega Man 9" soundtrack, which you can find in their store here. So why the quotes? Simply put, as is in evidence by the cover, this is actually the soundtrack for Rockman 9, the Japanese version, meaning that all the bonus content included (liner notes and 10-page color character art book) is in Japanese.

If that doesn't deter you, then you'll want to know that there are 35 tracks in all, produced by Inti Creates, and that it will be available on January 19th for $29.95. Ouch. Sounds just a touch steep, but then, this is an import item of something we'd probably never get anyway. Still, a tad rich for my blood. I wonder what import shop prices are like?

In any case, perhaps if Capcom receives sufficient support on something like this, maybe someone will step forward and start producing English versions for a more affordable price. Not that anyone at Capcom has suggested stuff, that's just sort of conjecture on my part.

News Source: Capcom*Unity