Rockman 4 MI is My Dream Mega Man Game

I don't care much for ROM hacks. The vast majority of them just take a game and make it more frustrating, and I've found this is especially true of the Mega Man games. But "Rockman 4 MI" is entirely different. PureSabe has been working on the game for years, practically rewriting the code from scratch. It seems a completed version is finally out, although I don't know if it will be the last.

Rockman 4 MI is more than just a hack of Mega Man 4 (already one of my favorite games). It is a kettle boiling over with fun and interesting ideas, and a grand homage to Mega Man all in of itself. The game is loaded with new elements, enemies from throughout the series, and just a ton of character. What I like most about it, though, is it's the perfect rebuttal to those who say Mega Man grew stale. There is still a universe of interesting things to do with Mega Man, all it needs is the effort.

Beyond the page jump, you can find the rest in a series of videos covering the completed version of the hack. However, it is a skill-play and runs through some of the stages and bosses rather quickly. If you're new to Rockman 4 MI, I encourage you to go look up other videos which show all the cool content this modification has to offer. Or, you can find your own copy of it. Please note, however, we will not allow links or instructions for getting ROMs on this page. You'll just have to use your own intuition, sorry!