Rockman 3 Hits Wii U Virtual Console May 1st

rm3title This was mentioned as a footnote in a previous post, but Rockman 3 will be coming to Japan's newly launched Wii U Virtual Console on May 1st for the the typical ¥500 (or ¥100 with a Wii transfer). It's a little curious that they would start with 3, as past VC updates on other systems have come in order. I would imagine they just want some high profile titles to get things rolling, and it's certainly fine for Rockman to make it in such a lineup.

No word yet on when Mega Man is hitting western Virtual Consoles, but we do know it's coming.

Thanks to PressStart for the tip!

Mega Man Comes to the Virtual Console! ...Again! ...Again (Update)

What would a Nintendo Virtual Console be without Mega Man? Thankfully, we may never have to find out, as viewers of the above "sizzle reel" from Nintendo today caught a quick glimpse of the Blue Bomber blasting bots in his original adventure. And for those worried about the prospect of shelling out $5 for a third consecutive time to download this, worry not; as this Wii U version of the service gets underway, those who purchased the game for the Wii and ported it over to Nintendo's newest will only have to pay a single solitary dollar to upgrade your game to include such features as Restore Points, Off-TV play, and Miiverse functionality.

Feel free to discuss your excitement for these features or to lament the lack of Mega Man 6, Mega Man 7, and Mega Man X3 in the comments below.

Update: And apparently, Rockman 3 is in the pipeline, too.

Rockman 3 Joining the 3DS Virtual Console Next Week

The monthly doses of classic Rockman continue in Japan, with the 3DS Virtual Console service receiving Rockman 3 next week, the 26th, for ¥500. This further strengthens my suspicions that Rockman may be getting monthly releases in honor of the 25th anniversary.

Surprisingly, there's still no word yet of any of the classic Mega Man titles coming to the west on 3DS yet, but hopefully they'll be coming sooner or later. I can attest that playing them on the 3DS LL is a great experience!

News Credit: GoNintendo

Rockman 3 Graces PSN This Week

Hey PS3 owners. This week (in fact tomorrow I think) Rockman 3 Complete Works will be landing on the PSN Import Classics. Like the two preceding it, this version has all the special features like the arranged music and navigation mode, but because it's an import classic it's still in Japanese. Nevertheless, a language barrier won't stop you from kicking Wily's butt yet again. It'll be $5.99, for one of Mega Man's greatest adventures! Edit: Don't forget that PS Plus members can purchase Rockman 3 for a discounted $3.00!

News Credit: Capcom Unity, PlayStation Blog