What Would it Sound Like if Wily's Castle Were in Jamaica?

We've been getting a lot of interesting genre albums of classic Famicom music lately. First that was Zoku Fami Compi with its house style arrangements. Then sound got loud with the Japan release of Powerglove's Video Game Metal. But recently things have mellowed again, with the release of Tariki Echo's Fami Reggae.

As you would expect, this takes memorable songs from classic Famicom games and gives them a reggae flavor, though they still retain a bit of their chiptune sound as well, it seems. As you would also expect, the one Mega Man-themed track on this album is Rockman 2's Wily Stage theme 1. I think it's a law that any game album featuring Mega Man music requires that track. You can sample it in the above preview video at the 1:38 mark.

News Credit: CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog

Rockman 2 Slated for JP 3DS Virtual Console, More to Come?

Pretty much hot off the heels of the original Rockman coming out on Japan's 3DS eShop last month, Rockman 2 is now joining it on the 8th of this month for ¥500. I'll admit I was hoping for a 3D Classics with this one, but for arguably the greatest Mega Man title made, I'll still take it! There's still no word on release in other regions, which goes for the original Mega Man as well. Now, this is all my own speculation, but I'm seeing a potential pattern. With the scant amount of time between the releases of Rockman and Rockman 2, it's possible Japan could see a classic Rockman title releasing on the eShop every month. That would mean Japan would have Rockman 6 by December; not a bad collection to have accumulated in time for the 25th anniversary. It's certainly plausible, especially considering that this puts the Famicom releases ahead of the Game Boy ones. At the very least I'd imagine we'll see Rockman 3 in short order.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

You Are Dr. Wily!

That's how this advertisement for Rockman 2's boss contest sells itself. This apparently comes from a pretty old issue of Family Computer Magazine. Most of the text just tells the story of Rockman, questions what Dr. Wily's true form really is, promises some huge sized bosses, and uses the original game's boss characters to imply it could be YOUR bosses in the game.

Some interesting things to note. First, it doesn't actually say how many bosses they are recruiting for, at least as far as I can see on the page, so kids at the time might have suspected it to still be six (edit: it actually does mention eight bosses in the small text). Second, the game already has an established release date for December. The entry deadline itself is July 31st of that year. This means Keiji and crew had around four months to decide, design and program all eight bosses before the game came out! Finally, the logo seems to be a prototype design, with different coloration.

News credit via Protodude's Rockman Corner. Image credit via tin*1*rider.

Rockman 2 Poster Returns from the Past

Going through some photos, I happened across this one I took at a used game store somewhere in Osaka. It's a promotional flyer for Rockman 2, back before the game came out. Sadly it's not a real poster, but a print out from a scan or photo (but I might ask for a copy all the same should I ever go back).

The text reads "After one year" and then "That Super Robot returns at last, along with your characters chosen among the total 8,730 application postcards!" It's quite a bit of hype built up for the game (well deserved, too). You wouldn't suspect the stories that the original Rockman fell flat on its face when it first came out. The release date is just listed as latter December.

The price, you can see, is ¥5,800. Best as I can find, in 1988 it would have cost around $45 US, which doesn't seem like terribly much. Of course, as a kid, getting my folks to hand over 45 bucks would have been no simple feat!

Rockman 2 on PSN this Week, Rockman 4 in Japan the Next

The PlayStation Network is getting a little richer in Rockman this week (may be today even, if my knowledge of update schedules is right). Following the original Rockman, you can download the Complete Works version of Rockman 2 on your PlayStation 3. Remember that these are under the import classics line, and that all the additional features and such the Complete Works series has are still in Japanese. Additionally, Japan (where Rockman 1~3 are already available on PSN) will be getting Rockman 4 next week on the 9th of February. This is seemingly part of the results of the poll that Capcom Online Games had over Twitter for their game archives selection on PSN. Though, suspiciously, it does tie up the number of Rockman games on the Wii's Virtual Console service too.

News Credit: CAP Kobun (for Rockman 4)