These Rockman Shirts Are So Cool, You'll Probably Never Get One

I think it's awesome to have Mega Man apparel, but all too often it seems the designers just go to Sprites INC, grab some Robot Master sprites and 1Ups and just slap them on, maybe with a silly one-liner. Not too creative, is what I'm getting at. However, Inti Creates has come up with three pretty cool Rockman T-shirt designs. Problem is it's unlikely any of us will ever have one. The shirts are part of a special promotion for the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack, which released today. The soundtrack comes with an application form, which can be filled out and sent back to Inti Creates. Inti Creates will then draw the applications in a lottery at the end of August, and give out five of each shirt to a total of 15 winners. The shirts are not intended to go on sale.

Maybe if you're real lucky you'll spot one of these shirts on an auction later, and it will just happen to fit you fine. And then maybe you'll also find a legitimate gold Rockman 4 cartridge. Ah well, for now we can only dream, and check out the designs below.

Ippo Yamada Has Been Keeping Busy

The week is still young but already it's brought a bit of a stir with some news. While we don't really know what it's all about so far, we do know one thing: Ippo Yamada has a lot on his table. A little while back at Spiceman @ Blog, Ippo Yamada lamented about his schedule.

For the time being, I must make final adjustments to game data and arrange music by the start of next week.

Soon after that is April 30th, the release day of the Image Soundtrack. This merchandise is arriving next week, so I also have to arrange the delivery. It's an album worth listening to you, and I hope you enjoy it.

Also running into the next game, and the next CD for June...

Of course the only thing here that's without a doubt connected to Mega Man is the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack. The rest is uncertain, but Ippo has more games and albums on the table it appears.

Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack Samples

Following their update of the site a few days ago, Inti Creates has added some samples from the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack, which releases the 30th of this April. You can go to the site to have a listen, or for your convenience, just take a listen below. Compared to the Rockman 9 Arranged Soundtrack, these samples seem to inicate the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack going in more of a rock direction. [audio:|titles=Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack: Nitro Rider] Nitro Rider

[audio:|titles=Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack: Solar Inferno] Solar Inferno

[audio:|titles=Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack: Against The Pressure] Against The Pressure

[audio:|titles=Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack: Last Exit] Last Exit

What do you guys think of the samples?

A Sneak Peek at the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack

Over at Spiceman @ Blog, Ippo Yamada has provided a little tease of a picture of the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack CD and booklet, from proof check of the product. It appears the booklet will have a small manga included, much like the Rockman 9 Arranged Soundtrack did, but this time by Koji Izuki. To recap, the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack contains 21 total tracks of arranged music from Mega Man 10, and will also have drama tracks. It will release on April 30th for ¥3,000 (roughly $31.98 US).