VGMM Takes a Look at Rockman 10 Oversized Candy Promo Boxes

Nightram56 of the Video Game Memorabilia Museum is back, this time with a look at two candy boxes made available to coincide with the release of Rockman 10:

He notes that the candy "has pixelated art imprinted on them," while "the boxes were reminiscent of Famicom boxes, just bigger."

Do any of you own either of these?

Rockman 10 Concept Designs Are Eye-Opening

As previously reported, the latest issue of GAMESIDE in Japan would contain a special "Rockman 10 Big Picture Book," including conceptual designs of the Robot Masters and their stages. And thanks to our Japanese connections, we've got the concept art here to show you!

What's most interesting is how some of the stages were thought up. A few of them looked like nothing I'd ever imagined back when I was first playing Mega Man 10. Check them all out after the break! You can click the images for super-sized versions.

GAMESIDE Magazine Features "Rockman 10 Big Picture Book"

GAMESIDE, a Japanese gaming magazine, features a special selection of Rockman 10 artwork in its latest issue, including lovely concept art, as you can see. The whole six page feature includes concept art of the Robot Masters and their stage designs, a section on the downloadable contents, an artwork gallery, and an interview with the Rockman 10 staff. We'll work our connections to bring you all of this awesome content ASAP!

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Here Are Our Mega Man 10/Rockman 10 Package Design Winners

It seems almost like forever ago that Capcom announced their contest in creating a package design for Rockman 10 or Mega Man 10, a game that requires no package. Well the day has come that the three main prize winners, as well as five runner ups, have been decided. And here they are! Winner of the Capcom Prize Artist: Y.K of Aichi

Artist's comment: I gave it a shot drawing this on my first PC. Since I'd used Forte by then through downloadable content, I tried drawing him in as well.

Comment from MM10 producer Takeshita: This picture overflows with the happiness of children pleading when lining up in a toy shop. The production of the brightly shining effect behind Rockman and co. is also very deep. The package designs for 3 and 4, and 9 too, now that I think of it, have this direction. And being full of the boss characters' faces drawn in, it's wonderful.

Winner of the Rockman 10 Prize Artist: YUJIN of Hiroshima

Artist's comment: I tried making this with a serious and dramatic atmosphere. Besides that, I'm happy with how many Rockman figures are being sold this year.

Comment from MM10 director Ito: Making this with CG models must have taken a lot of time and work. You really feel affection for Rockman. It's very pleasant how this picture is created with CG models, without destroying atmosphere of classic Rockman. With Wily appearing a little bit kind, I wonder if this takes influence from this game's scenario. It would be very interesting to see CG models like these of Rockman and the bosses moving around.

Winner of the Nico Video Prize Artist: Jintaro Shinsaka

Artist's comment: In the tradition of "Mega Man," I drew this while being conscious of the odd American comic book style. I couldn't express the original character designs suspiciously very well, so I resolutely changed them all into old men. I would enjoy people finding fun in guessing at which is who.

Comment from Nico Video manager Megane: I was going to choose a Nico Video-like work, one overflowing with gags. As the creator himself indicated, this American comic book quality is extremely cool! Rockman's (Mega Man's) facial expression, and of course the bosses too, are made incredibly well, and impressive! By the way, Commando Man looks just like one of our employees. (laughs)

And below are the five runner ups.

by azi

by em

by Miyako

by Rio

by Neomaru

Seeing the "Mega Man" pieces really makes me wonder what Japanese fans think of us... Anyway! I also expect the Capcom*Unity Prize to be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Team MMN Rocks 4th Place in Capcom Unity's Mega Man 10 Fan Art Collaboration Contest

Click to enlarge.

We just wanted to take a moment to congratulate Team MMN, which consists of our Fan Art Coordinator and Oekaki Mom Tabby and AWD!, for placing fourth in North America in Capcom's Mega Man 10 Fan Art Collaboration contest.

In addition to being highlighted on Capcom Unity, their work was appraised by a panel of judges from Capcom branches around the world. Capcom Europe Product and Community Manager Karl Reader said:

"Mega Man through the ages! – A well thought out concept. I’d completely forgotten about MM Powered up on the PSP!"

Capcom USA Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez added:

"Major, major props for turning out an amazing entry like this! I love that the artists took the time to research and include all these different variations of the blue bomber (including the Captain N version!). This is true fan dedication!"

And last, but not least, Akiko Ito, the Associate Producer for Mega Man 10, represented Capcom of Japan and stated:

"Many, many, many Mega Man! It looks gorgeous! The original box art Mega Man stands with its absurd design and it makes me laugh. Thank you so much for this Mega Man All-Star tribute!"

Tabby herself said of working on the project:

"It was an honor and joy working with AWD. We both did 5 sketches each, then he inked all the drawings, and I went ahead and colored them. I have to say, he really took my sketches and made them SING with his inking skills. I think it really all came together, and it was hard drawing all the versions of Mega Man."

We're sorry you two didn't get the top prize, but we applaud this awesome effort nonetheless.

You can find Tabby and AWD!'s previous Mega Man 10 contest entries by visiting this link, and see who else placed in the Top 5 here and here, with more to come as they are posted.

And if I may add as an editorial aside, I'm proud to have them use the "Team MMN" name when working on this piece; we try to cover every facet of the Blue Bomber on this site, and (at least where the Classic series is concerned, as per the contest), this work really seems to represent that mentality perfectly. Excellent work, you two. This post is a little late, admittedly, but I hope you've both taken the time to pat yourselves on the back.

Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack Additional Details

As it nears its release in a couple of weeks, Inti Creates has made a preliminary page for the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack. Unfortunately there are no samples yet, and not many new details, but here are the album's features more specifically. -A total of 21 tracks, arranged by musicians throughout Mega Man's history (originally reported, they contain all the musicians from Mega Man 10, along with Masato Koda (Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry), Yoshino Aoki (Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Star Force), Saori Utsumu (Mega Man Xtreme), and Seiko Kobuchi (Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X)).

-Two drama tracks with Dr. Light (Shozo Izuka) and Dr. Wily (Takeshi Aono). Curious note, Takeshi Aono has done the voice of Dr. Wily in Japan as far back as Rockman ever featured speaking.

-Two vocal arranged tracks, Last Exit (written and performed by Tohru Itoga) and One And Only (written by Hitoshi Ariga, performed by DigitalSpicyDuck with Tohru Itoga).

-The album's front cover is by manga artist Koji Izuki, as well as an included 16 page manga called "ROCKMAN10 -extra F-," which sounds like it will feature Forte (Bass).

Hopefully we'll get some more details, and especially some samples, soon. But even if not, it's only two more weeks. Stayed tuned for more details.

Reminder for the Mega Man/Rockman 10 Package Design Contest

Capcom*Unity has a reminder, as well as some resources, for Capcom's Mega Man/Rockman 10 package art contest, which involves creating your own box design for Mega Man 10, would it have came in a box. The instructions for entering, as well as the available prize packs, can be read here. Additionally, Capcom*Unity is also offering their own prize pack, which includes: + 1 E-tank pillow (currently they are only available in Japan)

+ The complete Japanese collections of Rock Man MegaMix and Rock Man GigaMix manga! The collections are in Japanese, but they'll make great collector's items!

+ 1 Mega Man 10 t-shirt

+ 1 Mega Man 10 poster

You can submit your entries via PM to jgonzo on Capcom*Unity by May 10th, and the winners will be announced on May 20th. So get crackin' and put out your best effort! It's unlikely you can beat my awesome design.

Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack Track Listing

Over on Spiceman @ Blog, Ippo Yamada has revealed the track listing for the upcoming Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack. This arranged soundtrack will be releasing in Japan on April 30th. For more details on the soundtrack, check out our previous post. Track List

01: One And Only 02: Introduction 03: Title 04: King Of Blades 05: Polluted Pump 06: Desert Commando 07: Absolute Chill 08: Boss 09: Cybersheep's Dream 10: Fireball Strike 11: Nitro Rider 12: Solar Inferno 13: Dr.Wily Manifesto 14: For You 15: Abandoned Memory 16: Against The Pressure 17: No Turning Back 18: Dr.Wily Stage Boss 19: Close To The End 20: Nemesisphere 21: Last Exit

Rockman 10 DLC Scheduled for Japan

The launch dates for Rockman 10's downloadable content has been revealed, and continuing the trend they're getting the goods slightly after us. At least according to an information page from the Wii, Forte Mode and and Special Stage 1 will be available on April 9th, Friday, while Endless Attack Mode and Special Stages 2 and 3 will be available on April 27th, Tuesday. Price points will be roughly the same as we're getting. News Credit: Rockmegaman, via Dark Messiah Blog

Capcom of Japan Announces "Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack"

The merchandise just keeps coming. We have the Rockman 10 Original Soundtrack coming the 23rd of this month, but many have also been hoping for an arranged album. The Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack appears to be just that, containing 21 arranged tracks from Rockman 10. Along with all the people who worked on the Rockman 10 musical score, the album will also feature work by Masato Koda (Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry), Yoshino Aoki (Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Star Force), Saori Utsumu (Mega Man Xtreme), and Seiko Kobuchi (Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X).

There will also be two vocal arranged tracks. The ending theme, titled "LAST EXIT" as written and sung by Tohru Itoga. The other is a special track written by Hitoshi Ariga, and performed by DigitalSPicyDuck with Tohru Itoga. The album will also contain drama tracks with the voices of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily. And like the Rockman Zero albums, this album will feature the guitar work of Tsutomu Kurihara and Masaki Suzuki, and violin work by Yuko Tokushima.

The album releases on April 30th for ¥3,000 (roughly $33.62 US). It will come with a 28 page full color booklet.

Capcom of Japan Begins Rockman 10 Package Design Contest

Mega Man 10 may very well be the most "contested" Mega Man game ever. Capcom of Japan has just announced their own Rockman 10 contest: create a package design for Rockman 10, provided it actually came in a box. I'd always wondered why Capcom of Japan wasn't revealing their own package art for the game (as they did with Rockman 9), and it seems this is the reason. Designs can be made in either in landscape "Rockman" format, or portrait "Mega Man" format. Images must be 300dpi, stay within 2MB and be saved in JPG, GIF or PNG format. The contest page gives specific layout details for the required image dimensions, including the border area. Submissions will be sent to Capcom via e-mail with the title ロックマン10のパッケージイラストを描いてみた コンテスト (Rockman 10 package illustration contest).

What will become of the design chosen as the winner? Well, it will be used to make an actual package, albeit for what purpose I'm not entirely sure.

There are some additional things to note. All entries will be uploaded to Niconico Seiga, and become materials on Niconi Commons. Furthermore, entries will become property of Capcom of Japan.  Because of this, you may not submit an illustration that has already been submitted to another contest. Only the creator of the illustration may enter on his or her own behalf. Do not enter multiple works at the same time. Finally, if you are younger than 16 you need your parents' permission to enter.

While this may seem like a Japan only thing, a blog post on the Rockman 10 homepage by assistant producer Akiko Ito states she wants to see many entries from not just Japan, but from abroad as well, making it both a Rockman and Mega Man contest. I'd presume then that official guidelines will be presented on our side soon.

Well, better get drawing!

Edit: Actually, the English instructions appear to be right here!

Edit 2: Capcom Unity is pitching in to help out as well. Find out how by clicking here.

Inside Games Gets People in the Rockman 10 Spirit

Much like they did for Rockman 9, Japanese gaming news site Inside Games has decorated their site with Rockman 10 to celebrate the release in Japan this month. Most notable thing is a music player which plays clips from the title theme, Nitro Man's stage, Commando Man's stage and Strike Man's stage (I totally called the "main theme" being Nitro Man). I'd rip them and everything, but... it's just another three hours until the game's out anyway, you know?

Capcom of Japan Announces Release Dates for Rockman 10

Believe it or not, as we wait a mere half a day here in North America for Mega Man 10 to come out, in Japan the release date has simply been sometime in March for a while now. However, Capcom of Japan has finally announced when our friends in the east will get in on the action too. Like us, the release is being staggered, but to less of a degree. Both Wii and PlayStation 3 users will be able to get the game on Tuesday, March 9th. However, Xbox 360 players are still going to have to wait until March 31st. Really makes you wonder how the 360 got the short end of the stick on these deals.

Rockman 10 OST Additional Details, Musician List

Inti Creates has now put up their own page for the Rockman 10 Original Soundtrack, and we have some more details concerning the album's 12 page booklet. It will contain commentary from 10's producer Hironobu Takeshita, 10's director Hayato Tsuru, and 10's sound producer Ippo Yamada. It will also contain a bit of official artwork, as well as guest artwork and commentary by manga artist Shigeto Ikehara. Incidentally, Rockman 10's music production team contains musicians from throughout the span of the series, and along with Inti Create's own sound team it has work by Manami Matsumae (Rockman 1 and 2), Yasuaki Fujita (Rockman 3 and 4), Minae Fujii (Rockman 4), Mari Yamaguchi (Rockman 5), Yuuko Takehara (Rockman 6 and 7), Makoto Tomozawa (Rockman 7), Shusaku Uchiyama (Rockman 8 ) and Akari Kaida (Rockman & Forte). Wow... that's quite a lot of people for just one game!

The E-Can Cushion

We know that Capcom has been putting out E-Cans you can drink. Now how about an E-Can you can snuggle with? Because along with the Rockman 10 Original Soundtrack, this is another of Capcom of Japan's promotional items for Rockman 10. The cuddly can is an astounding 30cm by 30cm (nearly a foot square), and made of polyester. It is planned to release in Japan in early March for ¥2,625 (roughly $28.88 US), and is available for pre-order at e-Capcom now. How much would you love to have this?

Rockman 10 Original Soundtrack Pops Up (Update)

In the "We all knew it was coming" news department, online retailer Shinseido has shown credence to the existence of the Rockman 10 Original Soundtrack. The single disc album is planned to release March 23rd for ¥2500 (roughly $27.49 US). Last time, the Rockman 9 Original Soundtrack came out a good couple weeks before Rockman 9 actually released, so this album may be releasing closer to Rockman 10's intended date. Still no word yet on a Rockman 10 Arranged Soundtrack, but I wouldn't count that out either.

UPDATE: Capcom's Rockman 10 page has some new info. The soundtrack will be a total of 46 tracks, and will come with a 12 page full color booklet. Furthermore, they are also announcing the Inti Bonus Disc Vol. 1. The disc will contain an arranged version of Rockman 10's title theme, a chiptune arrangement of Rockman 10's highway stage (Nitro Man), and a "non stop remix" of the eight boss stages from Rockman 9. There will be a total of 13 tracks. This album will also go on sale in March. Below is a partial track list of the RM10 OST:


Original News Credit: GoNintendo, via Protodude's Rockman Corner

CoroCoro Reveals MM10 Robot Masters Official-Like, with Pictures (Updated)

The identities of the Mega Man 10 Robot Masters has been somewhat of a tenuous situation following the name leak at CES. We've stood by our pledge not to report the names until Capcom officially announced them. And now... they have, via CoroCoro Comic in Japan. The full roster is... are you ready? Really ready? Ok, you probably know. But it's Sheep Man, Commando Man, Pump Man, Blade Man, Strike Man, Solar Man, Chill Man and Nitro Man. The above scan shows, from left to right, Pump Man, Strike Man, Chill Man and Solar Man. The other four are presumably shown on another page. These brief descriptions are given of the Robot Masters:

Commando Man: Attacks with a powerful explosive wave. Blade Man: Attacks with three swords. Nitro Man: Can transform into a motorcycle. (Perhaps Turbo Man's little bro?) Sheep Man: Splits up and creates lightning strikes. Solar Man: Absorbs attacks and attacks with solar energy from his head. Chill Man: Fires an icy shot. (Curiously, he seems to be called Chilled Man in here.) Pump Man: Has a water-themed shield weapon. Strike Man: Throws a powerful fastball.

We will try to get more proper scans, hopefully with the remaining two unseen, as soon as we can. Keep posted.

News Credit: COCOROG, 2ch

Update: And here are the other two, Nitro Man and Blade Man:

Rockman 10 website goes live

runningFollowing the 22nd anniversary live stream, Capcom of Japan has launched the Rockman 10 homepage. For now the info mostly surrounds the game's story and main characters, but be sure to check out the promotional movie and delicious screens. It does mention, however, that the game is only one player, so the rumored co-op seems to be out. Pages yet to come will detail the bosses, items and how to purchase. Edit: The Mega Man 10 homepage is now available, and is rather different from the Japanese site, language notwithstanding. --LBD

MM10 headed to all three consoles; Japanese subtitle (UPDATE)

31852_384400_122_657lo This scan from the latest Famitsu, courtesy of Wii @ Everyday, confirms that Mega Man 10 will be coming to the Wii, PS3 and 360. Unfortunately the scan's quality makes it hard to determine much more info, although it seems to be mostly everything covered in Nintendo Power. However, we now know Rockman 10's full title will be Rockman 10: The Menace from Outer Space!! (uchuu kara no kyoui). Another space-themed storyline? A curious twist. Additionally it's mentioned that Proto Man mode will be available straight from the beginning, although I imagine the NP report made that clear. It appears Proto Man even has his own storyline sequence, though with the quality of the scan this is hard to determine.

Update: TMMN viewer Fireman has provided a nice, clean version of the scan. From this we can tell the game is slated for a Spring 2010 release in Japan, though we can probably imagine it will be close to North America's March release. One of the new stages mentioned is a castle stage, which is likely this stage that we've seen. And finally we have some nice screens of the story scenes below, where we can see Roll coming down with Robotenza, Mega Man enlisting Dr. Wily's help (when will he ever learn?), and Proto Man joining the fray in Proto Man mode. Additionally, a screen of the sports stage's mid boss.


First screen: "Roll: Doctor, I feel like I've got a fever or something..." Second screen: "Dr. Wily. After we get back the vaccine producing machine, we can save Roll and everyone else!" Third screen: "Proto Man: The more for the fight the better, even if just one more."

Thanks, Fireman!