A Quick Update from MMN HQ

Just a quick, personal site note for you frequent MMN readers out there. I'm heading out of town next week to visit some friends and family; with any luck, I'll be able to continue my updates while I'm away from home, save for when we're traveling on the road. Of course, as I'm sure those of you who make long visits on rare occasions know, things don't always go according to plan, but I'll try to keep things rolling.

Now, some of you may be wondering what this means for a couple of things we have going on. As of this writing, I've not heard back yet from Matt at UDON about when we're going to get to the "A" part of our Robot Master Field Guide Q&A, I'm not sure when that will take place. Between that and the recent resurgence in some questions being asked, I'm just going to say "keep them coming" for now. Maybe that will be handled while I'm away, too?

Update: The answering process has begun, so we've closed the question submission for now. Stay tuned!

And finally, there's the t-shirt raffle. First, we've got all the entrants and their choices of anniversary representative locked in. As I alluded to previously on Twitter and here, the turnout was far beyond my previous expectations, and I want to make sure I do this right. Things have been a little hectic as of late, and as a result, while I might get to work on it while away, I'm currently penciling it in to be finished and posted after I get back (that would be the 23rd, so probably the following day or two).

I just hope you'll enjoy the finished product as much as I did reading through them all. And, so as not to break the whole thing up (and perhaps add a little suspense), the winners will be announced in that same article.

So, that's basically it. Things kind of got squished up against the timeframe for the trip, and I apologize for that.

Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide Update and Q&A (Now Closed)

Two quick items of note about the recently-released Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide. First of all, if you're looking at purchasing it through Amazon.com (such as through the link at the upper-left of this very site, hint-hint)... well, it's been a little weird. We've heard accounts of people already receiving theirs, despite the fact that until yesterday, it said the book would be available on May 1st. It now says it will "be in stock" on May 6th, which according to UDON Managing Editor Matt Moylan, means they they have the book but are sorting it in inventory.

And the second item is, with the book having been available elsewhere for a few weeks now, we are now taking your questions about the Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide! Just leave your question(s) in the comments below, and after they've been passed along to the appropriate person or persons, we'll post the answers for you here on The Mega Man Network!

Update: Okay, we've begun the answering process and are now closing the comments to further questions. Thanks to everyone who contributed a question (or questions), and keep an eye out for the answers soon!

Be One of the First to Get the Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide at PAX East

This weekend, the eastern version of the Penny Arcade Expo will take place in Boston, Massachusetts, and UDON Entertainment will be on hand to host two panels and debut five books, with over a dozen new releases on hand since their appearance at last year's show. And featured among those releases debuting at the show will be none other than the Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide, "the long awaited complete handbook to the classic Mega Man universe! Profiles of every major Mega Man character, including all of the Robot Masters" and more from the original series will be included.

To get yours, make your way to booth #124 at the show. And for a better look at everything they are planning and will have on hand, be sure to check out this post on their official blog.

Not attending? Don't worry, as the Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide will be hitting stores on April 18th.

Updates on UDON's Mega Man Ventures

Been wondering when that next awesome Mega Man manga is coming out? Or when some new reprints are going to be filled? UDON's Matt Moylan has contacted us with the low down. Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide:

This project has been through a lot! It turned out to be a lot more work than expected, has got through a couple total overhauls, and also had a lengthy approval process. But the book is now completed. We have rescheduled the book for January 2012. It could be ready a bit earlier, but because the book is so late we want to give comic shops the chance to adjust their orders on the book. (As a little background, comic book shops cannot return most unsold books like big chain book stores can, so shop owners appreciate being able to adjust their orders on a late title. “Mom & Pop” comic shops are still a big market for UDON, so we want to take care of those folks when we can.) Thanks all for being patient on this fun little book!

Mega Man Gigamix Vol. 3:

The final book in Hitoshi Ariga’s ultimate Mega-manga series is now at the printer. It’s expected to hit stores early November. A more precise date and previews will be coming closer to the release.

Mega Man: Official Complete Works: Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works:

We are reprinting both of these titles, and they’ll be back in stock before the end of the year. So don’t pay any crazy reseller prices! ;)

Mega Man Tribute:

Just a note, if you haven’t picked up this book and want a copy before X-mas (for yourself or for a gift) I’d suggest  to you order early. Due to some miscommunication, our printed shorted us on this title about 20% less than we wanted for the first printing. We do still have a decent amount in stock, but that could sell out quick closer to the holiday season. Whenever MM Tribute sells out we will do a new printing, but it’s not likely to make it in time for X-mas, so just a heads up!

Finally, Matt notes that: "Also, we have a few new Mega Man projects in the works! Hopefully we can announce some of them soon. Thanks all!"

If you have any additional questions on the matter, comment them in this post and we'll send them Matt's way. He may even drop by to address them personally! Thanks Matt!