Rockman Xover Update: PVP, World 5 Nerfed, and Bug Fixes

Battle Arena Lots of news in the world of Xover due to today's patch, sure, it may not be breaking out of Japan anytime soon, but that doesn't mean it's never coming here either. Above is the new home screen, the friend button has been replaced with the "Battle Arena" button, the game's new Player Vs. Player mode. Players can fight each other five times a day, and it has no effect on the players EP or PP. Players are ranked, and those at the top of the leaderboard get prizes such as Arena Coins and for those that can hit the top 20, Super Rare Battle Memories.


Players are given a list of others randomly, and fight in a tug of war style, each time you defeat an opponent you gain Arena Coins for use in the shop to buy Buster parts and Gear to improve  performance in PVP mode.


The Battle Arena seems pretty interesting; it's basically a tug-of-war with each others health bars until the player with better Battle Memories or luck wins, but it could give people a reason to continue playing thanks to the leader board.


 In other news, this patch also included a nerf to the entirety of World 5, something that needed to happen, as not even I could beat Cancer (the 4th boss in world 5) with a set of fully leveled up Battle Memories.


Post patch I was able to finally take out Cancer and Andromeda without too much effort, but it was still a close call. The new armor you get from world 5 is pretty neat, though it's completely worthless if you don't have any high level fire element Battle Memories.


And finally, bug fixes/version changes, this is from what I've noticed at least.

  • The image above no longer happens
  • All boss battle music has been changed to a short sample of "X Vs Zero" by Rock-Men
  • You can now press the Home button on your iDevice and return to the game where you left off, instead of returning to the menu
  • Because of the above fix, it's harder to quit a hopeless battle and save your EP

All in all, this patch was something I think Xover is really going to benefit from. World 5 is no longer impossible, the Battle Arena gives you something quick to do, and not having to load the menu every time you boot the game makes pick up and play a whole lot easier. Did I miss something? Be sure to leave it down in the comments below.

DDT Pro Wrestler Kenny Omega Gets Megafied

I doubt a lot of you know much about Japanese pro wrestling - I certainly don't. But today the stars have aligned and we get to talk about Kenny Omega, a Canada-born pro wrestler in Japan's Dramatic Dream Team circuit. Kenny's character gimmick is that he's a big gamer and otaku, and even performs a hadouken as his special move. Well, he does the pose, and then smacks his opponent with the thrust.

Particularly, though, Kenny seems to be a big fan of Mega Man. He uses the well known Wily stage music from Mega Man 2 as his entrance theme. One of his moves, wherein he just holds up his hand and makes his opponent stop in their tracks, has the nickname of Flash Man's Time Stopper. And he seems to be good pals with Ucchy-san on Rockman Unity, and has appeared on the blog before.

Recently, Kenny got a special arrangement of his borrowed entrance theme by Capcom's own ROCK-MEN, the sound composers behind last year's We are ROCK-MEN arrange album. Having watched the debut of the tune in Kenny's bout last night, I was happy how many people got into. It was the only theme song I could recall people clapping too. I did my best to get a recording, though coming from a live stream it's not going to be great.


Perhaps the tune will get formally released on a new ROCK MEN album? That remains to be seen. In the meantime, Kenny won both his matches, and will move on to the King Of Osaka 2012 match July 8th. I... just might have to see this. Anyway, if you're really curious, I have some shots from the fight after the break. Whoo, wrestling!