8-Bit Legends 3 Prototype Version Demo Now Available

mml38bit The day has finally come for you to try out Mega Man Legends 3. Well the fan made 8-bit version of the game's cancelled Prototype, anyway. Get Me Off The Moon has released the concept demo, which includes a gauntlet stage requiring you to destroy 50 enemies as Barrett (the same showed off at Mega Rock Fan Festa).

It's important to note that the game requires your PC to be set to Japan regional mode to work, which you can do in your regional settings. You can also download a program from Microsoft which will let you run it without having to change your settings. Check the GMOTM post for more details on how to do this.

While I know some are tired of the 8-bit trend (I raise my own hand here too), Barrett's extended abilities give a nice twist to the classic formula, and I'm interested in seeing how they're put to use in other situations. It's definitely worth your time to try.

Fans and Pros Collaborate to Bring Back Legends 3 in 8-Bit

The Rockman DASH 3 Reboot Team, in conjunction with Get Me Off The Moon, made this surprise announcement yesterday at the Mega Rock Fan Festival. It is a fan game version of the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version done in classic Mega Man style, with NES graphics. While it is fan made, however, it will have some professional assistance. Artist Hideki Ishikawa, one of the artists and character designers for the Legends games, will create the box design, and Makoto Tomozawa, the musician for Mega Man Legends, will contribute a couple songs.

The game is still in development, and the team is hoping to raise some money to help push things along. Right now the desired goal is $1,000. People who donate $50 or more will receive a physical copy of the game upon its completion (which is tentatively set as August, depending how things go) and get your name in the credits. Check out GMOTM's post for donation details.

Nevertheless, a playable demo is planned to be released in one to two weeks, allowing you to try the game out yourselves. As I was fortunate enough to be present at the Mega Rock Fan Festival, I can give a brief explanation to what I saw after the break.

As you can see from the video, the game stars Barrett. While it may be based on classic Mega Man, Barrett actually has a number of moves. He can sprint forward, pull himself up over ledges and roll through enemies. He can also fire a variety of weapons, such as his standard buster, a spark-like energy ball and a powerful blast. Additionally the game has lock-on, letting him shoot at enemies from anywhere (similar to X7).

Barrett can also do his volcano kick to fly at enemies, and he can come in close and uppercut them, which will launch enemies into the air. After launching them, they can be targeted to chain on more attacks.

This all may make Barrett sound overpowered, but the truth is the enemies are pretty ferocious. Even the simple Horocco can launch a volley of bombs and do its spin attack, which makes it invulnerable. The enemies take a lot of hits, too. The demo featured a flat, arena-type field in the city where the object was to defeat 50 Reaverbots. It was not uncommon to have four on you at a time, so do expect some challenge.

Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version Contest: The Results

Well folks, we've finally reached a conclusion, and it's taken a lot out of us. Not so much physically, but definitely mentally (and maybe a little monetarily). As always there were a lot of great entries; not so many this time but I feel that owes to how open and complicated the contest allowed entries to be. But that certainly doesn't mean it was any easier to judge, and more is riding on it than ever before. it was very tough, but at the same time fun to see all of your entries. Furthermore, GregaMan himself of Capcom Unity and the MML3 Devroom weighed in on the entries! First though, I need to bring up something of huge importance. Those of you who have worked hard to promote Mega Man Legends 3, you can't just kick back now. Yes, this is technically a contest, but the prizes were always meant to be an incentive, not an end. There is no "end" until we get Mega Man Legends 3 in our hands. So I implore to all of you who entered, and even those who haven't: keep going. Keep getting the word out and getting people interested. As Devroom members, that's one of our top responsibilities!

Anyway, with all the judging completed, we can now present the winners... right after this break! Oh, the drama!

Grand Prize Winner: Press Start - Press Start ran an impressive online campaign, accented with amusing artwork and Flash games. Furthermore, he was able to grab quite a deal of promotion, as his work appeared on a number of other major websites. I think Press really grasped the concept of what this contest was all about.

Second Place Winner: Omar Perez - Omar produced some very cool Servbot charms, as well as developing a plan for sales and cost requirements. He then distributed the charms with flyers, making good person-to-person connections. Omar, definitely get on the horn with Capcom, I think you have something with these charms!

Third Place Winner: Daniel Jreisat - Daniel partnered with a friend and went gigging at clubs, playing music from Mega Man and other games flamenco style! This was used as an opportunity to distribute handbills promoting Mega Man Legends 3, which sounds like it went over very well. This entry really reignited my personal wish to open a video game themed bar/club.

Runner Ups: greatmuffin1 and Servbot #286 - greatmuffin1 streamed a 24 hour Mega Man liveplay as a means to promote Mega Man Legends 3, and Servbot #286 executed multiple flyer promotions at GameStop as well as made information sheets for the staff of the Nintendo World Store.

Of course, I'm sure you're wanting to see all the entries for yourself. We have assembled them in a page you can see here, directly transferring over the text from the entry e-mails. I hope the entrants are fine with this; you may have wanted to check your spelling! There's a lot of cool stuff here; again it was tremendously difficult ranking it all. Every time we do one of these contest I always feel bad we can't give more.

So that's a wrap on TMMN's biggest contest ever. Many thanks again to everyone who put forth the hard effort in entering. And once more, continue getting the word out about Mega Man Legends 3! Let's make this happen!

MML3 Prototype Contest Update: The Contenders

Alright now. Submissions are officially wrapped up. I scoured our inbox for all e-mails concerning submissions, even the spam folder, and wrote up the names in no particular order. If you do not see your name in this list but you definitely sent something in, please comment in this post immediately and e-mail us your entry again! Otherwise judging will be taking place over the next few days on what we have received. There was at least one case where someone inquired about the contest but never sent any follow-up comments or entry. If you put in the effort we really want to include you! Anyway, without further ado: Devil_Twin01 MegaMac Press Start Rocket Jordan Mays Laura Lanford Servbot #286 sonicchic1 Daniel Jreisat Omar Perez PreacherDudeRox Michael Campbell Joseph Faber Delgado Niki Geoghegan Curtis Kam Eliana Rubio greatmuffin1

Names listed are based on those received in the e-mails, either through signature or the e-mail account itself. If you wish to be represented under another name please contact us about it ASAP. Thank you, and good luck! We're very excited to look over your entries and we hope to have the results by this weekend.

MML3 Prototype Contest Update: Whole Kit and Caboodle

Good day folks. I hope you are all getting very excited now that we know just when Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version is coming out! I also hope you've been working hard on your contest entries. Remember that the time for entries is up on midnight, May 31st. That's a Tuesday, so you have just a little more than two weeks left to devise and execute your campaign. Especially because now, we finally have the entire gamut of prizes figure out! Not only is this our biggest contest ever, I'd be pretty amazed if we could ever top it. Before I get into the prizes, however, I want to speak on some things we're looking forward to from all of you. We've gotten some emails so far, some showing off works in progress and some asking questions. While we can't help you out too much, I can personally say you're all on the right track. I've yet to see anything that conflicts with the meager rules we've set. You all need to keep in mind, however, that we want your projects to be launched upon an unsuspecting public! While making promotional items or setting up a website is one thing, you need to also make sure people see it, and better yet get them interested in Mega Man Legends 3! To this end you need to document as much as possible. If you hold a party or hand out fliers, for example, take pictures! If you launch a support fansite, make sure you track how much it gets around!

It is up to you to figure out how to promote your project, but I will throw you one bone. Capcom Unity is a great place to show stuff off. You can post in their forums and your own CU blog (just be sure you follow their site rules). Heck, if it's cool enough, Capcom Unity may even toss it on their front page. That's a major publicity score! Additionally, we want you to document everything as detailed as possible not just for the sake of your entry. After the contest is over, we plan on making a mega-post showing off everyone's efforts, which we hope will be a white-hot supernova of fan support, and show the world just how big a deal Mega Man Legends 3 is!

Oh right, so prizes!

[audio:http://www.themmnetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Theme-Price-Is-Right.mp3|titles=Theme - Price Is Right] You may want to play this music as you look over the prizes for added effect.

First off, we naturally have our Nintendo 3DS. This was announced at the onset of the contest and goes to the grand prize winner. Oh, and just so you know, that's MY 3DS box in the picture, simply for effect. We are still waiting to pick up the winning 3DS. We also have three D-Arts Rockman X figures. Along with the grand prize winner, a second and third place runner up will get one as well.

Next up, we have five Servbot Bobble Buds, as well as five 15 x 20 Mega Man Legends 3 posters. This is the first time I've been able to show the full poster, and I can assure just how awesome they are. I've been tempted to keep one. So, the grand prize winner and second and third place winners will be getting one each, as well as two honorable mentions.

Finally, we have our "special prizes." You may have noticed that though we have "second" and "third" place, they're getting exactly the same things so far. This is what tips the scale. The grand prize winner and runner ups will be able to choose which special prize they want, in order of placement (I guess, technically, third place doesn't get to choose, eheh). What are the special prizes? Well first we have another Legends 3 poster, but this isn't any ordinary poster. This one is signed by the Mega Man Legends 3 devteam! Next, we have a complete copy of Mega Man X. It's not a mint copy; the box has a bit of wear and the manual has been written in, but it's still pretty rare to find a complete one of these today. Finally we have a more or less mint copy of Mega Man 8 for PSX. It comes with the game and case, the manual and the special 10th anniversary booklet. I've not been able to test the games, although they're more collectors items today anyway.

And that's that! Although we do have some very special thanks in order. First of all, many thanks to Jaxel, a former TMMN member who still offers help time to time. He provided the copies of Mega Man X and Mega Man 8. Next is special thanks to Greg over at Capcom Unity. He's already been working tirelessly to connect you guys with the MML3 devteam, but for this occasion he also provided the signed poster and Bobble Buds. As is with so many of our major site projects, we can't just do things on our own, and it's thanks to others we can give so much.

And of course, thanks to all of you entering! Even if it's just a little, your support and activity is helping to make Mega Man Legends 3 a reality and a success. Please show us your best!

New Details on MML3 Prototype Version

Here's some delicious news if you've been hotly anticipating the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version (and all of you should be). 4Gamer.net reports that the downloadable title will indeed be chock full of content. Like previous demo editions of Legends games, the Prototype Version will allow you to experience the gameplay in the form of different missions you can select as you like. The Prototype Version will have over 10 missions ranging from exploring ruins and battling Reaverbots to causing mayhem with the Aero and the Bright Bats. Of course, as a "free running RPG," you're free to run around wherever you like too. The prototype will also feature drawn scenes for the game's event scenes, which are described as "moving storyboards," which appear prior to the full polygon action. It's uncertain if this is a feature they intend on extending to the complete game, but it is a first for the series. Additionally, loading screens will be adorned with images of concept artwork.

The 3DS eShop seriously cannot come too soon! Check the 4Gamer.net article for even more screens.

Update: The US Devroom now has a reciprocating post on the game details. The only thing to clarify is that the "animated storyboard" scenes are intended to fill in places where scenes made with 3D models haven't been implemented yet. So it does not sound like this will be a feature in the final game, but simply another look into how game development works. Otherwise it's generally the same info, but give it a read anyway!

MML3 Prototype Contest Update: Sweetening the Pot

We're a week into our contest supporting the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version, and a chance to win a Nintendo 3DS! So far we've got some emails from people showing off the start of their projects, as well as some general questions. I just want to take this time to reiterate that, so long as you follow what few rules there are, there's no "wrong way" to do this contest. Anything you can think of the promote the game is great, and the more people it reaches the better. We're sure there will be numerous ideas that we'd never even dreamed of, and we look forward to seeing them. You still have a few weeks so keep at it! Anyway, you may have seen the above photo of my messy room via our Twitter account. But specifically, the box with the three D-Arts Rockman X figures and five MML3 posters. Today I'm announcing that these items are also part of the contest prize pool. While the 3DS is certainly a rewarding enough prize, we really want to increase the appeal and the number of winners as much as we can. I can't exactly confirm the final distribution of prizes, but I can say that the grand prize winner will get one of each along with the 3DS!

And we're still not through either. We're actively acquiring even more prize fodder to add to the pile. I ought to have some news for you on that in another week or so. With stakes this high, how can you not enter? Give it your all! Do it for Legends 3! And prizes!

Announcing Our Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version Contest!

Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version is expected to hit late this month with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS eShop. With so much excitement surrounding the game, we just had to do a contest for it! So what would you expect? Have us buy the Prototype Version for you as a prize? Eh, I dunno. Truth be told there are still quite a few people who don't even have a Nintendo 3DS yet. What if we got you one of those instead? Don't even bother answering, because yes, that's exactly what we're doing! One lucky person will win a Nintendo 3DS* gaming system in this contest. And as much as we enjoy buying your love, this time we're really doing it for Mega Man. That's because the aim of this contest is getting you to spread the word about Mega Man Legends 3, and getting as many people as possible excited about the Prototype Version. The more creative and more effective you can do that, the more likely you'll be holding your own Nintendo 3DS for free. And you have all month.

This is the biggest contest we've ever held, and definitely the most unique. I'm not even sure what to expect! Thus, make sure you read the contest page very closely, from top to bottom. Things might get a bit crazy with this one! And remember, you're not just trying to win a 3DS (though largely, you are), you're working as a promoter for Mega Man Legends 3!

*We can only offer a Nintendo 3DS to residents of North America. If you live outside of North America, please see the "Questions" section of the contest page for prize information.

A Bevy of New Legends 3 Screens

Well technically they are Rockman DASH 3 screens, but who's minding! Today we catch a few more glimpses from the game, including Barrett trying out a new gatling gun style weapon, a big bad biker standing in the way, and an appearance from sweet Miss Tron! Considering the pictures still seem to be Barrett-centric, we could still be looking at scenes from the upcoming Preview Version. Not to mention, a couple of these screens also appear on Capcom of Japan's page for the prototype. That being the case, this little preview build is looking to be chock full of content! Hit the jump for a full gallery of screenshots. Images from 4Gamer.net (via GoNintendo)

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