The Much Await Results of the Next D-Arts Character Survey are Here...

winners Do you think your favorite character made it? Can you stand the anticipation? What? You say the top image sorta gives away the results already? Oh, well, moving right along...

First off, the response to the second survey was huge. The planned reveal was actually last week, but thanks to a hefty participation - nearly three times that of the first survey - the tabulating took a while! A total of 17,603 entries were received. Needless to say, Ucchy-san and co. were floored. As for the results...

In first place is Zero from the Mega Man Zero series with a whopping 4,985 votes. I find this a touch surprising, since MMZ seemed to spell the end for the Kotobukiya line of a few years ago. But people do like that Zero guy.

In second place is Legends' MegaMan Volnutt with 3,083 votes. I know how desired he is so let's hope this result sticks!

And in third place is Roll (MM8 version) with 2,997 votes.

Additionally, beloved underdog Iris managed to snag a close 4th place with 2,907 votes, and Ciel made it in 5th with 2,659 votes. Seems the females are starting to get their showing. Things were fairly close though, as everyone in the top ten got over 2,000 votes. We'll continue on with the top 24 after the break, but Rockman Unity has the entirety of the results spelled out (albeit in Japanese). Even Heat Man got a respectable seven votes! But at any rate, we'll have to see how these statistics figure into Bandai's future products!

Thanks for the tip, Fanciful Dancing Star!

06th - X Second Armor (2,471 votes) 07th - MegaMan.EXE (2,431 votes) 08th - Copy X - (2,353 votes) 09th - Axl (2,129 votes) 10th - Black Zero (2,128 votes) 11th - Mega Man (Ariga ver.) (1,994 votes) 12th - Proto Man (1,777 votes) 13th - Servbot (1,519 votes) 14th - Vile's Ride Armor (1,499 votes) 15th - Model X (1,292 votes) 16th - Metal Man (1,255 votes) 17th - Shooting Star MegaMan (1,016 votes) 18th - ProtoMan.EXE (892 votes) 19th - OVER-1 (760 votes) 20th - Mayl Sakurai (740 votes) 21st - Lan Hikari (604 votes) 22nd - Rush Jet (307 votes) 23rd - Eddie (300 votes) 24th - Beat (248 votes)

Who's Capcom Pulling For in the D-Arts Character Poll?

higurashiLast month we informed you about a new character poll being run by Rockman Unity and Bandai meant to help determine the next Mega Man characters to become new D-Arts figures. That poll is still running until the 16th, Japan time, so if you haven't submitted your input you definitely should! Since the poll is in Japanese, you can use a wonderful guide on Capcom Unity to help you out. But who are the people at Capcom voting for themselves? Ucchy-san reveals on a recent Rockman Unity post. The top image here pretty much gives away designer Ryuji Higurashi's choice, who previously showed his dismay about Iris missing out. As you can see, he's gunning for Iris, Mayl and Lan. Meanwhile, designer Keisuke Mizuno put in his votes for Rockman (Ariga ver.), Iris and OVER-1. And the last designer to weigh in is Kenta Saito, who's pulling for Tron, Leviathan and Luna Platz.

It wasn't just Japanese designers who gave their votes, though. Brelston and Grega Man from Capcom Unity also submitted! Brett is voting for Metal Man, ProtoMan EXE and Zero, while Greg wants to see MegaMan Volnutt (but of course!), Zero and the Servbot.

Quite a variety of opinions, but I think I see myself siding more with Team Capcom Unity!

Next Round of Rockman Ultrabook Voting

ultrabookvoting2 Last week we introduced you to the latest merchandise in the works for Rockman in Japan: the Rockman themed Ultrabook notebook PC. Furthermore, fans are being given the opportunity to vote on which special design elements the computer will feature. Last week it was the laptop's back design.

Although the results of that poll have not been revealed, the next poll is now running. This one asks what special add-on you'd like to see with the laptop. The first is a desktop mat featuring the box artwork from the ten classic Rockman games. Next is a set of stickers meant to go on the keyboard, featuring different sprites. Last is a cover for the laptop back which can be detached and used as a mouse pad. Like before, there's also the option to submit a feature of your own choosing. Certainly a Mega Buster USB would be nice...

Personally speaking, I suppose I like the keyboard stickers best, although I can imagine they'd also look a bit garish and start coming off in time.

Rockman on its Way to Becoming a Notebook Computer

rockbook We've had a lot of really interesting Rockman merchandise coming from Japan in the past few years. Figures, soundtracks, mugs, cushions, keychains, clothing, and slightly provocative puzzles to name a few. And now it seems Rockman's next ambition is to become... a computer.

Ucchy-san of Rockman Unity has announced the Rockman Ultrabook Product Project, which is asking for user input in creating a Rockman themed Ultrabook. Users may vote on the polls once per day. Right now there is a poll concerning what kind of design will be featured on the Ultrabook's case, including an option for your own suggestion. Simply select the design you want, select your age range and gender, and submit. Two more polls will be opened in the following weeks.

When the final specifications are set, the Rockman Ultrabook will go on preorder March 29th. Preorders will end in May, and the notebooks will ship in July. The Ultrabook promises a third generation CPU that reduces energy consumption, a 14.1" non-glare LCD monitor, a solid-state drive for storage, and a 19mm thin form that weighs 1.67kg. Other specs and the price point are currently unknown.

Guessing it's really unlikely these are going to make their way out of Japan. I wouldn't worry much, though. Japanese keyboards are kind of weird.

Support Mega Man in Smash Bros. via Fan Poll

I've been a little reluctant on this news, but we've received a number of tips about it, so we'll let you decide. Gaming fan site VG Tribune has been running a poll about third party characters fans would want to see in the next incarnation of Super Smash Bros. Currently Mega Man is in second place, behind The Legend of Zelda's Skull Kid. It's not much time, but you still have until tomorrow night to show your support. Personally, I'm a little skeptical about the effectiveness of this poll. VG Tribune promises to bring the results directly to Masahiro Sakurai, but I see no details about how that will be conducted or its apparent likelihood of success. Of course, there's really nothing to lose in giving support, just so long as you keep your hopes realistic. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see Mega Man in Smash Bros. as much as the next guy!

Thanks to all who tipped us off about this one!

Image by Kevin X. Nelms

Vote Dr. Wily in Nintendo Power’s Latest Poll

You know the drill, folks: Nintendo Power magazine has posted their newest online poll, and as ever, Mega Man is being kept in the spotlight by being included among some of the poll options. In fact, there is one question solely dedicated to our hero! Blue Bomber-related questions include "Which antagonist most deserves to be in a starring role?", which features Dr. Wily as an option against formidable competition (we're betting Fawful takes the win). Another asks "What is the coolest weapon from Mega Man 1?" We said "Thunder Beam," because the enemy of the Yellow Devil is definitely our friend.

And of course, there are plenty of other fun questions to vote on, so be sure to check it out! The results will be included in volume 277 of Nintendo Power.

Thanks for the tip, Chris!

Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA's Mega Man Figure Poll is Now Live

In case you missed it, the aforementioned second phase of voting for the next D-Arts Mega Man figure is now up and running on Bluefin's Facebook page.

Poll choices are as follows: Roll Caskett, Axl, Command Mission X, MegaMan.EXE, Ultimate Armor, Tron Bonne, Proto Man, Bass, Sigma, and MegaMan Volnutt, with the last two holding the second-most and most votes, respectively. Be sure to cast yours!

Second Phase of Bluefin Mega Man Poll Coming Tomorrow

A couple weeks back, Bluefin conducted a poll for North Americans on what Mega Man characters they wanted to see come up in Bandai's D-Arts figure line. Starting Saturday, tomorrow, a new poll will begin using the top ten characters from the original poll, such as MegaMan Volnutt, Bass, Sigma and Vile. Bluefin notes that "Choices will be modified to accommodate product announcement(s)." This presumably means that Zero Type 2 won't be among the choices since it was already announced for market. One also has to wonder what will come of Vile. But nevertheless, who are YOU planning to vote on come Saturday? Keep an eye on Bluefin's Facebook page to make your voice heard!

Bandai's Next D-Arts Figure: You Make the Call

As we alluded to before, Bandai and Bluefin are looking into fan input towards the future of Mega Man in their D-Arts line. And today we can now say this will be effected with a series of polls to be held on Bluefin's Facebook page starting Monday.

The first poll will allow fans to submit their desired characters on top of a handful already chosen by Bluefin. This poll will run for a week, from January 16th to January 23rd.

Afterwards, a second poll will be held at a currently unspecified time taking the top seven choices from the previous poll and letting fans vote on them. This poll will not have an official end date.

This is a great opportunity you shouldn't miss! As I said previously, prior efforts ran be Bandai have actually been brought to life. So make your voices heard! Success might be more likely than you think!

It's Mega Man vs Dr. Wily and X vs. Zero in GameFAQs' "Rivalry Rumble"

Oh, the response to this ought to be fun, between it being a poll, involving GameFAQs, and most of all, the debate of whether or not X and Zero are rivals. Whatever, we don't care, but you can go nuts over it all in the comments. Anyway, word has come to us from X Master 1000 that GameFAQs is holding yet another of their video game character tournaments. This time, the theme is rivals, and features all manner of competitors, such as Link vs. Ganondorf and Ryu vs. Ken. But rather than pitting them against one-another, this tournament is instead about which rivalry itself is the best, meaning Luigi and Waluigi are, in essence, working together on this one.

And that brings us to the Mega Man portion of the tournament bracket. In fact, there are two, as Mega Man and Dr. Wily predictably square off in the "South Division," and will soon be up against the pairing of Zidane and Kuja. Elsewhere, the upcoming "Northeast Division" final will be X vs. Zero against Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion.

Quite frankly, we don't like their odds, given that we imagine most people who would vote and get the series some much-needed attention won't even consider the two rivals, and just let it lie. Plus, Mortal Kombat just had that nifty reboot earlier this year...

Anyway, there it is. You can find all the polls, past and present, right here.

Vote Proto Man in Nintendo Power's Latest Poll

It's that time again! Nintendo Power has posted their latest poll, and as always, we just wanted to share it with you so you can make your voices heard in the next issue. There isn't much this time, however; with regards to Mega Man, in fact, there is only one question, and it isn't even about the Blue Bomber himself!

Rather, Nintendo Power wants to know "Which sidekick most deserves a starring role?" Choices are Proto Man, Barry Burton from Resident Evil, Globox from Rayman, Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Slippy from Star Fox.

And frankly, while we realize the odds may not be in our favor for Proto Man to win, we'll just be happy if he's at least able to best Slippy.

Why No Mega Man in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3? Niitsuma Explains... Sort of

Why oh why, when the community is crying out for a hero in blue, did Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 not come through?

This is something else, folks, so have a seat. Preferably near a table or desk, so you can bang your head against it when you have finished.

Back at the beginning of May, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Producer Ryota Niitsuma explained some things about the development of the original Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Among the things translated from the interview was that "Niitsuma wanted to include more Mega Man and Darkstalkers characters."

Well, that's great! This means he's on our side, right? So surely, if the fans show their support for Mega Man characters, maybe we could at least get a character named "Mega Man" into the mix as downloadable content or something, right?

Unfortunately, in confirming that the leaked list from Wednesday was complete and true to Siliconera (thanks, Bolt Storm), Niitsuma apologetically said "I’m sorry, there is no Mega Man in Ultimate."

"We had a lot of requests from fans for Mega Man or at least one of them to be in the game. Out of all of the requests we got for Capcom characters, he just didn’t enter the top part of the ranking. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the cut."

But wait! What are these rankings of which he speaks? He speaks of requests from fans, and as we've seen in the past, Mega Man X stood tall above the rest as the personification of domination in fan polls conducted in both Japan and North America, the latter being conducted on Capcom Unity.

So, the most-voted character (who happens to be a Mega Man) didn't make the cut. And yet...

Look at those rankings again. Phoenix Wright (#2), Strider (#3), Frank West (#5), and Vergil (#6) all managed to make it in, even despite the last two having less than half the votes of X.

And as we all well know, they are not the only additions to the Capcom side; despite not making it past the first round, Red Arremer/Firebrand (#28) and Nemesis (#31) made the final cut.

But apparently, in the case of Firebrand, it wasn't about winning a popularity contest. Siliconera notes that "requests from fans of Gargoyle’s Quest didn’t have anything to do" with the character's inclusion. "Capcom wanted a creature-like character who could fly for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3," and "with that criteria in mind, they thought of Firebrand and added him to the game."

Finally, so long as the link is sitting right here, don't expect to get any of these new characters, stages, or features as downloadable content. Instead, it will all be available only on the $39.99 retail disc. On the upside, some who have done the math say that it actually comes out cheaper this way.

So, there you have it. Still no Mega Man, and we can't even be sure why, given all the conflicting information. But at least they apparently got past whatever barrier was holding them back from using Phoenix Wright, as well as figuring out how to make Strider fit with the concept (again). Maybe someday they'll figure out how to make Mega Man fit into their franchise fighting game.

Go ahead and give your thoughts in the comments, though do note that from here on, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 comments should stick with MVC3 posts, rather than Mega Man Legends 3, and vice-versa (unless it's somehow related to the topic). We'll just toss those which don't fit, and it's not as though there aren't enough articles for either game to stick to.

Vote Mega Man in the Newest Nintendo Power Poll

The latest poll has just been posted for the upcoming Nintendo Power volume 270. And going by a lot of the questions, there would seem to be a Super Nintendo Entertainment System theme planned for the issue, no doubt celebrating the 20th anniversary of the classic console's August 23rd, 1991 release. And luckily for us, we have an opportunity to express our appreciation for the Blue Bomber. Or rather, for the Mega Man X series, and showing Capcom that there is still a passionate fanbase for the series in the West.

The questions featuring Mega Man X options are as follows:

- Which Super NES hero is your favorite? - Mega Man X (Mega Man X)

- Which Super NES villain is your favorite? - Sigma (Mega Man X)

- Which was the best third-party publisher for Super NES? - Capcom

- Which third-party 16-bit game would you most want to see get a modern revival? - Mega Man X

In addition, another question which might be useful is "Have you been on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS system yet?" With any luck, a sufficient number of "yes" answers might keep Capcom on the straight and narrow where developing Mega Man Legends 3 is concerned.

And, finally, Mega Man Legends 3 also remains one of the multiple options you can select for the question "Which Nintendo 3DS games are you most looking forward to?" At this point, every little bit helps!

So click here, and vote! For everlasting Mega Man!

Behold! Your final MegaMan design!

D wins! Today's newest Devroom update has revealed the second round's results. Design D came in first with an overwhelming amount of support in both Japan and worldwide, with 66% and 57% respectively.  With that out of the way, the dev team can finally complete MegaMan's in-game design!

You might notice a few slight, additional changes to the final design. These were made to make his color and physical attributes fit with his previous appearances. If all goes well, we should be seeing a lot more of this design in the near future.

Source: Japan Devroom

Returning Reaverbots to Haunt You in MML3

After polling the Japan and Western devrooms for the Reaverbots people would like to see return in Mega Man Legends 3, the results are in. Coming in top is Gorbesh, the infamous , Joe-esque shield and gun Reaverbot. Following that is Mimic, the classic trap treasure box, Filshdot, the sonic wave emitting fish Reaverbot, and Poh, the strange, mummy-like Reaverbot that transforms into a frightening beast. Additionally, two more were selected based on strong user comments. The first is Arukoitan, the remote controlled bipedal Reaverbot (which would lead me to think Ordakoitan is returning as well). The other is Mandomantal, the large and friendly ray fish Reaverbot.

So what do you think of the turn out? Personally I'm pretty stoked, three of my top picks made it! Mandomantal is definitely the shocker though. While certainly a cool Reaverbot, I'm not crazy about having more underwater ruins in Legends, unless they have some type of improvement.

MML3 Devroom: MegaMan Design Round 2 - FIGHT!

Or, VOTE! rather. MegaMan's fashion crisis continues on and it's up to us to resolve things. However, given the results of the last poll, backers of designs B and C were pretty close. So those designs have been redefined in the new D and E designs, which have taken into account user feedback as well as analysis over MegaMan's appearance in the game. What's interesting to note is that the new designs have been made with the idea that the game will appeal to an older audience. I wonder if that mindset is going into other aspects as well, like the story? Also, some particular advice to keep in mind before you vote:

As a bit of advice, or perhaps a request, I hope that you’ll see these designs for what they are, and not get hung up on how the designs have changed since the previous poll. Try to forget about the previous round and just focus on what’s before your eyes now when you make your judgment. What impressions do they leave on you? What do you like or dislike?

So this will be the deciding factor. D or E, the result of this is what we play! Decide what you like and make your voice heard! You have until next Thursday, the 26th, 6PM PST. Aside from that, you can also check out the article for some insight into Roll's new design.

The Results of Capcom's Desired Figure Vote

It's been about six weeks now, with the vote having begun back on April 1st. But voting is done and the results are finally in. 6,602 total votes were received, and now as promised Ucchy-san delivers us the results. The top three most desired characters to be turned into figures are... 1st place: Zero (MMX version) with 1,927 votes. Well this is pretty convenient, since Bandai has already announced a D-Arts figure of the guy!

2nd place: Full Armor X with 1,367  votes. Again, good news for Bandai considering they've hinted at such a figure being released.

3rd place: Vile with 1,093 votes. Now here's one I can really get behind; villain figures are pretty rare. And it's hardly inconceivable Bandai would tackle this fellow should the other D-Arts figures take off.

One might conclude that figure and merchandise fans are largely X fans too! Pretty interesting stuff, and good news for those looking forward to Bandai's figures. However, there's still plenty of more data to go over. Hit the jump to check out the rest.

4th place: Bass with 976 votes.

5th place: Bass EXE with 895 votes.

6th place: A tie between Ciel and MegaMan Volnutt, both received 804 votes.

7th place: MegaMan Model ZX with 783 votes.

8th place: Leviathan with 741 votes.

9th place: Iris with 724 votes.

10th place: Roll Caskett with 673 votes.

Following the top ten we have:

11th: Harpuia with 625 votes

12th: Tron with 606 votes

13th: Luna Platz with 586 votes (seriously)

14th: MegaMan EXE with 583 votes

15th: Shooting Star MegaMan with 538 votes

16th: Super Mega Man with 501 votes

17th: Rogue with 321 votes

18th: Harp Note with 300 votes

19th: Mega Man Model A with 277 votes

20th: Pandora with 270 votes

21st: Prometheus with 219 votes

22nd: Roll EXE with 214 votes, and finally...

23rd: Prairie with 176 votes.

Whew, that's it for the officially listed characters. Now for the write-ins!

1st (92 votes): Zero (MMZ version).

2nd (91 votes): Sigma

3rd (79 votes): Axl

4th (58 votes): Kuwagust Anchus (guess that lead didn't last, but still a pretty high ranking)

5th (51 votes): Sonia Strumm

6th (34 votes): ProtoMan EXE

7th (31 votes): Metal Man

8th (29 votes): Servbot

9th (25 votes): Dr. Wily, Ultimate Armor X, Copy X, Elpizo

10th (24 votes): Aile

11th (22 votes): Air Man

12th (20 votes): Quick Man

13th (18 votes): Phantom

14th (17 votes): X (MMZ version)

15th (16 votes): Alia

16th (14 votes): Flash Man, Colonel, Mayl Sakurai

17th (13 votes): Proto Man, Fefnir

18th (11 votes): Metall, Crash Man, Duo, Marino, Data, Omega

19th (10 votes): Rush

20th (9 votes): Cut Man, Storm Eagle, Dynamo, Lan Hikari, Colonel EXE

Oh man here we go...

21st (8 votes): Snake Man, Shadow Man, Napalm Man, Gate, Iris EXE

22nd (7 votes): Toad Man, Splash Woman, X (Command Mission version), Eugene Chaud, Serenade EXE, Giro

23rd (6 votes): Mega Man (Hitoshi Ariga version), Guts Man, Elec Man, Super Bass, Black Zero, Fourth Armor X, Lumine, Teisel Bonne, Bass Cross MegaMan

24th (5 votes): Mega Man, Dr. Light, Yellow Devil, Top Man, Kalinka, Turbo Man, Ballade, Mac, Magma Dragoon, Patrick Sprigs, Acid Ace

25th (4 votes): Quick Man (Hitoshi Ariga version), Gemini Man, Jewel Man, Burner Man, Enker, Sniper Joe, IX, Nana, NapalmMan EXE, Omega-Xis, Ashe

26th (3 votes): Bubble Man, Heat Man (oh COME ON!), Wood Man, Dust Man, Treble, Punk, Jupiter, Beat, Tango, Second Armor X, Third Armor X, Vile Mk-2, Double, Hi-Max, Absolute Zero, Gigavolt Man-o-war, Merti, MegaMan Juno, Denice Marmalade, Aero, ElecMan EXE, PlantMan EXE, AquaMan EXE, Meddy EXE, Alouette, Pantheon, Aztec Falcon, Dr. Weil, Geo Stelar, Queen Ophiuca, Cyngus Wing, Queen Tia, Black Ace

27th (2 votes): Roll, Eddie, Bubble Man (wait, what?), Magnet Man, Pharaoh Man, Gyro Man, Centaur Man, Knight Man, Burst Man, Tornado Man, Sheep Man, Magic Man, Quint, King, Sunstar, Plum, Chill Penguin, Spark Mandrill, Boomer Kuwanger, Bit, Jet Stingray, Blade Armor X, Vile V, Dr. Doppler, Layer, Bon Bonne, Gustaff, Horokko, Sharukurusu, Barrett, GutsMan EXE, IceMan EXE, ShadowMan EXE, SearchMan EXE, Gospel, ShadeMan EXE, Dark MegaMan, Aqua Custom Style, Proto Soul, Princess Pride, Craft, Chilldre Inarabitta, Model ZX (Aile), Model Z, Gemini Spark, Hope Stelar, A.C.Eos, Jack Corvus, Mega Man (guessing bad box art version), Ucchy-san

28th (1 vote): Dr, Wily (Hitoshi Ariga version), Batton, Fire Man, Bomb Man, Spark Man, Needle Man, Shadow Man (Hitoshi Ariga version), Snake Man, Charge Man, Crystal Man, Gravity Man, Skull Man, Plant Man, Yamato Man, Junk Man, Tengu Man, Astro Man, Clown Man, Search Man, Aqua Man, Nitro Man, Blade Man, Strike Man, Solar Man, Chill Man, Pirate Man, Ground Man, Time Man, Mercury, Terra, Sakugarne, Wily Machine #8, Launch Octopus, Sting Chameleon, Armored Armadillo, Magna Centipede, Wire Sponge, Blast Hornet, Volt Catfish, Web Spider, Dark Dizzy, Falcon Armor X, Ride Armor, Goliath, Byte, Signas, X (X8 version), Zero (X8 version), Red, Palette, Return IX, Massimo, Spider, Ferham, Sera, Birdbot, Napalm Man, BubbleMan EXE, BrightMan EXE, StarMan EXE, ShadeMan EXE, Duo (BN), Ring EXE, Cache EXE, Mr. Dark, Ms. Millions, Raika, Mick, Yuika, Prosecutor Ito, Bug Style, Burble Hekerot, Deathtants Mantisk, Volteel Biblio, Cubit Foxtar, Phoenix Magnion, Heat Genblem, Neige, Model X, Vulturon, Hivolt, Tesrat, Model HX, Aeolus, Siarnaq, Red Joker, Mr. Hertz, Taurus, Acid, Diamond Ice, Queen Virgo, Apollo Flame, Bud Bison, Bob Copper, Wood Ninja, Crimson Dragon, Mega Man (MMPU), Ice Man (MMPU), Dr. Light (Hadouken capsule), Ciel's stuffed animal, Megapin, Bond Man

Congratulations to you for reading all that. Now congratulate me for writing it... *passes out*

MML3 Devroom Event: Rock the Reaverbot Vote

Another call has been made for fans to vote on Mega Man Legends 3 content. While MML3 is bound to have plenty of new Reaverbots, the mysterious and sometimes frightening automatons that inhabit the worlds' ruins, the developers are interested in knowing which ones we'd like to see return as well. Thus, a large scale poll has begun letting users pick from nearly every Reaverbot the series has seen so far. After looking over the available Reavers (each of which having a brief description), simply head over to the poll here and vote on the Reaverbots you like. You can pick up to five. You can also go tothis forum thread and write about the ones you want to see. It's encouraged that you explain why you want to see them return, because at least one Reaverbot will be selected based on how strong the fan support that it has over how many votes it has. You have until Thursday, May 5th at 5PM PST to place your votes!

Some Initial Figure Vote Results and More

You may recall that at the beginning of the month, Capcom of Japan opened a poll for fans to pick characters they'd like to see as the focus of figures and collectables yet to come. The poll is still running until May 10th, but Ucchy-san was allowed to share some initial data so far. In particular, there was a field for users to input a desired character not listed in the choices, and Ucchy has listed what top "other" choices have amassed as of April 15th. Shockingly enough, the top pick by a tremendous margin is... Mega Man Zero boss Kuwagust Anchus! Seriously? I gotta say, that smells a little like shenanigans! Or maybe the character really is that popular? Even Ucchy is startled by the amount of support. Following Anchus, other top picks are Sigma (X series), Axl (X series), Sonia Strumm (Star Force series), Servbot (Legends series) and Metal Man (classic series). To a lesser extent, there has also been support for Elpizo (Zero series), Aile (ZX series), Phantom (Zero series), Alia (X series) and Dr. Wily (classic series).

Additionally, members of Capcom have also come out with their own desired picks.

  • Okano-san of Rockman Unity: Iris, Super Mega Man and Roll EXE.
  • Keisuke Mizuno (illustrator for Mega Man Powered Up, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X): Vile, Iris and Leviathan.
  • Ryuji Higurashi (illustrator for Mega Man 9 and 10): Full Armor X, Iris and Mayl.
  • Tatsuya Kitabayashi (producer for Mega Man Legends 3): Vile, Zero and Roll Caskett.
  • Yuji Ishihara (art director for Mega Man Legends 3): MegaMan Volnutt, MegaMan (Star Force) and Rogue.
  • Naoya Tomita aka TOM PON (assistant producer for Mega Man Legends 3): Aero... (yep that's all).
  • Higashi-san (part of the Mega Man Legends 3 devroom web team): MegaMan Volnutt, Roll Caskett and Zero (X series).
  • Kinako Ikawa (Mega Man Legends 3 web planner): MegaMan Volnutt, Roll EXE and Harp Note

Some pretty curious insight so far. Look forward to the final results in May! Thanks for the tip, HJ!

Pick the Design for MegaMan Volnutt

Of all the Devroom activities to come along, this one is pretty interesting despite its simplicity. The dev team is considering changing up MegaMan's appearance in Mega Man Legends 3, and letting the fans vote on which they like best. You can go with the original MML2 design, a second design that features a little more detail, and a third design that gives Mega Man more of human-wearing-armor appearance. I'm sure some of you might think that changing MegaMan's design would be blasphemous, but do recall that it did change ever so slightly between Legends and Legends 2 (namely with the addition of an orange backpack). And to be honest, the detailed Design B really stands out to me! Still, I'll have to consider this carefully. You should too; get voting! You have until April 25th to make your voice heard.