No Mega Man (or Pac-Man) for Street Fighter X Tekken on Xbox 360

Well, it looks like we have some good news and some bad news today. The funny part is, it's all the same news, and pretty much depends on your outlook. Remember when it was discovered that not only were the PlayStation 3-exclusive Street Fighter X Tekken characters of Mega Man and Pac-Man included on the game disc, but that they were also found in the code for the Xbox 360 version? It feels so long ago... But at any rate, it seemed that with such a find that, despite Capcom not saying anything one way or the other, 360 owners would get their chance to use the duo eventually?

Well, it turns out that isn't the case at all. Mega Man and Pac-Man aren't timed exclusives, they're just PS3 exclusives... period.

As reported by Siliconera via Destructoid, producer Tomoyaki Ayano to them that "Unfortunately for Xbox 360 users, Mega Man and Pac-Man are exclusive to the PS3 version of the game."

So why is the data there in the first place? Ayano explains:

Every game has data on it that is unused. In this case, Street Fighter X Tekken for the Xbox 360 did have the Mega Man and Pac-Man data on it. But, we never intended to release these characters on the 360. They are PS3 exclusives and that was our intention from the very beginning. The are not going to be timed exclusives either, they’re PS3 exclusives.

Well, that apparently settles that, though Destructoid adds that they aren't exactly PS3 exclusives, strictly speaking: They'll also be available immediately in the PlayStation Vita port of the game, which will come out in Europe on October 2nd, whereas the U.S. and Japan will see it on October 23rd and 25th, respectively. Either way, it seems like Sony must have offered Capcom a hefty hunk of change to keep the mascots on their turf.

That just leaves one question: Were any of you holding out for this information to make a purchase? If so, how has this affected your plans? Tell us (but keep it civil)!

Rockman 5: Blues' Trap!? Releasing on PSN in Japan

In a curiously sudden announcement, both Ucchy-san of Rockman Unity and Capcom Retro Games announced over Twitter that Rockman 5: Blues' Trap!? will be available on PSN in Japan today, starting this evening. There was no prior announcement to the game being released, as far as I can recall. Hopefully this makes its way over to the west as well, although we've still yet to see a release of Rockman 4 on the PS1 Imports. This of course is the enhanced PS1 version, andlike the other PSN releases ought to run for ¥600. With both PSN and the Wii VC up to Rockman 5, I suppose the race is on to see which service gets Rockman 6: The Greatest Battle in History!! first.

Rockman 3 Graces PSN This Week

Hey PS3 owners. This week (in fact tomorrow I think) Rockman 3 Complete Works will be landing on the PSN Import Classics. Like the two preceding it, this version has all the special features like the arranged music and navigation mode, but because it's an import classic it's still in Japanese. Nevertheless, a language barrier won't stop you from kicking Wily's butt yet again. It'll be $5.99, for one of Mega Man's greatest adventures! Edit: Don't forget that PS Plus members can purchase Rockman 3 for a discounted $3.00!

News Credit: Capcom Unity, PlayStation Blog

Rockman 2 on PSN this Week, Rockman 4 in Japan the Next

The PlayStation Network is getting a little richer in Rockman this week (may be today even, if my knowledge of update schedules is right). Following the original Rockman, you can download the Complete Works version of Rockman 2 on your PlayStation 3. Remember that these are under the import classics line, and that all the additional features and such the Complete Works series has are still in Japanese. Additionally, Japan (where Rockman 1~3 are already available on PSN) will be getting Rockman 4 next week on the 9th of February. This is seemingly part of the results of the poll that Capcom Online Games had over Twitter for their game archives selection on PSN. Though, suspiciously, it does tie up the number of Rockman games on the Wii's Virtual Console service too.

News Credit: CAP Kobun (for Rockman 4)

Win a DL of Rockman Complete Works

Right now, Capcom Unity is giving away a few downloads codes for the PS1 imports classic Rockman Complete Works (the first in the series). All you gotta do? Simply comment in the thread why you think you deserve a code! And let me tell you all, none of you is more deserving than I am. But I don't own a PlayStation 3. So you're lucking out there!

Rockman Complete Works Hits PSN This Week

Here's a treat for you PlayStation 3 owners. Rockman Complete Works will be coming to PSN this week for $5.99. This is the original PSX remake released in Japan, with a helpful navigation system, character and enemy bios, and an alternate arranged soundtrack. These were this was the same version of the game used for the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Since this comes under PSN's "Japanese Classics," a lot of the game's extra features will still remain Japanese. But of course, it's not necessary to know Japanese to enjoy the original Mega Man, unless seeing the name "Rockman" just blows your mind or something.

Hopefully more Complete Works titles will be coming along in short order too!

News Credit: Capcom Unity

Race Mega Man & Proto Man to Find Pics in Newest PS3 Theme

The first PlayStation 3 theme for Mega Man 10 features a number of the game's characters in a foot-race (barring Nitro Man's use of his natural attributes) to determine superiority, while the second shows the Blue Bomber practicing his Vanish Block-climbing skills. Now, a third has been revealed, featuring Mega Man and his robo-bro Proto Man taking to their respective jet sleds to hunt down selected images among the many displayed on the monitor in Dr. Light's lab. Can you find the picture before they do?

This theme is only available in Japan so far, but when it is released in North America, expect to pay about $2.99 for it.

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Mega Man 10 PS3 Theme Will Have You Racing

Capcom*Unity is reporting that a dynamic Mega Man 10 theme will be available for PlayStation 3 owners to purchase later today. As shown above, the theme features a race track based on Nitro Man's stage, where Nitro Man, Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass and a Metall race for supremacy while trying to avoid bombs. The theme isn't actually playable, but the results are randomized for each iteration. It'll cost you $2.99 when it becomes available on the PlayStation Network Store.

Discuss Mega Man 10 for a Chance at PSN Download Codes (Last code is go!)

Thought we were done giving away copies of Mega Man 10? To be honest, I did too! But behold, the fun goes on! With huge props to jgonzo and the crew at Capcom*Unity, I have four PSN download codes for Mega Man 10 I'm ready to throw out to you. PSN codes, as in, only for PlayStation 3! So how do I intend to give out said codes? Well, let's talk about Mega Man 10 a little bit. I want you to discuss a particular topic in our comments. I'll be monitoring the replies, and when I see enough interesting feedback, I'll drop one of the codes in this post. This will continue until all four codes are given out. So keep the discussion alive and keep your eyes peeled, because once a code is released it's first come, first serve!

Now the important part, the topic. I've settled on this. A fair number of people were upset that Mega Man 10 would not feature any female Robot Masters. If you could turn one of the Robot Masters in 10 into a female, who would it be and why? Put some good thought into your reply, but try to keep it clean, too. We don't need to know about any weird fantasies. Even if you have Mega Man 10 already, give us your input!

One more thing to note. This website is not your only chance to win some codes. You can also head over to Protodude's Rockman Corner, as Protodude should be giving away some codes of his own a little later!

Again, many thanks to Capcom*Unity, who has given so much awesomeness to us. Be sure to check out their Mega Man 10 Fan Art Collaboration contest, it's really cool!

Update #1: Well we got past 10 comments so far, and PStart grossed me out, so here's one code, just to show I'm not bluffing -- ATDD-B4BJ-BLA5. First to use it gets it! And I know you guys can do better! Seriously, no Sheep Woman yet? Let's see those ideas!

Update #2: Gotta admit, I'm a little disappointed that the discussion has turned more to jokes, but alas. Here is the second code -- ECNE-ABBJ-MJ97. I think I'm going to change things up a tad too. While I'd like you to continue your discussion by all means, how about we get some people trying to draw them too? Don't worry about your skills, scribble out whatever you can! make it as sexy or as awful as you want.

Update #3: Here is the third code -- TQ3R-2FBK-JJEJ. Still looking out for Robot Mistress art. Don't let me down people!

Update #4: Alright folks. I was still hoping for a bit more but I also realize it's getting late. So here... FINALLY... the last code... which is... this -- TPHH-PFBN-QB96. Go! Go! Go!

Thanks for playing along, everyone! And I can't give enough thanks to Capcom*Unity for providing the codes!

A sign of Mega Man Legends 3? *Updated*

legendsFile this one under curiously hopeful. Gaming news site N4G has listings for Mega Man Legends 3 under both PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. I'm not much a traverser of N4G myself so I'm not sure how these things pan out there, but then again recall how Mega Man 9 began with a curious entry on the Australian OFLC. Still, with no info listed at all, including even a developer and publisher, we'll just have to wait on this one. Should it hold any water, I imagine info will trickle down in the near future. News Credit: Dan

Update: Nope, this is pretty much wishful thinking on the part of a N4G user.  Their moderation system doesn't check against the existence of a game before they list it and anyone can add a game to their listing for any platform.

Sorry guys, but until someone actually references Mega Man Legends 3 in an announcement, it's not happening for a while.

On a side note, while watching G4TV I noticed they had a poll up asking which game needs a sequel.  Contenders were Misadventres of Tron Bonne, Okami and I forget the last one.  Naturally, Okami won with about 66%, but that the game was even mentioned on G4 should count for something... right? --- LanceHeart