Worlds Unite Teaser Image Part 4: Finale

Worlds Unite Teaser Image Part 4: Finale

First we had our three blue heroes (plus a stick-slingin' badger), then we saw an egg roller, Shellcore warrior, fantasy fighter, and a hero who is simply Viewtiful. Yesterday brought us a goddess, a demon, a Nightmaren, and a beast rider from the distant past. That brings us today, where we learn the final identities of the Capcom and SEGA franchises participating in Archie's "Worlds Unite."

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Worlds Unite Teaser Image Part 2: Beyond Mega Man and Sonic

Worlds Unite Teaser Image Part 2: Beyond Mega Man and Sonic

Following yesterday's reveal, today's spotlight reveals some new characters to be taking part in the "Worlds Unite" crossover from Archie, and as many suspected, they do indeed go well beyond the realms of Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog.

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New Mega Man #37 Cover with X, Plus Exclusive Destructoid Interview

New Mega Man #37 Cover with X, Plus Exclusive Destructoid Interview

Hot on the heels of this reveal, Destructoid has had the opportunity to sit down with Archie Comics writer Ian Flynn and editor Paul Kaminski to discuss their upcoming four-part crossover event, "Dawn of X", which will kick off in the 37th issue of the ongoing Mega Man comic book series.

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Your "Worlds Collide" Update of the Hour

1363379924 We saw the "Team" variant covers for Sonic the Hedgehog #250 previously, now have the regular cover, as illustrated by Patrick Spaziante! And while you're at it, feel free to dig into the interview from whence it came over at Comic Book Resources as writer Ian Flynn and editor Paul Kaminski discuss the Blue Bomber and the Blue Blur.

Thanks for the tip, Rabid Noodles!

Mega Man Editor Paul Kaminski Talks About Crossover with Sonic

Newsarama has a new interview from the San Diego Comic-Con with Paul Kaminski, editor of Archie's Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Universe titles. Within, Kaminski talks a bit about the crossover, his own personal enjoyment of both blue heroes when growing up, and more. Unfortunately, the interview is in embed form, and even more unfortunate is that Newsarama apparently does not want people embedding their videos, so... yeah. You're going to have to head over to their neck of the woods in order to take it all in.

New Mega Man/Sonic Crossover Info Emerges from SDCC

Remember the big Archie Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog panel we told you would be happening at SDCC? Well, it has come and gone, and The Sonic Stadium was on hand to liveblog it.

Some details include that it will begin in Spring/Summer of 2013 with Mega Man #24, and a "Wily/Eggman bromance" is in the cards: “Got this little blue guy who’s really bothering me!” “Let me tell you about blue guys!” And for those interested, a downloadable Mega Man comic book app is now available. There isn't much else which hasn't been covered previously, though TSS is working on a video of the Q&A portion, so keep an eye out for that.

In addition, ComicsAlliance has an interview with Archie editor Paul Kaminski about the whole crossover, touching on when they first began the project and the debate he and writer Ian Flynn had regarding how canon this whole thing would be, plus why they're telling it in 12 issues across three books.

Oh, and be sure to click over there for a full look at the image seen above.

Edit: And as Crimson Seiko of Mega Man Monthly points out, it looks like Quake Woman might have a spot here that wasn't afforded to any comic-exclusive Sonic characters. Interesting...

What's Next for Archie's Mega Man?

Over at IGN, an interview has been posted with Paul Kaminski, Editor of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man comic books. There, he gives a pre-Comic-Con glimpse into what fans might be able to expect from both comic franchises in the future. Among the more interesting (read: Mega Man-related) bits is that the company is currently at work on a "Who's Who" Sonic encyclopedia, a nearly 200-page tome featuring new art, histories of the people and places from the comic, and other fun secrets. What this has to do with the Blue Bomber comes in the follow-up question, of whether they have similar plans for the super fighting robot.

Kaminski notes that they would love to do such a project with Mega Man, and that in a fashion not unlike how they have progressed with Sonic towards this goal, such character profiles can be found in the "Let the Games Begin" trade paperback, which is now available in finer comic shops and book stores near you.

Beyond that, Kaminski pitches the New York Comic-Con panel (see link above), and notes that "fans of the Blue Bomber have been writing in elated that Rock is back in action!" He adds "We're just starting up our second storyline now and you won't BELIEVE how crazy the action gets!"

We know many of you are facing-- how shall we say, "uncertainty"-- about where Capcom is going to take the Blue Bomber next-- or if. But it may offer some small relief to know that Sonic seemed to go through the same sort of period during the era of the SEGA Saturn, with Archie doing their part to keep the character and his world alive with few games of note to help. And we believe they will undoubtedly do their best to see that Mega Man receives the same sort of treatment, for better or for worse.

And on a related note: we have seen some expressions of concern that without a game series to prop it up, the comic may be canceled by Capcom. The Sonic stuff aside, we just want to remind you (or inform, as the case may be) that UDON has published comic series based on both DarkStalkers and Rival Schools over the past several years, with only the former receiving any hint of a possible revival.

The Mega Man Network Interview with Archie Comics: Your Questions Answered! (Part 1)

It has been a little while since we put the call out to you for your questions for the Archie Comics creative staff behind the new Mega Man comic. The folks there have been working at a feverish pace to get the book going, and as some of you have already seen, the effort appears to be paying off. Fortunately, with the first issue set to hit comic shops later this week, we have received answers to some of your questions! Writer Ian Flynn and artist Patrick Spaziante are still hard at work, and so the questions passed along to them may take a little more time to get back to us. In the meantime, editor Paul Kaminski has stepped up to help field some of the broader questions surrounding the book.

Do note that quite a few of you asked similar questions, so in the interest of time and space, those will likely be condensed to one general question for the team.

And now, on to questions from you, The Mega Man Network's visitors and readers!

1) At some point in time, are you planning on ending the Classic storyline and lead into the X storyline? --Shawn Adair

Paul Kaminski, Editor (PK): It will take a bit of time, but we’re looking forward to exploring all the corners of the Mega Man Universe, X especially!

2) SEGA has been known to keep certain game characters/concepts off limits in the Sonic comic. Can you tell us if/what Capcom says is off-limits for now? --Stephen

PK: Capcom has been extremely helpful and encouraging throughout this whole process, and so far everything we’ve wanted to try or include has been met with nothing but helpful and positive feedback. I wouldn’t presume to speak for Capcom here, but I think as long as we remain respectful to the characters and tell a good story with them, everything is on the table!

3) Will the series cover games from 1-10?

PK: It’s our hope to include all of those games into the comic series – but we can’t tell you the why or the how yet – you’ll have to read the series to find out!

4) Will there be any custom Robot Masters, such as Barrage Man, Express Man, and Multi Man from the Dreamwave comics? –steev

PK: Archie’s Mega Man is much more game-inspired in terms of plot, look and feel than the Dreamwave books were. Starting out, we feel that the Mega Man Universe already has so many awesome characters and Robot Masters that are begging to be explored that we won’t need to re-invent the wheel just yet. But you can expect to see an original character or two integrated along the way.

5) Will it be reaching worldwide ;-;?

I mean I live in Mexico and it’s unfair that it only says subscriptions to USA and Canada – Gingler

PK: The Mega Man comics will be available to North American territories, which includes Mexico, so you should be covered! Again, other countries outside of North America are encouraged to write us at and let us know you want to see Mega Man comics worldwide! 6) Will I be able to purchase the cover variants separately or is it like a luck of the draw kind of thing? --Elvin Daniel Padilla

PK: All Mega Man variant covers will be available for purchase in comic stores only – subscribers and newsstands will get the “main” cover only. For a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook.

7) What changes/additions have been made story story wise to enrich the tale? Is it deeper than the games or has nothing really been changed? --Tornado Man

PK: Well we can’t give those details away, but we can say that Archie’s Mega Man will be extremely faithful to the games, using comic book storytelling that is quintessentially American.

8 ) How did you sign on with Capcom? I think its a great idea and i already have the comic pre-ordered! Great job with Sonic the Ongoing-series! –Eagon

PK: About this time last year we started discussing how to expand our videogame comic book titles beyond Sonic. As some word got out about such an expansion, Capcom approached us about the possibility of a Mega Man comic, and the rest is history!

9) Any chance of a Blue Bomber (Mega Man) meets the Blue Blur (Sonic) in a crossover? Or will SEGA and Capcom not allow this? --Henmo24

PK: Wouldn’t that be cool?? It’s really up to Capcom and SEGA, but no plans at the moment.

10) Will Ian write the whole series for the foreseeable future, or will other writers write stories, too? –MKK

PK: Ian was heavily involved in the pitch for the series and will be its sole writer, at least for the foreseeable future.


In addition, keep an eye on Archie's official Mega Man blog, where you will soon find two questions from our very own MMN staffers, LanceHeart and Oakie620, over on , where they inquire about getting a subscription through PayPal and opening international subscriptions.

And that's it for this round! Keep your eyes peeled, as there were quite a few questions sent, and we hope to have more answers coming your way soon! In the meantime, you can check out more news, info, and other tidbits in the official Archie Mega Man blog, and subscribe at The Archie Comics Shop!