Dorkly Originals: Videogame Trick-or-Treating

Dorkly is at it again as several of our favorite video game characters go trick-or-treating. Just be mindful that there's some gross humor and slight Not Safe For Work language.

Yeah, we know, Mega Man and Zero... it's just a gag, just go with it. Or say Bass was in costume, whatever works for you.

Dorkly: Leaked Memos Explain Early Mega Man Box Art Designs

If there is any part of Mega Man which is sure to outlive the franchise itself, it would be the notoriety of the original series' earliest box art. But how did such design decisions ever come to pass? Why is Mega Man sporting a Tron-esque outfit and handgun on the original? Why is he breaking is ankle in the second? Blasting Spark Man in his nuts-n-bolts on the third? And so on.

Well, as it so happens, the intrepid journalists over at Dorkly have apparently managed to uncover some of the original memos passed between someone known only as "Andrew" to Devin, who was apparently a part of Capcom USA's art staff at the time. Read over these, and all will be revealed...

...well, for the first six games, anyway. Granted, by about Mega Man 5 and 6, things had actually begun to look like Mega Man, though 7 was a bit of a throwback. Actually, Mega Man 6's box art was pretty accurate, despite what Dorkly's findings seem to indicate.

Personally, we'd have liked to have seen Andrew's thoughts when it came to Mega Man 8, when the company just began using regular stock art for their Mega Man covers. But perhaps he was no longer around by that point? Or maybe he was just focusing on Mega Man Legends ("Computer models are all the rage now! Everyone loves 'em! Do it!").

Thanks to Tony Ponce for the tip!

Overthinking It Presents: Mega Man as Malware

Mega Man: Defender of freedom, crusader for justice, fighter for everlasting peace, and... malware? That is the accusation leveled at the Blue Bomber by one contributor at the website Overthinking It. There, it is put forth that perhaps not everything is as we've been led to believe in the games.

Sure, the instruction booklet accuses Dr. Wily of threatening humanity, but is that really the case? Fiction based on these accounts often tend to depict Mega Man as a reluctant hero, but when the game loads, but perhaps it is actually the man in blue who is the instigator of violence?

Check out this article, and decide for yourself whether Mega Man is truly the hero we all look up to, or if perhaps Dr. Light is the one who pulled the wool over our eyes. After all, it wouldn't be the first time, now would it?

Weird Video Games – Rockman DASH

Everyone has a tendency to interpret video games differently, and this is especially true as you rewind the clock to when a lot of information from favorite titles, including many Mega Man games, came from supplemental sources. Once upon a time, many fans even viewed the Classic series as being as grim and dark as the X series (you know, the one with the elite penguin warrior). That difference in viewpoint even extended to Mega Man Legends, aka Rockman DASH, as some people argued whether it was part of the same timeline as the Classic series and X, or a separate world all its own (and later turned out to be the former). But as our friend Cleveland Rock from DASH Republic recently showed on Blistered Thumbs, some people see it as something else entirely (warning: one written curse word, if that sort of thing bothers you):

Well, that was an enlightening look into the heart of madness. Hopefully, Cleveland will get the help he needs. Perhaps Capcom fast-tracking Legends 3 would be a good start?

Mega Man Legends 2 Abridged Returns

It has been some time since we last heard from TauVertex and the rest of the Mega Man Legends 2 Abridged crew, and... well, let's face it, half that time was probably for a pretty good reason (sure, the other half may have been, too, but we can only guess at that). But now, the series is back with a brand new episode, just in time for the holidays:

...did they get Christian Bale to play the part of Joe?

Steven Chase's Silly Pretentious Review of Stewie as Mega Man in Family Guy: Uncensored

Sure, we know that the iPhone game Family Guy: Uncensored has been out for a couple of years already, and sure, we know that the television show upon which it is based has pretty much run its course. Heck, even creator Seth MacFarlane has recently come out and said that he thinks that maybe the show should have ended already. All of that said, Steven Chase just passed along to us his recent discovery of the iPhone game, in which baby Stewie Griffin and family dog Brian take on the roles of Mega Man and his robodog Rush, respectively, as they proceed through a sequence of the game inspired by the classic series.

All familiar info to many of you, no doubt. But this prompted us to check our archives and, lo and behold, it seems we really have not paid much attention to this game at all. Of course, it's not an actual Mega Man game, so there is only so much attention it would receive here anyway...

But we digress; some of us haven't played the game for one reason or another, but Chase has. And if you've been on the fence or just wondering if it's worth 99 cents from the App Store, then check out his review. And why not? It's not as though a real Mega Man game has been announced yet.

Dorkly Bits: Chill Penguin is Chill

When the original Mega Man X game came out, it featured a slightly odd progression for the series' title character: it starts you off with X beaming down into the city, blasting anything in his way to smithereens. And then later, we learn he's a pacifist who hates violence and fighting. What happened?

Well, if Dorkly is to be believed, then a fateful encounter with one Chill Penguin could be what forever changed the Maverick Hunter's outlook for years to come:

Thanks to RyanThunder for the tip!

Mega Man and Aperture Science Team Up

In this bit of entertainment video, Mega Man gets equipped with his own portal gun after beating who we'd presume is Portal Man (possibly created while Wheatley was in charge). What ensues is a bit of game breaking madness with Mega Man using his new found toy to make his enemies look foolish. And then gets a little murderous.

Given that the video content seems to be largely Mega Man 9 themed, I'm surprised there wasn't a scene in the already portal-laden Galaxy Man stage. Not to mention Mega Man would be in SPAAAAACE. Okay I'm done.

Via Capcom-Unity (Thanks Greg!)

The Abridged Tales of Mega Man Legends

Ever since LittleKuriboh introduced the world to Yu-gi-oh: The Abridged Series, numerous others have sought to duplicate his comedic efforts in just about anything to require voice dubbing (usually Japanese stuff). Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, and many others, perhaps too numerous to name, have been parodied by those who know not to take these things too seriously. And among them is Mega Man Legends Abridged, a more concise version of the events of the Mega Man Legends games, as lampooned by TauVerex and his crew. As Mega Man Legends 3 Project Liason Greg notes on Capcom Unity, the videos aren't new (in fact, they're apparently already up to Mega Man Legends 2). Things start a little slow, but pick up more in the second episode, which is as far as we've seen so far (my personal favorite is the dog who relentlessly pursues Tron to sign his petition for a new "Giga Guy Myths" game, which hasn't seen a new installment since the developer started making "Combat Nexus" games).

You can check out the first part here:

From there, if you're interested in watching more (again, we recommend checking out the second episode before deciding), you can find the rest on TauVerex's YouTube channel.

Mega Man X Shares His Thoughts on Being Left Out of Marvel vs. Capcom 3

The final roster for Marvel vs. Capcom 3? Let's face it: not everyone is entirely pleased with it. Characters who appeared in the first two installments were left out, while others no one would have ever imagined making the cut took center stage. And as we all know, for some reason, any hero bearing the name of "Mega Man" was left on the cutting room floor.

Nonetheless, video game humor website Dorkly managed to catch up with five characters who were not included to get their thoughts on being left out. And topping the list is none other than the fans' number one pick to be downloadable content, Mega Man X.

I honestly don’t blame them for not including me. They really needed the extra space for the gaggle of Resident Evil chumps. It’s a pretty great move, so long as you ignore the fact that survival horror characters bring nothing to the fighting game table. But if they happen to come upon any puzzles mid-combo, they’ll totally be prepared! Besides, the Mega Man void has been filled by the all-powerful Zero. I mean, the guy has a ponytail! How cool is that?

Seriously, though: Get a haircut you ****ing robot hippie. I’d rather play as Servbot.

X's story is but one of five (though he's the only Mega Man character on the list), and you can read the rest here. Just be mindful that there is a little bit of vulgarity involved.

Come See the Sights in Retro City Rampage!

Retro City Rampage by VBlank Entertainment is a Grand Theft Auto-like game which plays like the series' older installments (and Chinatown Wars), depicting the action from a top-down angle. In addition, to add to the "retro" vibe given by the title, the art style is reminiscent of the era of 8-bit gaming. Originally a homebrew project called Grand Theftendo, it has grown into a title that will soon (hopefully; Cave Story, anyone?) see a release on Nintendo's WiiWare downloadable game service.

But, why are we telling you this?

Part of the game's retro charm isn't just in its looks, but also in all of the crazy references to the pop culture of the past. From carjacking the time machine a crazy scientist built out of a car to going to the "Fresh Prints" for all your copying needs, you'll find the game is just packed with sly nods to the trends and icons of yesteryear. According to developer Brian Provinciano:

Many are so densely packed in that you’re guaranteed to miss some the first time through. Though, that also means you’ll always be guaranteed to catch at least some, and replaying it will be even more enjoyable!

As for why we're talking about this on a Mega Man website? See for yourself:

If you don't recognize the building in which the StoogeMac Bank resides, well, we might just have to ask you to turn in your fan card.

Will that be the extent of Blue Bomber references in the game? We don't know, but are definitely looking forward to finding out. But rest assured, there are still plenty of other game references to be found, including "Metal Gear, Back To The Future, Gargoyle’s Quest, Punch-Out!!, ThunderCats, John Stamos (have mercy!), TMNT, and more!"

The game isn't due until sometime in the Fall of this year, but for now, you can read up on it with an interview at Tiny Cartridge, as well as another in the July issue of Nintendo Power magazine (look for Sonic Colors on the cover). There are also more screens and tidbits on the game's official website (with newsletter), Twitter, and Facebook.

GameSpot Reveals Mega Man Deconstructed

As we all know, April 1st is not simply a day, but a day when things happen. Right? Well, at any rate, we brought you a story earlier in which Capcom of Japan and the 100-year old Japanese Maeda Corporation collaborated to look into what would go into the construction of several Mega Man 10 stages.

But over at GameSpot's "On the Spot" web show, they went in the opposite direction, looking at the de-construction of Mega Man:

Some excerpts from the show:

"We saw some early concept art that featured Mega Man as a serial killer who actually dismembers his victims and wears parts of their body as like clothing and uses that to somehow gain new powers and abilities"

"I mean think about what he's doing for a second there: he goes in, he kills them, he steals their powers, he absorbs's kind of already there in place, we already know he's a serial killer"

"That sounds pretty grim, but also kinda cool..."

"He's the Dexter of society..."

People have talked about a "mature" Mega Man for years, and it appears they'll finally have their chance to see what such a concept would be like.

Source: Capcom Unity

Rick Mann Faces Boss Man for the Fate of the Office!

They say you can't remain a kid forever, and perhaps that holds true for our heroic Blue Bomber, Mega Man. So what happens after he grows out of the blue tights of his youth and takes on the challenges of the real world? Apparently, he gets an office job as "Rick Mann." However, old habits die hard...

Creators DarqV and Tommy Robin describe this as a "love letter" to Mega Man and Monty Python. Be warned, however: there is some text-only foul language within.

Source: Capcom Unity

Lucky Star PSP Game Features Mock Mega Man

Here's yet another story where I'm not terribly knowledge of the source material. However, you weirdo anime fans will probably know exactly what it's about. This past December a PSP game in the popular Lucky Star series called Lucky Star: Net Idol Meister came out in Japan. Why am I bothering to post about this here? Well, the game seems to feature a mini-game that, for all intents and purposes, is a parody of Mega Man! Called "Mega Konatan," the game appears to be a pretty faithful parody of classic Mega Man games, aside from some weirdness and the main character being one of the Lucky Star people. What I find very amusing, though, is all the "comments" plastered over the screens. This to is a parody of the site Nico Video, a Japanese service similar to YouTube which lets users upload their own videos, and then other users may comment on them. These comments will actually roll over the video at the time in the video the comment was left. It fits the theme of the game, which seems to be about becoming the greatest internet idol. How do the Japanese think of this stuff? Edit: Actually, the comments themselves appear to be the platforms you stand on. Very interesting.

I guess if you're jonesing that bad for a classic MM fix before Mega Man 10 comes out, you can go import this Lucky Star title. Just don't get mad at me if it turns out to be totally weird and bizarre!

News Credit: 2chan

Madness? THIS. IS. MEGA MAN. 2!

If you spend any good amount of time on the internet, then there is a good chance you've come across the "Sparta!" meme which sprang from a movie which shall remain nameless, suffice to say that it came out more than three-hundred days ago. The meme has since died down somewhat, but that wasn't enough to stop Newgrounds user "ShadowWhoWalks" from taking the joke and using it as the foundation of a parody of Mega Man 2. However, in Sparta Man 2, things work a little differently...

This is a megaman clone, but here's the twist! YOU ARE SPARTAMAN, ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR EXTREMELY MANLY ADVENTURE?

Use direction keys to move, space to fire, plays like a real megaman game.

Also, this game is designed for real men. It is hard, it is CONTRA HARD, if you lack the manliness to complete the game, I suggest you find something else to play with.

In actuality, the challenge might be over-hyped, if only a little. Click here to go to Newgrounds (warning: portions of the website contain some NSFW material) and test your might with the awesome power of Sparta Man.

News Credit: Capcom Unity

Nezumiman (or Alternatively, "Mega Mouse")

Well, here's something a little different which was dug up by JGonzo at the Capcom*Unity: an ice stage from "Nezumiman," a "Mega Man tribute with rats, jellyfish, and refrigerators that run."

Interesting lot of villains... a kangaroo named "Usagi?" And do I even want to know what is "milky" about "Milky Nezumi?" At least "Dragon Nezumi" is pretty awesome.

As for the stage itself, it does have some pretty clever design elements which make sense for Mega Man, though I'm not sure I've seen them used just as they are here.