Legendary Mega Man Papercraft Models

We've looked at papercraft versions of the Blue Bomber here on The Mega Man Network before, including a nifty Powered Up-styled model, some dioramas, and even a simple Servbot. But as Tabby has brought to our attention, it would seem that the announcement of Mega Man Legends 3 has lit a proverbial fire under the folks at the papercraft blog Cut Score Fold and Glue. Since September of 2010, they have created 20 different models based on the various villains, heroes, and anti-heroes of Mega Man Legends. From the plucky young MegaMan Volnutt himself to Teisel and Tron Bonne (with a Servbot, of course) to a wide variety of Reaverbots and Bonne machinery, there is a lot to make.

You can find most of them by searching through the posts labeled with their "Megaman" tag. And with as many of these as there have been coming out in the past several days, we recommend keeping an eye on the site to see if any more pop up (perhaps young baby Bon will arrive to join his siblings).

One of the coolest parts of these particular papercraft is that the seams and folds really make the models look a lot like the polygonal computer-generated models from the original game. In fact, they look so close, perhaps they were lifted from the game itself!

Recipe for One Servbot Takeover: Print, Fold, Repeat

In action figure collecting, there are some figures and packages which are released of "characters" (and I use the term loosely) who are relatively generic, thus allowing consumers to buy multiples of the same figure in order to flesh out large platoons. These are known as "army builders," and can yield some rather impressive displays. We very nearly had a rare chance to build two armies for relatively low prices before Jazwares unfortunately all but canned their line of Mega Man products. As some of you may remember, one such possibility was in the Zero series' Copy X/Pantheon Hunter figure, which included two heads for just such a purpose. The other was to be a three-pack of Tron Bonne's lovable Servbots from the Legends series.

But while you may not be able to fill out your ranks with plastic, at least you'll now have the opportunity to do it with paper: Snow at the Capcom Unity has found a new Servbot papercraft download from Cubeecraft. Just print out about 40 or so of these, fold 'em up, and you'll be ready to lay siege to any town.

Pleasing Mega Man Papercrafts

Remember that cool Easter egg in Mega Man X8, where having save data from Mega Man X: Command Mission put you into an added simulation within Optic Sunflower's stage, allowing one of the Maverick Hunters of 21XX to test their mettle against the first of Dr. Light's Robot Masters, Cut Man, in a 3D, 8-bit battle? One member of DeviantArt, ryo007, has managed to recreate about 95% of the effect of that encounter with a cool papercraft diorama:

The above was featured as one of The Toyzone's "25 of Your Favorite Video Games Recreated as Dioramas" list, but it wasn't the only Mega Man entry on the list. While Mega Man and Cut Man took the #10 spot, #14 also belonged to another Blue Bomber, MegaMan.EXE of the Battle Network series:

One can't help but think that maybe Wood Man should have been a part of these.

You can find the full list of dioramas, including Bionic Commando, Pokemon, Mario, Contra, Sonic the Hedgehog, and more here. Then, you can find how to create many of them yourself at the Papercraft Museum and Nintendo Papercraft.

News Credit: Capcom*Unity